Beres Hammond - Dusty Road Lyrics

Yes my feet get so tired
From this old dusty road
My body and soul is almost overload
Yes I need some fresh air
Let me rest for a while
Take the load off my feet
Before I do another mile
Counting days the sun come bun me
And then the rain come drench me
Just to get what I want
And all I want is
A chance to live a simple life
And end each day with a smile

I like to get away
From this old dusty road
My structure don't lie
I means every word, oh
Every now and then
I get so close to tear
But giving up now
Will be wasting all these years, oh yeah
Guess I'm heading back to the trails

Listen some more
I wanna move bet the forces won't let me
Everywhere I got the system gets me
It's up to me to get what I want
Cause it's been rough all these years
But I fight it though all my fears

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Beres Hammond Dusty Road Comments
  1. nathan bourton

    End each day wiv a smile

  2. Kettly Armbrister

    Motivation song full of it .Always push on even tho tirwd ,disappointed whatever still pressure on

  3. harold hyde

    Tuff tune top tune

  4. Vivian Facy

    sing beres

  5. Mikey Mikey

    Big bad beres on ah big bad riddim

    Jason Green

    Which riddim is this again?

  6. SuperReasonabledoubt

    Lyrics everyone can relate/ assimilate to..hang on..

  7. SuperReasonabledoubt

    Riddim full a culture yalll

    Saidah Haye

    David. Raddlgan

    Saidah Haye

    SuperReasonabledoubt 1 Heckscher Spur Dr (Camp Grounds)
    Islip, NY 11730

  8. Afiya Castle

    big tune

    Mark Simms

    Afiya Castle real tune.....

    Aqueelah Ali

    Big up beres