Bentley, Dierks - Feel That Fire Lyrics

She wants her nails painted black
She wants the toy in the Cracker Jack
She wants to ride the bull at the rodeo
She wants to wear my shirt to bed
She wants to make every stray a pet
And drive around in my truck with no place to go

But she needs to feel that fire
The one that lets her know for sure
She's everything I want and more
Her real desire
Is to know I'd walk alone out on the wire
To make her feel that fire

She wants a cabin in the woods
She wants to stand where nobody's stood
Someday she wants a couple kids of her own
She wants to make love on a train
Some days she only wants a break
Hey she wants what she wants but man I know, I know, I know

She needs to feel that fire
The one that lets her know for sure
She's everything I want and more
Her real desire
Is to know I'd walk alone out on the wire
To make her feel that fire, yeah, feel that fire

So as long as there's a breath to take
A smile to share a prayer to pray
A chance to hold her hand and fan the flame

She's gonna feel that fire
The one that lets her know for sure
She's everything I want and more
Her real desire
Is to know I'd walk alone out on the wire
Yeah to make her feel that fire, oh, oh, oh
Feel that fire

She wants her nails painted black
She wants the toy in the Cracker Jack
She wants to ride the bull at the rodeo

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Bentley, Dierks Feel That Fire Comments
  1. Veronica Contreras

    A TR Stallion..

  2. Audra Hanks

    Feeling the fire!

  3. Paul Estrada iIi

    I have not heard this song in a long time ...there alot song I haven't heard in a long time still good ..

  4. ChrisBrengel

    Dierks Bentley is one of the best songwriters around! His songs are catchy and his lyrics are brilliant.
    "Hey Sis, you don't like *my* music, so what are you listening to these days?"
    "I really like Dierks Bentley."
    "It's spelled D.i.e.r.k.s. Bentley, like the car."
    "O.K. I'll check him out."
    [That was yesterday. Today: one wikipedia check for his discography and YouTube playlist later...]
    Dierks Bentley is one of the best songwriters around. His songs are catchy and his lyrics are brilliant.

  5. Mike or patty Rhoades

    OH yea !

  6. Jody Hakala

    Such a catchy song, nice music and great song!

  7. Jody Hakala

    Well at least he understands that I need to feel that fire.

  8. Jose Munoz

    Who plays the guitar with the black hat

  9. Michael Knight

    Excellent !!!!

  10. Kathy Ford

    Why Anne Hathaway

  11. JTConner

    I wouldn't be surprised if that view of Nashville @1:30 is fake.

  12. Tony Martinez

    Great bass player

  13. Natalia Stornello

    Song of my life

  14. Elizabeth Carver

    good song, I like it alot.

  15. SouthernGhost 1865

    damn the nostalgia

  16. RedneckBoy

    Gosh this reminds me of the good days when I was 5 at the time,...I was little and didn’t have a care in the world ...Goodness why couldn’t country music still be like this 😞

    alexa hatch

    i relate


    SAME THING. I'm not a fan of country music at all but I remember being in kindergarten and hearing this song and i've been looking for it for years.

  17. countrygirl countrymusiclover

    True story. Dierks wife Cassidy is the girl in the video


    Uhhh...that's not Cassidy.

  18. Scott Johnson

    About a month ago, I never even heard of Dierks Bentley. Then I heard "What Was I Thinking" for the first time on Pandora at work. This old rock and roller has broadened his horizon. "Feel That Fire" could have done the same thing. Great song.

    Donna Dickerson

    Better late than never Scott Johnson

  19. Redsway73

    Favourite part- He's watching her and she knows it. Too fun. It's ok because they're a couple. Not stalker material. LOL

  20. Malia Hatch

    how did you become famous?



  21. Veronica Contreras


  22. Blaine Merkley

    Great song Deirks!!!!

  23. Dan

    Child hood memories

  24. xHisKittenx

    if anyone can help me theres this song i used to listen to i cant remember it was a trio and the music video was in the woods and there was a house and it was kinda like a house party in the woods i think the trio had glory in the name im not 100% sure tho if anyone can help that would be awesome!!!!

    T S

    You might be talking about the group Gloriana, maybe the song- Wanna Take You Home.

    Kali Phelps

    Or Gloriana wild at heart

  25. Jessica Love

    Thanks and goodluck my friend.

  26. Nancy O

    ❤ 907

  27. smilez 4U

    So much for smoke detectors !?! LoL !!!



  29. Dawn Lamb

    I love feel like fire.

    kade star

    Feel that fire

  30. Gloria Jones

    love it stay safe

  31. Gloria Jones

    love it stay safe

  32. Audrey Lund Misner

    Uma, oh I wanna him...

  33. Rock Girl

    We need more men like You!

  34. Eric MAYBERRY Akers

    definitely one of my all time favorites

  35. Paloma Bat Melej

    my clock alarm xd



  37. doughesson

    For the longest time,I thought the line "She wants to make every stray a pet" was "She wants to make every straight a pair"
     I was thinking "Lose her if she does that."

  38. Tyler Labriola

    Good Gosh, a '64 GTO triple black convertible!!!!!!!!!

    Jessie Jane

    trucks not bad either what do you think 5? Ford?

    Veronica Contreras


  39. Alexis Grace

    fbfvfbdbb ☓ bdbndn

  40. GetSomeSwag -

    ur bad at soccer but ur good at sucking balls

  41. Belieber88

    One of my favourite songs ever.❤️

  42. Morgan Adams

    this reminds me of a girl I fell hard for back in the day and I let her get away!!!!

    Mr. Toasty

    Morgan Adams smh

  43. rutchie cadiz

    "Feel that fire"I love this Vedio jaka ulcar our friend kiss and hug from love it...

  44. Man in Fury.

    Cool song

  45. Robbie Peacock

    looking for feelthatfire ?

  46. An Gje

    keep rocking jay*dierkie 

  47. Judy & Family

    So my song

  48. Jordan Ballou


  49. Jordan Ballou

    My favorite song


    Doesn't he look like pornstar Mr.pete?!?

  51. Piper White

    I hate it now


    She didn't know.

  52. Piper White

    I love it


    she wants to wear your shirt to bed haha


    GET a Botle of Murphy Goode mmm tasty i try it at JOES on polo ,get singers album you will love it, get the dierks bentley feel that fire by dierks bentley

  55. Warren Nadler

    Beautiful Sara Desage just looks fantastic.

  56. sierra bray

    i love this song my favorie<3

  57. chickiesrock

    You go chevycountrygirl12. We are cosmic sisters!!!! LOL!!!!

  58. Colin Epling

    I have a lot of respect for this guy

  59. lauren Olivia

    Love this song.(:

  60. Rebekah Neighbors

    ... his girlfriend... duh!! Why would it be his daughter?

  61. Nehtinoj Enarc

    is he singin about his girlfreind or his daughter. non of my freinds can tell

  62. Aaron Knisley

    or when they claim to be a cowboy and you mention Chris LeDoux and they are lost lol

  63. Jack Scott

    second favorite country artist behind only kenny chesney

  64. mmoffett563

    deirks bently is the best!

  65. UsafRich08

    And I ask do you like Hank Sr.? They tell me he is too old school. I feel like punching them in the face. I hate TRASHVILLE country

  66. Ryan McConnell

    My boyfreind sings just like him and its super sexy i love it <3

  67. Tact Gamin'


  68. Cassandra Sykes

    *sad face* I thought this was about a daughter

  69. jessiebutler12

    Just saw him in concert tonight for the first time..can you say amazing!!<3

  70. MUI Davinchi

    love you now ูู^^

  71. pepperson44

    this is the good part of youtube

  72. piratesandrebels

    yeh im the same too: )

  73. Zieekel

    This is vevo.

  74. emmanisms

    this video should be in his VEVO.

  75. emmanisms

    only 300k views... darn.. this is an awesome song!

  76. Sarah Jane Meyer

    i love this song:)

  77. Emily Johnson

    I didn't know Dierks knew me personally!!! Thumbs up if this is like you!!

  78. Katey Parady

    I love this song...been stuck in my head all day

  79. Shane Linderberry

    the girl in this song is the prefect woman

  80. RogueSquid0

    @ThatWanderingHero hahaha thank you! I really appreciate it. I just was dumped like a week ago. Because he was afraid of commitment. But I do like the sound of '...every guy i've ever met is a dumbass.' Cause I am surely starting to believe so. Lmao

  81. RogueSquid0

    @ThatWanderingHero .....well decide for yourself, if you can see my profile picture.

  82. therandleray

    @RogueSquid0 *sigh* where have you been all my life. =D I can't ever find THAT girl

  83. RogueSquid0

    @wow445566 Being "that" girl hasn't worked for me.. sighhh lol

  84. Shawn Keller

    Dierks is phenomenal on stage! Cant wait til the next concert...

  85. walleyrt69

    @wow445566 Or you might even Marry her Too!

  86. Tricia Reynolds

    This song is me to a T!! Love it!

  87. sperez92

    i think you spelled marry wrong ^.^ but great song! Dierks is a cutie

  88. TheFiestyandolive2

    Like this if you saw a Chuck Norris commercial...O.o

  89. MrKgBizzle

    @wow445566 Awesome thing is... I did. :) black nails and a german accent. Love is International people. Dierks Bentley for Best Country Artist for sure!

  90. sam gaurino

    i found this girl i gotta make this work

  91. Shandler Bringhurst

    My boyfriend says this song describes me perfectly [:

  92. John Clark

    im guessing this is how dierks wife is!!! lucky guy!!!

  93. otterpat

    You say Lady Gaga, I say Lady Antebellum.

    You say Jason Derulo, I say Jason Aldean.

    You say T-Pain, I say T-Swift

    You say Ke$ha, I say Kenny.

    You say Pitbull, I say Paisley.

    You say Justin Bieber, I say Justin Moore and go grow a pair.

    92% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop and Pop.If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music,copy and paste this message to another 3 videos. Stop being a idiot and start listening to real music!!! COUNTRY

  94. don't-crush-my-soynuts

    I feel like he's really underrated.

  95. Nick Brandt

    @mypizzaisburnt I 100% agree country girls over city girls any day!!

  96. excellentshortz

    @mypizzaisburnt and thas what makes us awesome!