Bentley, Dierks - Sideways Lyrics

Hey girl, what's your name?
It's so loud in here I can't hear a thing
But I sure do like your style
And I can see you came to rock
In your blue jeans and white tank top
Man that look drives me wild

And it's hey now here we go
DJ don't you play nothing slow
Keep those girls out on the floor
Gotta make them want to come back for more
Been here since the sun went down
Be here when it comes back around
Worked all week it's time to play
Gonna get a little bit sideways...

Ain't no need to fight
Y'all take that redneck stuff outside
That's what parking lots are for
Once you're out you ain't coming back
The velvet rope ain't got no slack
Man they're busting down the door!

And it's hey now here we go
DJ don't you play nothing slow
Keep those girls out on the floor
Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more
Been here since the sun went down
Be here when it comes back around
Worked all week it's time to play
Gonna get a little bit sideways...

That's right

Hey now here we go
(hey now here we go)
DJ don't you play nothing slow
Gotta make 'em wanna (what?)...
Gotta make 'em wanna (what?)...
Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more

Hey now here we go
DJ don't you play nothing slow
Keep those girls out on the floor
Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more
Been here since the sun went down
Be here when it comes back around
Worked all week it's time to play
Gonna get a little bit sideways (na na na na na)...
Sideways... sideways... sideways

Hey girl what's your name?
It's so loud in here I can't hear a thing...

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Bentley, Dierks Sideways Comments
  1. Matthew Porrini

    2020 and it's still the best song out of him

  2. chriis napolion

    I like it

  3. Andrew Shafer

    2020 anyone?

  4. Eva Golldwing


  5. Jose Celio Freitas

    Temendo de tanto rir

  6. Crazyboy4000


  7. k Lepe

    I love this

  8. Liberty Basham

    I saw him yesterday at blossom no other singer can beat him!

  9. ChrisBrengel

    Why is the last minute silent?

  10. ChrisBrengel

    1:43 to 2:09 holy shit! It's formation dancing in a Country MV!
    [watches it again] My bad, it's line dancing--everyone is doing exactly the same thing without changing places. No criticism, it's just a different style. I've done a little--it's fun.

  11. Eva Golldwing

    Dierks 🔝🔝🔝♥️ ♥️♥️😘😘😘

  12. Dan63


  13. Sundin Gouesh

    To infinity Tomornin

    Sundin Gouesh


  14. Nolan Stoepker

    2019 who's still here??

    Michelle Stooksbury

    Me bro me💪🏻

    Traci Wetterau

    Nolan Stoepker 2020

  15. Chelsey Hartmann

    I miss this Dierks

  16. stuck in a vase

    Rick Grimes can sing?

  17. Swizlestik 97

    They dabbed before people thought dabbing was cool...... It never looked cool

  18. James Kirk

    When you gotta turn left.

  19. Christin j Smith

    and I thought parking garages were for parking! what was I thinking?!

  20. Tyler Schwartz

    If country song’s music videos were shot like hip-hop music videos lol they even got a dance with the arms and hands up like that. Craziness, been listening to this since it came out and in 2018 I decide to watch the music video

  21. Proud Texan

    I can gladly say that country is the only way to live its a lot more fun and I can say that from experience

  22. Brandon Van Delden

    I could have written these retarded lyrics in 3 min. 100% crap

  23. BeachBum

    It's so hard for me not to sing the nascar version

  24. Eduardo Ihemis

    Dierks voice is similar to James hetfield voice

  25. Michael Luzier

    Hey Jason I can't agree more.

  26. Kronos and Athena

    Good plan

  27. Briana Jacoway

    2018 who still listening

    Unionpacifc 1943fan

    Briana Jacoway yup

    Breaking Ace96

    More like 2019

  28. Rafael Carrizales

    I miss this real country pop beat

  29. Luke Keller

    I don't even like country but I was driving through Nebraska last night, heard this on the radio and liked it enough that I got home and looked it up here.

  30. Jess B

    love this song❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Heather Burton

    sup bitch

  32. Wyatt30Moto

    Love the song better in concert though keep up the good songs

  33. George Schlaline

    Who's the moron who named their son Dierks?

  34. Trevor Reid

    love it

  35. EMMA ROE

    this so d is sooo catchy this is my favorite song in the music history😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋💗💗💗💗

    Motokid 865

    EMMA ROE girl you need to listen to brocali

  36. Gregory Gushiken

    awesome country music

  37. chase beyer

    Jason I agree tight Jens look hot

  38. Kaylee Looney


  39. phillip pinti

    look like fun

  40. Jokester

    either this is a parody of the NASCAR theme song or NASCAR asked if we can use it but change up the lyrics.

    Roselie Law

    They asked him if they could use this song and change the lyrics :)

  41. COWBOY the realoutdoorsman


  42. x LegionxOfxOne x

    I+m not into the country genre but ever since i heard to this song i started getting into it, even tho all i listen to is Dierks. His songs have something i can't point out.

  43. Jason Schoenecker

    I agree with the song. Ladies can dress up, put on a low cut dress, but, I love the tight fitting jeans. Not saying they don't look great dressing up, but I just love a woman in good fitting jeans.

  44. SupermanBPR9

    not country music in the first place

    Johnny Wishbone

    +SupermanBPR9 Is too! They wear cowboy hats!


    +Johnny Wishbone haha

  45. PhantomShadow224

    This is a fun country song

  46. Ms. Faye’s Heavenly Pies

    That amazing great male dancer is my nephew Dante Corde. Google him and you can learn to dance like this too. Choreographer for the stars! Way to go Dante we are all proud of you

    Brian Ginn

    That's nice but who's the female dancers?

  47. Sarah Benton

    240p! How've you been, buddy? It's been years!

  48. Ryan Webb

    love this  song it gets me the mood

  49. millionaires money

    i absolutely had a blast at your concert at riverbend glad your were headliner enjoyed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ireland Miller

    me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ireland Miller

    me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ireland Miller

    me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. emily n

    luv this song

  51. Kali Cunningham

    I love this song

  52. Austin Turner

    this is the best song ever

  53. Yoshikarter1

    You replied to a month old comment?

    Oh, well. Anyhow, point me out where exactly in "How Am I Doin'" does he mention a tank top without watching the music video.

  54. Shouvak

    You haven't listened very well to the song have you?

  55. Kristin Lenox

    Saw him at the Iowa State Fair on August 11 BEST CONCERT EVERRRRRR

  56. Lu V

    saw him at country thunder in Wisconsin this year. Dude rocked the house.

  57. Alex Smith


  58. Yoshikarter1

    I see it now. I had only listened to the song, I hadn't watched the video until now. The tank top bit isn't mentioned in the lyrics, just the video.

    But hot dang, I sure do like her style too.

  59. Yoshikarter1

    Either it's a different song or I'm just not noticing it. I just listened to it again and didn't recall anything.

  60. Yoshikarter1

    What's the third one? I recall this one and "What Was I Thinking?"

  61. Larry6218

    This is mine and my husbands favorite song for NASCAR.

  62. DenaL112

    Great video, great song and one sexy man!

  63. Ethan McMahan

    Phi Alpha

  64. drawnmap96

    I don't know about you but I really think this one is the most fun and powerful Dierks' song, every time they play i can't help but turn up the radio :)

  65. Hayden N

    yea haw

  66. Aaron Kanorr

    I love this song so much. Dierks Bentley your so sexy.

    P.S. I hatched my brothers account. :-P

  67. Remi

    Perfect for a barn party :)

  68. tracy mckillop

    <3 this song <3 Dierks Bently

  69. Dallas VanBelkum

    my asshole shoots better video quality than this.. good song tho

  70. Nathan Hutchins

    thumbs up if this is one of your favorite country songs

  71. Aditya Mathur

    this song should be in HD !!!!!

  72. skizy9212

    why is this song in a club? Not like a corn field rodeo?

  73. tator8814

    I gree go dale jr hobbysock is good 2 on dirt

  74. 2441kyle

    how does this go with nascar they dont get sideways nascar sucks dirt track racing is the best

  75. baxterispro


  76. tractionmaincp

    nascar theme song

  77. Cloud Snipe


  78. Cloud Snipe

    at my high school homecoming dance yesterday i did this entire music vid with all my friends and some other ppl who had seen this but it rocked cant wait to see that on youtube LOL

  79. Xstetsonx

    @eric22vhs i am so sorry

  80. Cole Hellard

    Dierks I love your music you look so hot !

  81. kierra breland

    love you dierks lets go lets make it big again c'mmon woooo turn it up!!! haha lol and i only wear blue jeans and white tank tops!!!! ilove you dierks ........P.S. YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!

  82. kierra breland

    im speechless he was in lemoore and was awsome seriously i really recomend going to see him live he sounds the same as right now! all i ahve to say is.......I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DIERKS IM REALLY HONESTLY YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVEN THOUGH YOU MIGHT NEVER MEET ME OR ACTUALLY READ THIS BUT I LOVED YOU CONNCERT! *I LOVE YOU DIERKS*

  83. KnightJak

    @bigbeefonyourface08 dude its a club song u idiot i dont know wat idiots gave ya 19 thumbs up either way quit bein a dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Ben Belling

    what the hell would a dj be doing at a truck or tractor pull?????????????????

  85. Jennifer Osborne

    you all look stupid. stop and just watch/listen to the video. Its a great song whether its at a truck pull or not.

  86. Timothy Harts

    not bad...

  87. Caroline Hall

    ya they should

  88. suggestions8

    ok..this song is awesome, all the female dancers are GREAT female dancers, that one guy in the trilby is an amazing dancer...

  89. conservativlysound

    @ThAtLiLlOvErOfPiE - All of those Singers suck besides Deirks. Taylor is an idiot, Brad has only had a few decent songs, and miranda... welll she just whines.

    I hate these fuckin "You say, I say posts"

  90. conservativlysound

    @bigbeefonyourface08 - You fail to realize that the lyrics imply its at a club.
    You dont get Sideways at a truck pull unless youre complete white trash.

    Its a song talkin about gettin drunk, and gettin laid.

  91. Rebel XD

    can't believe this song was wrote on a airplane!! so GOOD!