Berner - Another Day Lyrics

[Verse 1: Berner]
Yea I'm still the same dude that you met back then
I got ma shit bustin hard and I don't act like them
I let the candy paint drip like the cocaine sniff
I'm dope and I don't know bout days like this
I leave the house and pray to God that they don't raid my shit
It's hard I spent my whole life taking risk
Hit the mall spend a grip on a couple of fits
New kicks and I know they don't hustle like this
Big faces no twentys not even a fifthy
So much money in my pocket that my jeans don't fit me
Remember high school it was three for fifthy
Not that OG but it was green and sticky
I upgraded from yellow gold to platnium
And lost alot of friends when I started rapping
I never finished school I was caught in traffic
No metal on me homie because my glock is plastic

I was young I was gettin my cake thoe
Now I'm out of state letting that weight go
I pray for another day cause this life is rough
I roll up and I light my blunt
Yea I'm riding to that pac sippin leen and smokin
All eyes on me picture me rollin
Yea I pray for another day cause this life is rough
I roll up and I light my blunt

[Verse 2: Berner]
I get letters from the pen they wana keep him in
He caint wait to get out and play the streets again
It gets hard out here in these streets were in
It's dry I can't wait to eat again
Fresh money brand new and crispy
When I'm broke it feels like the whole worlds against me
My baby mother still screaming in my face
Calling me a loser cause I send things outa state
I guess I'm just a drug dealer living day by day
If you feel the same way and can't take a brake
Then you feel my pain it's like I'm paralyzed
Cause I'm stuck right here this is where I die
Fuck a 9-5 I culdnt wear a tie and this kinda lifestyle makes my parents cry
I got a kid know it's time to make a change
When I open up that door I hear em' say my name

I was young I was gettin my cake thoe
Now I'm out of state letting that weight go
I pray for another day cause this life is rough
I roll up and I light my blunt
Yea I'm riding to that pot sleekin leen and smokin
All eyes on me picture me rollin
Yea I pray for another day cause this life is rough
I roll up and I light my blunt

[Verse 3: The Jacka]
Up early in the morning the sun ain't up yet
Thinking about murder cause mayne I'm upset
Erase another line off the plague watch the sun set
Soon as you come out the house it's would be yo last breathe
But you never came out the house so I'm out here
Trying to pay bills in the drought gotta kill again
Never leave the steel at the house never sleep again
Cause I missed out on so much when I'm in my dreams
So I'm out late on the fall trying to shake the being
Niggas getting bread of course but it never seems
To be enough I'm insane I be seeing stuff
Ran for the petty club golds with my ones
Look, I must be having fun but it's not a game two stepping with my gun
Feelin like a king head hustlas like myself
Tryna join the team sick I'm on the meth pushers then we split the cheese

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Berner Another Day Comments
  1. pwii sandoval

    Jack . fucked this song up. Berner only plzzz

  2. Jorge Lopez

    It slaps if you pay attention

  3. Inventor Down The Rabbit Hole Network


  4. Jynx Mack

    666 ill type

  5. SmoovWavy91

    Maaaann classic mip the jac

  6. Kel Cox

    Small Town back roads in little taxas jamming and smoking

  7. loading ····

    Still slappin to this day

  8. Adri Gon

    I cant believe its been 10 years 😩 always will b my favv to smoke tooo

  9. Matthew Barrs

    If you a real Bern fan then this was some of the first shit you heard from him


    Nope, Drought Season & Traffic

    Matthew Barrs

    @East(Ayy-Dee)Salinas that's koo and all but this album came first

  10. Jose Rivera


  11. J S.

    mfs always act like big bern is new shit 😂😁😁

  12. pimpmastaa101

    MIP Jacka

  13. Alex Soto

    The realest

  14. Guillermo Duarte

    2020 💥509

  15. KnGood7714

    Rip Jacka 😔

  16. LuoonyRacks

    Luvv this Junt 💯🐐


    This banger will always knock!!

    Marvon Williams


  18. Based Hip Hop Lover

    Still keep coming back

  19. Esgar Govea

    RIP the jacka real nigga shit ....559 BPB E$F

  20. 5Traver


  21. Is that you R.I.P. KING JACKA

    Miss you still Jacka forever.. I'll never forget and ima tell everybody about you.. that's my word.. I Love you rest easy

  22. dabbid gonzo

    R.I.P da Jacka
    You know bern is been sad since your gone

  23. HIudown808

    Love you uncle b

  24. iRead Tendencies

    I pray for anotha day cuz this life is rough I roll up then I light my blunt

  25. corey richardson

    my boy sounded like mickey avalon on this ole school classic. lol

  26. Ruben Espinoza

    Miss you JA bay for life ya beezzys

  27. Rolando Lopez

    i guess im jst a drug dealer ... living day by day .

  28. Miriam Davis

    Slappin this shit for many years ima keep bumpin..2019 ..SAN JO TO AZ 408 to 602

    alex Montana

    Miriam Davis that’s right girl me to 805 to kingman AZ

  29. Mike Archuleta

    Fuck a 9 to 5

  30. Apollo

    RIP Jacka #StreetLEgend

  31. Charlene Modesto

    still the shitt" never get old🎶😁🔥🎶

  32. Ace 831

    Best track Berner ever made The Jacka is the frosting on top.


    Numba 20 was the one lol

  34. Mark Williams

    The real gold not yellow nigga, that must be fools gold.

  35. Samantha volgs

    When I’m broke it feels like the whole worlds against me .....
    I got a kid now it’s time to make a change ....
    Hits my soul every time

  36. Casper 1


  37. Adrian Lopez


  38. Jose Zarate

    Dam thiz zlap was made 2 years later after woodie died. R.i.p Woodie Mein 🙏🔥🙏🔥

  39. Eddie Morrow

    Fuck a 9 to 5 I couldn't wear a tie

  40. Jager Bopp

    Yeah real bay shit

  41. Amaya Rodriguez

    831 - 510 shit

  42. John Fenty

    Smokin on some headband to this rn

  43. Eduardo Martinez

    2019 and I still fuck with this

  44. Florian Pagerit

    Sounds like Granite-Out of sight, out of Mind

  45. Guadalupe Montero

    No metal on me homie cus my glock is plastic 🗣

  46. 2Sev Low Low

    How can anyone even dislike this art work?

  47. Lockhart ism

    Damn the views dunn skyrocketed on this SONG.......... ---zzler this beat was always catchy to me, i bought this album bootlegged in Ashby, CA yeeeeeee, the chicks on the album was so FYNE

  48. quality memes

    R i p. The

  49. Rebz The Guru

    still slappin this in 2019

  50. THIZzSCO415

    Up early in the morning the sun ain’t up yet, thinking’ bout murder because man I’m upset - The King Jacka (MOB In Peace)

  51. Erick Hernandez

    Respect from China 💯

  52. Bronson Willner

    But you never came out the house 💯🔥

  53. paige Martinee

    Rip to da king jacka one of da best to ever do it mip

  54. Anthony Lively

    Wanna be - caleborate same beat sampled lil different. What I wanna kno is was this best specifically produced for this song or was it sampled ?

  55. Your Mom

    Yeah I’m riding to that pac sipping lean and smoking

    Eddie Morrow

    All eyes on me picture me rollin

  56. clay millls

    Still gettin money to this old shit bern a vet
    mip jacka
    916 rockin

  57. Everyone was stealing my name annoying

    831 to the 559 RIP jack.

  58. PappyRu

    Jus anotha day.feelin broke bt still gettin high💯

  59. Joe Salazar

    Good music! Cali Vibes

  60. Pedro

    the girl on the left has no hips

  61. Sandeep Singh

    Still my favorite song in 2019 I was here today’s date

  62. Carlos Rodriguez Salazar

    4/21 another day

  63. Garrett Martinez stone

    Cold as fire hot as ice green as the Sahara yellow as trees grow black as life white as death untouchable pure as a virus as mixed as a cure flawless as glass melted grain like pure solid an oxymoron yup untouchable unbreakable unbelieveable stone to the bone bones to life life everlasting death irrelevant fuck existence originale

  64. Ham nit

    Best song to blaze to

  65. Vse415

    RIP jacka one of the realist bay legend 💯🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  66. sad sax


  67. Mister Kekahuna


  68. Moises Alonzo

    In long beach rn puffing on some khalifa kush i got purple elephant, purple haze, sticky icky and kk im feeling to roll another j rn and mix them all up fuck texas im glad i left they be charging people for shit they dont got like they did to me for juat having parafenilia they charged me for 2 ounces wtf i didnt even have a nug on me nothing but yea thats how they are in texas good thing i left to long beach Cali.😎🍁💯

  69. Charles Kingsbury

    I like this song

  70. Juan Rodriguez

    This is a great American classic

  71. 40CalMori


  72. Rmg Boogie

    No metal on me homie cause my glock is plastic

  73. Ezequiel G

    love this song , its been an anthem for an every day struggle some of us live

  74. J b

    😎💯🔥#2025 #Longlive JACKA

  75. furious Tv

    Still hard in 2019

  76. Rafael Frias

    Instant classic 🔥

  77. Moon Child

    Still hard AF

  78. Z Hood

    Still to this day my favorite song 💯

  79. Junior Amaro

    No matter how hard times get ill always come back to this jam to remind me of who I am and what I was put on this planet to do

  80. Neville Roberts

    Spent my whole life taking risks

  81. Neville Roberts

    Lifes crazy I roll up and I light my blunt

  82. (#RIPlilALEX)The732377

    Pray 4 Another Day #RIPKINGTHEJACKA

  83. Kae Kae

    thizz was our shit back in 09 off them shhhhmackerz

  84. spudunkist

    My cousin and I always joke that he says "I pull up and I wipe my butt"

  85. spudunkist

    Upgraded from yellow gold to platinum and lost a lot of friends when I started rappin

  86. Nick Basulto

    Still slapping till this day rip jacka real bay legend 💯

  87. Salad bowl Skating

    R.I.P the jacka, gone but never forgotten

  88. Aaron Peterson

    Much love from 503 to the bay RIP Jacka

    Agent 47

    Nothing but transgenders and bi sexuals in Multnomah co. Which one are you?

  89. Mwangi Evans

    this song gets me emotional every time, thinking bout life, religion and death.... big Bern da best

  90. Buddy Blazek

    jan 3rd. just paid rent. still here BIG BERN. "Its dry and i can't wait to eat again"

  91. MackABD


  92. Greenthong510

    Real music

  93. Bryan Lopez

    You know when it's a original hit. Fuck all that platinum shit. I nearly found out about this jam like 2 years ago. One of my favorite ever.

  94. Zack Thompson

    One of his best tracks

  95. Sykes BDS


  96. Sac King

    I’m getting letters from the pen they wanna keep him in, he just wanna get out and play the streets again 🔥 Free uncle john nigga

  97. BabyyyD Hernandez

    Love from Vi$alia California.!!❤️🔊