Beres Hammond - I'm Alive Lyrics

Irie! Irie!

Gonna lift my voice in praises... yes
Gonna shout it go sing it loud
Up in the morning I say my prayer
Thank you father for another day
Let me declare it right away

I'm alive... yes
I'm alive
My money in the bank
Owe no rent
Here I am still give thanks
Ask me how; I don't know
I no pro
But I'm alive... yea aye
I'm alive

I see the sun and I see the rain... yes
I feel joy in my father's name
Tear might fall every now and then
I still give thanks to the full extent... yes now
Up in the morning I say my prayer
Thank you father for another day
Let me declare it right away

I'm alive... yes
I'm alive
My money in the bank
Owe no rent
But here I am still give thanks
Ask me how; I don't know
I ain't no pro
But I'm alive... yes
I'm alive

I can walk without fear or doubts... yea
Go to sleep with little to worry about
I do know there's danger everywhere... yea aye
So I pray dear father always be near
Up in the morning I say my prayer
Thank you father for another day
Let me declare it right away

I'm alive... yea
I'm alive
My money in the bank
Owe no rent
But here I am still give thanks
Ask me how; I don't know
I ain't no pro
But I'm alive... yes
I'm alive

I challenge the day with an open mind
Just in a way Jah, Jah would design
Know I will falter
But in time, I will grow
I will grow
Can't be old to be taught
Can even learn something from the youth
Give a little nod if you know the truth... yea... aye

Up in the morning I say my prayer
Thank you father for another day
Let me declare it right away
I'm alive... yes
I'm alive
My money in the bank
Owe no rent
But here I am still give thanks
Ask me how; I don't know
I ain't no pro
But I'm alive... yes
I'm alive... yea
I'm alive... yow

Woo God
I'm alive... yeah
Yea aye... aye... aye
Alive... yeah
Everything just fine... yes
I'm alive
Nutting can't beat that... yes
I'm alive... yow
Wooo... God
I'm alive... yea
Yea aye... aye... aye
I'm alive... yea aye

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Beres Hammond I'm Alive Comments
  1. The Macz1

    A reggae 🙏👊👊👊👊 legend

  2. Sharon Salmon

    Please give my man his crown! It's way over due! Love me some Beres Ham

    Sharon Salmon

    Please give my man his CROWN!! He is way over for his CROWN! A living legend! I love you Beres Hammon!!🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  3. Zackariah Mwachofi

    Father Couchie Beres Hammond always Rocks..damn

  4. Marcy Jeremiah

    I'm alive yeahhh...big up your whole self Mr. Beres!!!

  5. deeyohazuki

    Barely 500k views yet all the meaningless bashment crap get millions of hits! I'm atheist but can appreciate the message

  6. Lenka Ramsay

    Yes! Mr. Beres, nice! One love Lady Lenka

  7. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    I greatfull for all my many beautiful blessings and give thanks for all ! Enableing me to see a New day in all its beauty! It humbles me an brings a big smile to my face!

  8. Saskia Plass

    Didnt even recognize him but I said only one person have that voice

  9. Luciana Ruocco


  10. Trini Darkie

    Omg! This touched me in my soul. Thank you Jesus and thank you for Beres with this beautiful song. Love it. I'M ALIVEEEEE! YES😍

  11. Colleen Henry

    So glad am alive!! Blessings

  12. fissen garnet cisse

    Nice sound big tune

  13. Noche Nwofor

    RIP Nipsey

  14. Batman

    He’s a living legend 👍

  15. G Lew

    Vocals still on point, all these years, never disappoints, bless up Beres.

  16. C D G Na’am

    The voice this man is blessed with. Much love Beres Hammond. 💕✌🏾

  17. Nigel Roberts

    Great music am alive

  18. Victor Ma-c'zar.

    still the best

  19. Darryn Bellamy


  20. Rhonda Bobb

    Never get tired of playing this caused I love you and you know what I am alive

  21. Yana Mccormack

    I'm still here in 2019...
    Giving praise. . Thank U God..
    I'M ALIVE..

  22. Ken Agallo

    Respect Beres.... Am alive too, and I give thanks everyday to the most high.

  23. Sheena Saunders

    Unbelievable just found out this man my favorite 🇯🇲 singer is still alive after said to be dead i love u beres😢😢😢😘😘😘😢😢😢😘😘😘

  24. karenjoy111

    Phonemonal tune, I can't stop playing it. Go Beres x❤💗💋

  25. Lynette Mcfarlane


  26. Darryn Bellamy

    Yes Rastas

  27. Trey McDermott

    Legend is alive 👌you never disappoint 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  28. Keisha Lewis


  29. Eddy Bekaert

    Big respect for Beres .......another great album , love thisya new song " I 'am alive " ! I just bought the cd and enjoy it . Bless ya father Beres many more years to come...cause you're alive and i thank Jah for that !


    One of the true reggae artist in the world thank you sir

  31. Tonisha Williams

    I love you beres 💃💃💃❤💛💚 the greatest of all times!!

  32. jeremy bryant

    I'm 39 and I can remember when I was probably 16 first time I heard Hammond I can remember where and who exposed me to this great musician and I was like who is that let me get that tape name brand that's my moms favorite and that was it from then on top shelf in my selection

  33. Trevor Hylton


  34. Stacie LMT

    I’m alive

  35. Nyah Higgins

    I'M ALIVE!!!

  36. jon jon

    Haven't done a cover yet but here is the link to my new reggae mix, some proper dubby vibes on this one...

  37. Rhonda Bobb

    I love you Mr Hammond you just keep hitting us with it can't stop listening to you share conscious music

  38. Gwendolyn Johnson

    You tube killer jook. , Big up

  39. Marleen Richards

    One and only B H

  40. Anthony Heath

    Jah bless!!!! I've been following this man for some time and throughout my youth, his music has guided me with the help of many others. Forever grateful to him for his music and spirit!!!

  41. 74swagah

    Big artists , big tune

  42. Patrick Ndungu

    Never ending beres.

  43. Cherley Deluge

    Je taime beres hammond

  44. J Saxman C

    Still standing strong and keep making that hot positive music 😁🙌🏿👏🏾💪🏾👑

  45. PropPah Yisrael

    My sister God rest her soul loved Beres.❤❤❤

  46. Dj Village

    The legendary fada beres! Great visuals!

  47. Barbara MORDECAI

    I'm humbled, hust hearing you another time💕💕💕💕💕

  48. Street Fight

    Talent and voice never get old

  49. Bobby Addison

    One of the best songs ever. Doesn't matter what genre... this is legendary. 🔥🔥🔥🙏👑

  50. SkyBlue Tuna

    Myygadd best for my drinks now

  51. Claudette Bailey

    Yes you’re Alive Jah love number one singer Beres Hammond

  52. Miss Original A Ras


  53. Dr. Dion Peoples case the youngin's forgot!!!

  54. charlie renegade

    Give thanks Jah !! What a blessing of a never disappoint Beres !

  55. Reggae Lion

    A classic in 2018

  56. stephen pinnock

    had this album on hard rotation 4 2 months straight beres a legend 💯🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  57. ChAoS

    This track gave me goosebumps...Very potent...Play this every morning...An Icon in form...

  58. WitchHazel3

    Yea yeeeaaah. Meh does yuh Beres!

  59. shimmery Chappie

    media vybz tv i agree 100

  60. Dillinger Sam

    Amazing Singer 😀

  61. Dillinger Sam

    Excellent ❤

  62. Fabiana mendes

    Love much 🔊🎶🔥🔥🔥❤

  63. Tyesha Parisienne

    Love me some beres all de time godfather inna de business industry

  64. All Is Vanity

    living legend

  65. Keith Simiyu

    I wish you were my grandfather Mr. Hammond

  66. Samurai Majgier

    Now a huge FAN! Beres is the man.

  67. Rajesh Ramlal

    I'm Alive!! Thanks Jah, big up Beres!! 💖

  68. Lexi legs

    When you have natural passion and talent trust and belive in the most high your unstoppable gwarn Farda beres


    Beres is a love from Kenya 🇰🇪

  70. Orima Alexander

    Hold You Till It Hurts I M Alive 😆
    Love Always 🥰⛑

  71. Claudette Bailey

    Love dis man beres Beautiful voice

  72. Dj Genius


  73. Cherell Toe

    African American feeling the vibes back to back! (Grammy) 🔥🔥🔥!!! I celebrate your life in Jesus Christ name!

  74. Justin ReggaeInMyBlood

    This song has turned my life right around! My favorite Lovers Rock reggae artist of all time. Forever a LEGEND and am forever thankful for a man to step up to be father to me who is from Clarendon, Jamaica. Without him I wouldn't have any knowledge of legends like Beres.

  75. Leh We Tok TV


  76. Brigid Gilhooly

    Beres you dont have your button down shirt on to open it p !!!!! OONE LOVE,,,,,,,,,BLESSINGS

  77. remoniaj

    Definately feeling this!!!!

  78. L B H

    His voice is still just beautiful as EVER!!

  79. Sarah BOUYOUCEF

    Un pur bonheur.. Sa voix donne des frissons..

  80. Juniel Nascimento

    Isso é só pra quem gosta de verdade

  81. Maureen S

    Damn right he is a legends I love this man songs😘😘😘😘😘😘

  82. Djédjé 988

    Merci Mr Beres Hammond pour tout ses messages d’amour et d’espoir que tu nous a transmis depuis toutes ses années par le biais de ta musique ✊🏽😎🔥🇳🇨🇫🇷... Cela m’attriste de vous voir aussi affaibli😥... Mais vous l’avez si bien dit: « I’m Alive », d’où l’importance de profiter du mieux que l’on peut de chaque instant et des personnes qui nous sont les plus chers ❤️🔥☝🏽😔

  83. Cisse Tiff


  84. Matthew Tresler

    Quality 👍

  85. Valerie J

    Glad to hear it, Beres.  Love your music.


    This man never fails never. this man is one humble legend sweet sweet music

  87. Reggae Run Tings

    biggest tune right now , big hit from beres

  88. Luciana Ruocco

    Loving dis Beres big chune 💯👍🏾👍🏾

  89. N. Simone Forbes

    Can you believe?!!!??? This man is still making HITS!!!!! You can't even do a "Best of Beres Hammond" because he keeps cranking them out!!!! A man this old is still a phenomenon!!! It's really mind blowing to me... smh ... He's not just Jamaica's legend, he's a world legend.. Big up Stony Hill btw...

  90. Steven Knowles

    Beres is a artist...once you hear his music your Hook...this song prove it...just have to hear ova an ova...the video is nice to watch also

  91. jshree1 kamara

    we are happy your still here, thank you for this song it speaks to my soul, thank god i am ALIVE

  92. Maureen Boothe

    I love this album it keep me going beris legend

  93. Alejandro Joga

    Nuff Nuff respect to one of the greatest Artists Ever
    This man has been spreading love for the past 40 years plus.

  94. trisan walker

    The man himself. Love me some #Beres

  95. C. A. Ward

    0:45 I have those two #STALAG albums on LP

  96. Lôô Lôô

    Belle voix

  97. VP Records

    Stream/Download the "Never Ending" album now:

    Jack Isaac

    VP Records rt