Benton, Jarren - Smells Like Lyrics

[Hook: Mic Buddah]
Looks like, feels like murder
Smells like, tastes like murder
Feels like, tastes like murder
Must be murder
Looks like, feels like murder
Smells like, tastes like murder
Feels like, tastes like murder
Must be murder

[Verse 1: R.A. the Rugged Man]
When God comes it curtains, baby butchering, bloodthirsting and body burnin’ rupturing aneurysms from your brain burstin’
I smack Leatherface and laugh at Jason
I stick my dick in that Lucifer chick that used the crucifix for masturbation
Satan’s coroner, kiddies lock your door, it’s the art of war
Spittin’ horrorcore since Lionel Richie was a commodore
Its 'M' for Murder Hitchcock,
I start a convo, like who you like better, Big or Pac
Then I suck your pussy ‘til your clit pop
Yeah boy, like I’m Flavor Flav with a big clock
Dispatchin’ any competetor, you’re regular
Detachin’ your your retina, the bloodsheder bitches piss on me
My dick meat stink like pastrami
My white ass is whiter than Mitt Romney
Hillary Clinton can get her clit done with my big tounge
Have the bitch strung, once me dick swung, her lip drip cum
When I bust I leave more than your face and your mouth smothered
I leave your coach and your living room and your whole house flooded
‘Til every fan bumps this, I’m rowdy ravenous and rambunctious
Have white bitches wearin’ hammer pants dancin’ to can’t touch this
I paint pictures on canvases, stick a fist up your bitches like hand puppets
Pussy gargalin lickin’ your clam nuggets
Lyrically you ain’t never caught a body
I dunk your head and make you drink the shitty piss water in the porter potty
Lesbian orgy with Earthlings and green bitches fuckin in public
I’m on some other shit, I get aliens on a mothership suckin’ dick
I’m the best and that’s it, put me on top your rap list
Have all the dead rappers come out their graves, and do my ad-libs
Bitch, c’mon


[Verse 2: Jarren Benton]
They say you are what you eat, I don't recall eating a fuckin’ rapist
I throw a rock up in the sky and hit a freakin’ spaceship, I’m goin’ ape shit
Hey bitch, how come everytime you give me head
My dick get cut up by the seam of your braces
A grown man that still lives in his mama’s basement
Dissect a fuckin’ ape and give it a brain replacement
I murk y'all, bitch you soft as a Nerf ball
Auto-erotic asphyxiation, choke myself when I jerk off
Put your ass in the dirt dog, created the law of Kershaw
But the pussy smell like pamino's, then man that's just a turn off
None of you dumb fucks concernin’ us
I tie you to the gas stove in hell tell Lucifer turn the furnace up
Me and R.A. the Rugged, you fuckers gon’ love it
You a bitch, you snuggle with men, take dick, kiss it and chug it
I’m a glut and eat buckets of nuggets of human flesh
And blow his rap budget on crack, snacks and puppets
Fuck a metaphor, I metamorph into a feather dwarf
With a knife and slam my dick inside the dresser drawer
Strangle you, I strangelin’ myself to see who die quicker
Poppin’ your casket with a pistol like surprise nigga
So when we die, make it to the pearly gates
When God don’t let me in I clap his ass with this .38
Forensic scientists can’t even identify the shit that I did to the bodies
Blood stain in the lobby, morphine in the IV, cut scalpel when I see
I'm fly to death, Kamikaze, I’m probably in Illuminati
Fuck a beat, I rock over a queef
And if I go broke I’m stickin’ Kanye West for his teeth


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Benton, Jarren Smells Like Comments
  1. Sigbjørn Holkestad

    "Fuck a Beat i rock over a qeef and if i go broke i'm sticking Kanye West for his teeth"

  2. sewerslide 665mg

    so sicksickiesick, killin it mother fucks

  3. TylerGamingTV

    Jarren Benton - Smells Like Feat.

  4. Dhanushivan

    First person to comment on this after a year LMAO.

    Dianne Hendsbee

    Dhanushivan not no more

  5. Lord Lightskin

    how has this not been on gta??

  6. Kevin Kulprit

    I feel RA always destroys dudes on other dudes tracks but mr Benton killed this

  7. Trey Schneider

    2:18 what the fuck was that😂😂

  8. Poisoned Wiener

    Jarren and RA need to release an album

    Yves Yuri Bien-Aime

    I second that thought.

  9. Setu Tauvela

    Sounds like a track you'd hear off of NFL Street

  10. howie williams

    Jaren Benton is the black Eminem


    jarren benton is jarren benton

    Dianne Hendsbee

    howie williams fr🔥🔥

  11. Jinzx

    Where can i find Mic Buddah at??? Ive searched all over the web, and no luck

    C W

    He may of changed his name, surely there is something online. Try again look harder

    Likley_Gentlemen e

    hav you tryed in you pants oh! bioch

  12. Cody Brockman

    Jarren Benton - Smells Like feet* XD , makes me laugh every time lol

  13. Lavario Smith

    RA smashed Jarren on his own track.  Better luck next time Jarren!!!

    James McAthie

    Jarren was better imo


    Lavario Smith FUCKK NO



    bobby bez

    Lavario Smith no

    J C

    +MrGladBEASTftw RA tried to fit too many syllables in some lines.. If people listen to the guitar riff it sounds off beat.. gotta listen to the drums.
    They are both VERY on beat, except a few of RA's lines.. Jarren has for sure done it too. Just in THIS song, Jarren murdered it.

    2:15 , thats what riding a beat sounds like!

  14. Friedrich Nietzsche


    Briar Foley

    @Vladimir Lenin yup, a fuckin classic line.

    paul woodford

    omg i just got that 💀😂😂😂

  15. Juan Nieto

    2:48  Someone likes Chino Xl's Flow. Jarren's sick as hell!!

  16. Phantom HD

    Jarren is dope af!!!

  17. Jay Sharma

    stop arguing about who smashed the fucking track lol features on beats are not contests you fucking poofs, appreciate the music and stfu unless you got better tracks than this recorded

    Sami Kadri

    No 1 said it was bad lol so don't tell them they "can't record better then this" lol they're just voicing their opinion on who did better so calm down and don't get touched about stupid shit

    Vincent Charette

    @Sami Kadri He probably meant that not everything has to be a contest. We can appreciate the track without having to figure out who outshined who.

  18. Jacob Eric Lamberson


    Lavario Smith

    @JakeThaKanibal Lamberson Not even close. RA smashed Jarren!!!!

    Jacob Eric Lamberson

    @Roscoe Smith I could see where people would say he had a better verse. That's your opinion so I'll respect it.


    Jarren did good but RA is just on another level lyrically...

    killah blue

    jarrens got a better flow and voice

  19. John May

    RA obliterated and jarren demolished this beat. RA did better but jarren still murdered. And if u dislioe this ill make u drink the shitty piss water in da porta potty

  20. reamacrob

    14 people smell like............pussy

  21. Chris Cardiel

    "They say you are what you eat. I don't recall eating a rapist" lmao damn

  22. Shauna Gething

    WHAT are u talking about aye? jarren and ra both sick but ra got so much more material and thee two differ ppl two differ styles hey both also recyle ryhmes everyone does

  23. styoung 17

    I love this beat

  24. lucas hoi

    This beat is fucking horrible


    Your opinion is fucking horrible

  25. joey llama

    Hop in yo casket with a pistol like "surprise nigga " ha ha ha ha ha hell yeah !

  26. bigballaaaable

    When Jarren says "...then slam my dick in the dresser drawer." Is this some play off of Method man saying "ill put ya nuts on the dresser, jus ya nuts. And bang them shits with a spiked bat." ? If so thats a hard ass bar.

  27. Harvey Quinn

    Someone make an instrumental to this

  28. will d.

    Sounded better in the World's Longest Cypher

  29. Twiggy Skripten

    ADVERTISEMENT : SOME GAY POP SONG, SKIP....JARREN B-B-BENTON, thats what I'm talking about! never been more happy that you can skip adds in my life

  30. RideTheLightning80

    This song needs a #necro verse


    i dont think it does

    Rick Bucksaw

    absolutely not.

    Chris Cardiel



    +RideTheLightning80 no

  31. Martin Lucchesi

    muy buenooooooooooo

  32. curruptedbob13

    I could do without the prolonged chorus though...

  33. TheDarkWarrior88

    i love RA but i do think he could have done better

  34. MisterTrexx

    I agree with you R.A had no flow

  35. Viinc3nt


  36. M.R. One


  37. stinky stinkybutt

    RA destroys everyting...

  38. Sassy Sloth

    ... Are you... Serious... What.

  39. majkatisebanjagola

    It's not really raw horrorcore.. it's more like torture-porn rap, not that it's wasn't straight murder, it's just not horror is all I'm sayin' :)

  40. Syndacade Re

    Alot of FV fans don't really know hip hop. most only know about Hopsin Fv & mainstream... and haven't the slightest clue about the thousands of other dope artists still making good music...

    no hate just an observation... love this song tho RA killed it

  41. JayDoubleEweAre

    They both murdered this joint. Of course Jarren gets murked on his own song, but everybody should be prepared for that when you get RA on your shit. Even if Jarrens verse wasn't the best on this track, his shit is still tighter than 99% of the shit on the radio.

  42. KEEN Knoble

    I wanna wake my neighbors with this shit

  43. KEEN Knoble


  44. Avarus Spurius

    The remix includes Jarren as well.

  45. hiphophead555

    people are fucking idiots sleeping on jarrens verse i mean r.a is better and went harder but c'mon jarrens verse was nice as fuck

  46. Oliver Luff

    no that was with Hopsin

  47. Jew Mad

    Smells like feat xD

  48. anth1165

    Talk about getting bodied on your own track

  49. Majin Vegeta

    Jarren should've went first because Rugged dick slapped his whole album with this one verse.

  50. jonathan munoz

    "Fuck a beat ill rap over quaff" haha who the fucks says shit like that!!!

  51. Malphas Mikaelson

    No clue ask QueLub, he said it not me xP.

  52. MrTantamount

    what other song did he do with RA?

  53. Malphas Mikaelson

    I guess that's you, I thought his Freebasing with Kevin Bacon album was awesome.

  54. Cody Bradley

    Thorburn killin it

  55. QueLub

    I wish Jarren Benton's music was more consistent. Both songs he did with R.A. are sick but most of his own music is just too fucking dumb. He puts out so much corny shit.

  56. Concieted2point0

    Can we all take a minute to hate franka243 he said funkvolume is shit when its the only good rap music around anymore

  57. Bishop McHugh

    is that guy even relevant still?

  58. Jew Mad

    Why go for Kanye's teeth when you can go for Lil Wayne's and do us all a favor.

  59. TheRealBakedZD

    He always does. He is batting 1.000 on features

  60. Benjamin Johnston


  61. IconicSchmoobie

    Just because he doesnt know one artists doesnt mean he doesnt know hip hop.
    What if I said if you dont know Special Ed you dont know hip hop.
    Not many know since he was in the 80s

  62. qwqwqwqw99

    they were both ill

  63. storm8011

    I like how instead of being a great guy and leaving the video that you didn't like, you decided to comment your douche bag comment. I'm not a huge fan of Funk Volume but I can respect the skills they have.

  64. franka243

    sounds like*

  65. Ldubious MC

    they both came hard stop arguing like little bitches

  66. APEtv.

    The best of funk volume

  67. NSBT

    One of the best on the album, they both just KILLLL it.

  68. Bishop McHugh

    Jarren > RA

  69. RandY saVaj

    fighting on the internet is like racing in the special Olympics. even if you win you are still retarded.

  70. AjaxNoord

    If you don't know R.A. the Rugged Man you don't know hiphop

  71. Jack Campbell

    his new album legends never die is just pure lyricism, some of the beats are a bit iffy but content wise its definitely worth a listen man

  72. Chronic Menace

    This is my first time hearing RA THE RUGGED & as someone who knows lyricism, I have to say that he is definitely top tier when it comes to this HorrorCore shit, but he didn't embarrass jarren in any way, shape, or form, jarren went almost as hard as RA THE RUGGED did

  73. Griff

    It's pretty obvious...just stop lol

  74. Griff

    RA knew he was about to go the fuck in because he took the first verse on someone elses god...

  75. Majin Vegeta

    1: Copy youtube link for this song
    2. Go to yourepeat and paste youtube link
    3. Drag slider from 0:32-1:43
    You now have R.A.'s verse on auto repeat

  76. GrumpyGrebo

    RA Rugged is in a new track with Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko, check that shit out!

  77. Christmas7995

    I feel bad for Jarren on this track. God damn RA murdered this than ate it shit it out and then set it on fire in a paper bag on someone's front porch and they stepped the fire out getting this all over their shoes so they threw the shoe out then RA found it in a dump and killed it again.

  78. DJ Anthony

    ra legend

  79. thehumantorch1000

    rged man sound lyk rza

  80. Ted Da Duke

    Why do I get that the sample of this track can be used as background music for Bikini Bottom

  81. TOO Young


  82. Jesus Vasquez

    This song I can say is the only one I don't like on this album. In my opinion

  83. Dylan Smoot

    Fuck a beat ill rap over a queef and if I go broke I'm jacking Jayne west for his teeth .... Dammmmnnnnnnnn killed it lol

  84. Dylan Smoot

    Both this song killed shit omfg stuck on this album

  85. Siouxpernatural Productions

    Both verses are sick as hell can't make up my mind who won

  86. KylerTobias

    damn jarrens verse is the same verse he used in the yo battle me cypher...

  87. kushclouds408

    Broths lynch shoulda been on this instead ra

  88. Nick Osborne

    RA destroys this

  89. Isaac Winston

    my white ass is whiter than Mitt Romney

  90. purpl3ra1n

    brotha lynch should of been :P

  91. carbon273

    everytime i listen to jarren i get feelings like im listening to MMLP Eminem.

  92. LD Mage

    Fuck a beat, I rap over a queef xD

  93. Willy Mandingo

    Both killed it, jarren merked the shit though

  94. Threemix

    does anyone else see a chino xl style in jarren benton in this album especially this song

  95. redcomic619

    "Hillary Clinton could get her clit done with my big tongue, have the bitch strung, once my dick swung her lip drip cum"

  96. Filostrophic

    This is gonna be a fucking classic, mark my words.