Benton, Jarren - PBR & Reefer Lyrics

P-P-P-PBR, zip and a double cup (PBR and Reefer)
P-P-P-PBR, zip and a double cup (PBR and Reefer)
P-P-P-PBR, zip and a double cup (PBR and Reefer)
P-P-P-PBR, zip and a double cup (PBR and Reefer)
This that loud, this that loud
This that strong, this that strong
This that drink, this that drink
That I sip on, that I sip on
This that loud, this that loud
This that strong, this that strong (PBR and Reefer)
This that drink, this that drink
That I sip on, that I sip on (PBR and Reefer)

[Verse 1]
PBR, zip and a double cup, all my bitches double dutch
We don't really cuddle much, y'all niggas gay
Sweet as Reese's peanut butter cup
Show out any bitch, turn up, they like "what the fuck?!"
Back up in this bitch with a six pack
Tell them sucka ass niggas Jarren said get back
Chillin' with yo girlfriend, on Saturday we kick back
Call that ho to call me, though I love them hood rats
Sippin' on... PBR and reefer
Bitch gon' take a bath cause that's the only way I eat her
We on it all night
Out of weed and brew, that's the shit I don't like
Fuck with ya boy, bitch it's been a long night
My ho got a side ho, we get along tight
24 ounce, I'mma put it on ice
I party with them white boys, my niggas all white
Just got back from Cali, bitch it's been a long flight
Need a PBR and weed, finna set it off right


[Verse 2:]
PBR and Reefer, leaning in the 'lac
Bumping southernplayalistic through the speaker
Ride through the A, and I'm looking for a skeezer
Suck a nigga dick, shawty do it for the leisure
Pound while I'm here, before a nigga leave her
Blowin' on that strong that will make you have a seizure
Damn I had too many PBRs, so I pull off of the road
Damn I think I'm bout to throw up on my T-Shirt
Pop the pussy, I'm sweatin' (woo)
She pop the pussy, I'm sweatin' (woo)
Tell them hatin' niggas don't fuck around
Cause my crew just strapped with them weapons
Party like a redneck, loud pack
Worry sack, can't walk straight, got me spinning like a pyramid
I'm high as the tip of a pyramid
Bitch don't kill my vibe, lock her out, shut the fuck up I ain't hearing it
Flexin' on these hoes, I'm flexin' on these hoes
Pour one more, burn one more
I'm so trippy off of this dope (Trippy)
I fuck up yo summertime, the summer's mine, you ain't know
Made a song for all you scumbags who love to drink and smoke


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Benton, Jarren PBR & Reefer Comments
  1. Trolltocol9Oseven

    My gf jacks me daily. 2 hr minimum

  2. asonunique419

    This is my whole early twenties anthem fuck getting older ,92 till infinity

  3. Aaron Aller



    This that loud! This that loud!

  5. Jarin George

    This song is tough.

  6. Kluless King


  7. Miss Miller

    only hearing this in 2018, why didn't you blow up years ago?!!! sheesh

  8. Coty Frank

    wooooop wooppp

  9. Danny 'Simmo' Simmons

    Why is there no lyric video for this tuneeeeeee

  10. Angelo Werner

    barely made it to the real shit by the end of 2017 sadly...but glad im here and found this mothafucka while stuck in the hospital.

  11. Chanice Rotumah

    Back up in this bitch with a 6 pack lol dopest intro

  12. Rich Jay

    2017 and still breakin speakers to this shit!!!!

  13. mymicrowave

    Jarren buddy you can do it make a comeback now. fucking badass

  14. Jay Stroh

    Just seen em in Cincinnati, front row, shit was lit!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Shane Briscoe

    this that drank I sip on #PBR

  16. SFM TeamAYO

    I looooooce pbr annnnnnd reefa 😁😎✌

  17. adrian castillo

    he about to tour with rittz 👌👌💯💯💯

  18. Andy Tha Rapper

    Lmao only this fucked up foo would be rappin bout PBR.This shits lit tho

  19. EL1T3_Willis

    =) he is one of the best

  20. Joshua Folsum

    bitch don't take a bath that's the only way I eat her

    j Burt

    +Joshua Folsum bitch go take a bath cause thats the only wat ill eat her

  21. Jakob Shambles

    Shit fire!!🔥🔥

  22. Brock

    PBR? haha that nasty ass shit?

    Shane Briscoe

    PBR is actually the shit!

    NightHawk moneybaggs

    want a better cheap beer? try natural ice.


    yeah all my dad drinks natty ice lol its actually not that bad

    Jacob Riley

    pbr is delicious. How dare you

  23. Alejandra Velasquez

    I drink pbr and refeer


    +Alejandra Velasquez you drink refeer?


    +dude2die4 lol isn't that weed


    @Daniel .W yeah lmao


    +dude2die4 i drink pbr and reefer its very moist an green shit i think im drinking my piss an grass -_-

  24. Noah Stainbrook

    I can't even handle some of the stuff he says XD I swear this dude is quickly becoming my favorite artist

    Joshua English

    I know what you mean . I don't really like rap but .... jarren benton is fucking raw i don't know how this dude isn't bigger than he is .

    NightHawk moneybaggs

    Is he ur favorite yet?

    Noah Stainbrook

    +Mr. Spanky tie with him and eminem

    John Cipher

    he toured with tech n9ne

  25. Promitious TM

    My jam with deznut and jelly!


    @Promitious TM Shiiiitt found you on here!

  26. RefractArt

    trash music :\

    Nathan Webb

    Your trash

    weesnaw weesnaw

    one of my favorite songs

    NightHawk moneybaggs

    +RefractArt Ya fuck you get da fuq outta my hood bitch refract fart

  27. Survivalman 322

    Fuck 12

  28. Mecca MacCaden

    Only Jarren would make a song about PBR haha

  29. Tussin2sickMusic

    Never herd the song, but when I saw this performed live I was hooked instantly.

    Michael Rogala

    For real, I went to a Chris Webby concert and saw Jarren Brenton perform and I've been hooked ever since.

  30. Josh N

    Love weed thanks Benton for a good weed song. I seen u and Ritz with snow best hip hop show yet.

  31. Isaiah Jones

    Finally made it to youtube.. damn ive been searching for this so every week for 2 months on here

  32. Grim Reefer

    first time listening to this n i like...

  33. Amber L. Smith

    Absolutely love him. Seeing him in concert in less than 40 days

  34. Tilla Munster

    I fucken love Jarren i swear <3

    Credo Mutwah

    siccness @ its finests

  35. Sprankton DGrichey

    I remember when he wasn't super popular lol hell yeah jarren you made it man!!!

  36. Elijah Meyer

    Y'all suck ass. HAHA jarrens illidelphia, been bumpin his shit before he was funk volume 🙀

    Nesterr N

    Want a golf clap :D !? 

    you fuckin turd!

  37. Sandy Dollar

    Man this brings back memories of just getting fucked up and ONLY playing this song like every night lmao

    Steve Pesh

    Lol 1st comment i seen and its excatly what im doin

    Josh Newman

    I still drink pbr and bang this joint everyday


    My dick just dropt.

  38. Adam Fitzpatrick

    I hate when people compare other rappers by saying one sounds like one . I don't see it at all. Jarren has his own flow, style, errythang.

    Steve Pesh

    Definately one of a kind

    Casey Masyk-Jackson

    he got a fucked up head thats fur sure haha but the way he does his shit is awesome and i love it


    @Adam Fitzpatrick his rhyme scheme is like eminem a lot especially on cadillacs and chevys

    aaron clips

    TheLittlemonster333 y’all both most smoke crack

  39. Niggaleaveitalone

    Pbr. Milwaukee bitch

    Fumi Shar

    upside down triple 6's on the can in cursive.
    but i only know this cause i drink it on a daily.thanks jarren benton.

    on a different note when the comming out with a no homo video
    the 2nd skit was some funny ish.

  40. Jared Even

    He sounds like asap ferg lol good ass song tho

    Sam Cotton

    NA ASAP FERG SOUNDS like him 

  41. slushydataman01

    word up bentons gotta get on the next choppers track with tech n9ne n yela n shit

  42. Dakota Kimble

    only 74,000 veiws WTF

    Casey Masyk-Jackson

    ikr whaiiii??? its soo dope!!!


    Goin on 400K now my dude stay reppin Jarren

  43. SaVageImmortalx

    cold song

  44. deez nuts

    he would make a great toon with yelawolf!!!

  45. Grant Miller

    He's coming pit with a music video for this

  46. bmanbrownie


  47. Orlando Blacksmith

    wah wah wah

  48. TheKarateeKidd

    I want this instrumental!

  49. Gerardo Santos

    this that shit that gets u hyphy

  50. itzUchiha

    Daaaamn this bangs.

  51. Flex Beefheat

    P-p-p-p-pbr ziiipppppp

  52. tallonmavo

    Like every hook is catchy, the way he alternates his flow is just crazy. I don't how anyone could hate him.

  53. jamie madrox

    Damn this is a good song. *looks at veiws* O.O what??

  54. Deva Gordon

    @tallonmavo Agreed. Definitely my personal favorite album of the year

  55. tallonmavo

    Every single song on my grandmas basement is fucking terrific. Oml

  56. Jordan McVean

    You're all dumb.. Kendrick is falling off as we speak, bigger the explosion faster the clean up.

  57. Westley Rodman

    Actually kendrick has dr dre backing him that why he blew up.

  58. UndergroundCity330

    im sippin pbr right now.. mmmm

  59. jose heredia

    Oopps wrong song hahaha!!:'(

  60. jose heredia

    Hashbrowns quarter pound order pay it eat it feelin full lol

  61. cody sattler

    yall dumb talking about kendrick why dont yall go to one of his songs and talk about he said she said bull shit about who you think is better in like cause its tr8 up opinions and evryones got the jackass's.....kendrick is nice but i would prefer jarren anyday cause hes more underground and not main stfu and enjoy the music.

  62. cody sattler

    fucken off the chain....fucken love you man...lolol

  63. Tom Cruise

    Kendrick doesn't suck but he isn't the best neither.

  64. Thomas Anderson

    This is a turn up song quit bitchin bout the fuckin lyrics. If you want lyrics listen to logic or kendrick

  65. DN9ED_ U

    I made this comment for all the scumbags who made songs about drinking n smoking n cant even handle either! Haha ur song idea still didnt work

  66. tallonmavo

    Hits hard.

  67. seanthephoenix


  68. Classified Chappy

    Wow this song is addicting. Don't do drugs or smoke but I like this.

  69. jean marie diop

    My opinion: Jarren benton's album is the best best fuckin fuckin fuckin releaed on FV yet!
    I dont smoke i dont drink i dont do drugs but i still enjoy that classic

  70. Lil BugzBunny

  71. GrrrADHD

    This is AMAZING

  72. MrTheManWeeD

    do it for mrthemanweed gotdaaaaa weeeeeeey

  73. I'm Glitchy

    This fucking song>>>

  74. jacob hale

    ur a dumbass no one likes u leave the comments or stfu u retarded piece of shit ur wats wrong with america

  75. Omar Fierro

    'Leanin in the lac,Bumping southernplayalistic through the speaker' JARREN BENTON BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!

  76. Alex Morris

    Haha fasho understood!

  77. RJ Robison

    cared enough to reply. obviously something i said hurt your simple emotions.

  78. jose heredia

    Dayuhm this dude be making good music man 4real!!

  79. billy

    PBR is the best worst beer.

  80. Tyler Barn

    Suck a ass

  81. MrPaperMagnet


  82. MastersOfDisaster

    You're literally the dumbest person I have ever interacted with. Continue being uncivilized.

  83. thechronicbeast


  84. Rj Robison

    yo queen davis, you fail at life, first you cant get the abbreviation right, then you start knocking people who are fans of jarren benton, keep in mind you're on a jarren benton song page right now, then someone calls you an ape and you quote say "Ima ape but you listenin to my ape music. You just a white walking contradiction.", when in the first place you didnt even know what the fuck the song was about. hahahaha.

  85. Lilglowstar

    you thought of peanut butter.

  86. Shaun Durbin

    fucking dope

  87. jacob hale

    u r a dumbass tho ill give u that

  88. chris nero

    listen up goof not every place gets that kinda beer come down to canada and taste some real beer ya fool

  89. john jump

    Its a fuckin celebration put this song on errday bitch

  90. Jacob Kiefer

    @sean kilby i thought it meant peanut butter reeses... soo hahahaha

  91. djruinerdotcom

    Dumb fuck racist on the internet that doesn't know what google is.... You just blew my mind.

  92. Chris Taylor

    because you thought PBR was Peanut butter Cups........ Reese's is the fucking company! No where have you ever read peanut butter Reese cups........... It is always Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Like Pabts Blue Ribbon isnt Blue Pabts Ribbon

  93. MastersOfDisaster

    How fucking lame that would be.

  94. MastersOfDisaster

    I literally don't even drink and know that PBR is a beer. Good logic.