Bentley, Dierks - Beautiful World Lyrics

All the noise and the voices are screaming what they have to say
And the headlines and sound bites are giving me demons to hate
And the man on TV, he tell sme it's ugly but if you ask me it's a

Beautiful world, it's a beautiful world.

There's tears and there's fears and there's losses and crosses to bear
And sometimes the best we can do is just to whisper a prayer
Then press on because
There's so much to live for and so much to love in this

Beautiful world
Say what you will but I still believe
It's a beautiful world
It's a beautiful world

And I know I'm not dreaming
I just choose to believe it

So I hate that I sometimes miss what's right in front of my eyes
And I know at the end of my road I'll be wanting more time
Just another sunset,
One more kiss from my baby,
A smile from my friend, in this

Beautiful world
It's a beautiful world
Year, it's a beautiful world
Say what you will but I still believe
It's a beautiful world
It's a beautiful world

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Bentley, Dierks Beautiful World Comments
  1. Jasmeen Ahamed

    thats his mother?

  2. Natalia Stornello

    My new favorite song

  3. Korbin Nickoson

    whenever I'm having a bad day I listen to this song and it makes me appreciate everything God has given me. thank ya Dierks and Patty

  4. Doug M

    This is on my music alarm clock. What a way to start the days. Thank you Dierks and Patty.

  5. Ravianus Shambeni

    I love this song and Patty Griffin

  6. John Cloete

    what do you now i love this song

  7. Pablo Alejandro Alvarez Miorelli

    Really beautiful love song

  8. Literal Bliss

    i love how they look at each other, it's so sweet :)

  9. warrenlikesboats

    Hello, I was hoping to use this exact song that I purchased off iTunes and put it into a video of me jet boating up a river at sunset.... do you know if I would come across any copyright issues doing this (song wise) ?? An answer would be much appreciated thanks :)

  10. Camp Colombo

    When my husband was deployed and I was feeling lonely I loved listening to this. What an uplifing song!

  11. Suthrnbelle80

    I think saying Dierks is a dime a dozen is insulting....Obviously Patty thinks he's great if she worked with him.....just saying. Great song!

  12. Lita Samantha

    I love this song... Patty Griffin's voice is so hauntingly beautiful..I just can't get enough of it!

  13. mikeyirish1967

    I'll agree with the comment that Bentley is clearly the luckier one in this collaboration. Patty is a one-of-a-kind artist, and she actually brings out a richer, deeper side of Bentley's singing in this tune. He is in awe of her, and rightly so.

  14. Todd Boden

    Patty is such a beautiful person.

  15. DetJohnKimbel


  16. heckifiknow

    @hammill444 He may not be particularly groundbreaking, but I do appreciate that he dares to tread traditional and bluegrass paths where the majority of the genre is shifting ever closer to straight pop and rock.

  17. Kevin Quinn

    can't get enough of this song

  18. hammill444

    @purdybertnie Well, to be fair, I didn't really comment on Bentley as a person; I'm sure he is a tremendous person, very giving and respectful to his audience. I don't doubt that one bit But as an artist, I don't find his work particularly special. It's just my opinion.

  19. Brittany Bailey

    @hammill444 actually artists like Dierks are very rare he is an amazing person when it comes to his fans for several years he stayed after every single concert signing autographs until the last person had a chance to talk to him. He always makes sure to include his fans in as much as possible on his greatest hits cd we were ALL given a chance to voice our opinion and he let us watch him record the new album on ustream he is not your run of the mill passing star =) and his songs are incredible.

  20. Sheldon Mullins

    if anyone dislikes this they have to have down syndrom

  21. Colton Campbell

    @hammill444 actually dierks plays a unique style of music that is one of a kind. his songs are very hard to sing and play guitar too
    at the same time

  22. kgckmomma

    forgot who she was until I heard the voice

  23. Shyama McWhirter

    @hammill444 couldn't agree more, I love Patty Griffin, and she typically stays in the background writing beautiful songs making other people famous. It's like the song Picture that Kid Rock did with Sheryl Crow, he also recorded with Allison Moorer and I really wish they had pushed that version. Allison Moorer is another gem!

  24. Kelly Van Ommeren McDonald

    I'm with you Dierks and least for the moment and most of the time.

  25. Ulster Wolf

    Love this song so much, love how their voices infuse together. Pattys smokey voice is just beautiful. 'I know at they end of my Road ill be wanting more time,... just one more sunset or a smile from a friend'... what touching lyrics, we do so much complaining sometimes about this old place, the weather, people, everything and sometimes it just pisses us off so much... but id say that when we draw our last breath,.. we wont want to leave this beautiful world behind.

  26. Maggie Warren

    The harmony when they say "One more kiss from my baby, smile from a friend" is beautiful.

  27. Joey Taylor

    This is an awesome song, dierks is one of the best country musicians out there.

  28. Tyler Adams

    Oh no thank you.. I was looking for it to download for free.. I dont use itunes. But thanks anyways

  29. Tyler Adams

    ok so where can I find this song to download? Ive been looking everywhere and cant find the song to download


    one of my favorite songs. ilove everything about it. the lyrics, harmony, everything <3

  31. Krista Marshall

    I know!!! She is the most gifted songwriter out there. Go PattY!

  32. soren aeberg

    Dierks did a beautiful live performance with this tune at the Nobel Prize Concert dec11 2008 in Oslo together with young norwegian singer/songwriter Marit Larsen, search youtube.. "Marit Larsen Nobel"

  33. Terry The Kid

    it's nice to see dierks are aware of people like Patty Griffin and Cross Canadian Ragweed. These are some of the reasons i really like his music.

  34. Clearsa Wynn

    hammill You are SO very right!

  35. hammill444

    Clearly, I would say it is Bentley who is the one catching a break; artists like Bentley are a dime a dozen, there are literally hundreds in his league. There are, however, precious few as gifted as Griffin. In fact, she's a one of a kind talent.

  36. Clement Lai

    yeah. But I'm just really hoping that this takes the award!

  37. Clement Lai

    I hope this wins a grammy! Even though, there's carrie underwood in the league!!

  38. Brian Pendleton

    Good song, great message. Dierks newest CD is just great.

  39. moraffs

    Awesome song, man that guy is handsome!!!!!!

  40. cmtjunkie

    Nice song!

  41. FXMAN66

    She is highly recognized by people who can't write and have to sing someone else's songs. The woman is amazing.

  42. Not The Droid You're Looking For

    This is beautiful.

    Patty Griffin needed more recognition. Collaborating with Dierks Bentley is a good thing.

  43. sltwitness

    Awesome song, great lyrics, and amazing voices!

  44. OctoberRoad

    Nice to see Patty Griffin catching a break for once. Good for her.

  45. Casey D

    Such a good song. Dierks & Patty sound so awesome together!

  46. rljames54

    Beautiful song with a Beautiful message,for this is a Beautiful World!

  47. schoolmom2007

    Beautiful, awesome, and that man is very sexy!

  48. Dunja Matovic

    OMG! Finally! this is my favorite song and helps me to get through the day. i live by this song :)

  49. Haley Goffe

    This is such a true song. I love it! :)