Benson, George - Love Of My Life Lyrics

You're the love of my life and you'll always be
You're the love of my life, the only one for me
Honey you're my strength, my inspiration
You're loving keeps me on a natural high
You and I, the perfect combination
I couldn't live without you baby, I never want to try

The love of my life, my very heart and soul
To be with you happy each day is my number one goal
You're the love of my life
With you each day is brand new
And every moment you're near brings me closer to you

You're the love of my life, I find joy in you're smile
You're the love of my life, you make it all worth while

Baby, you are all that I could hope for
You have made my every dream come true
With you're tenderness and understanding
I found so much happiness in you

Sweet love, you're the of my life, you're the love of my life

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Benson, George Love Of My Life Comments
  1. Suwardi Yanto

    Still love this song....

  2. Hyaku Music Oohbaby

    GB = Good Ballad maker

  3. Toni Exum

    I appreciate you so very much for who u r!! Will i see u soon? R u married?

  4. H2O CO2

    LOVE the whole album, "My Heart is Dancing" being my favorite 😁

  5. Jerry Nicholson


  6. Tanisha Goode

    My wedding song

  7. michele boelaerts

    Merveilleux guitariste.(Belgique).

  8. spider jones

    George Benson we all know you are among the greatest guitarist. However your soulful voice touches my heart..

  9. Whitney Whitney


  10. yudiaxl rose

    2019 🇲🇨

    Yulianto Nur Rizky

    okt 2019

  11. Cherilynn Sorensen

    This extremely talented man's music is a timeless masterpiece never gets old💝 today's music cannot compare

  12. Ita Purnama

    emang suaranya george benson mantul mantap betul ,dari indonesia

  13. Леонид Холкин


  14. Gonçalo Salvado


  15. Fachry Muhammad

    2019 still listening this......
    and still can't play that guitar.....


    Lo maximo excelente cancion ,interpretada x el gran George ,Benson muy elegante cancion !!!?

  17. Stephen Simon

    What a beautiful song and great range of vocals as usual from a wonderful artist

  18. Christiann Foster

    This is one beautiful song I love it today 2019 this for my Mother and Father and Brother and Sister R.I.P Til see you again. Love George.

  19. Samia Yahia Cherif


  20. Dhritiman Sharma

    George Black artist ever...along with Stevie Wonder and Lionnel Ritchie...

  21. The J

    Back to the time, the real music.

  22. Vladimir Lavrov

    No comment!!!

  23. jaya

    Ma wife song

  24. Renny Alfariza

    Falling in love with this song

  25. Cleia Lima

    Essa música faz uma massagem na minha alma!

  26. G65 FLY

    George....i want to cry when i heard this song ...she's gone just like the wind excuse...nor giving me the chance to ask ...

  27. Vickie Baron

    ...I couldn't live without you, baby....I never want to try.......The Love of My

  28. Juan Carlos Naranjo García

    Lo etéreo efímero tan fugases e intensos momentos vividos

  29. Marie Manack

    Amazing singer

  30. Giorno'sMusic

    Simplesmente maravilhoso!

  31. Melissa Schmitt

    My song❤️🎸

  32. treasurecompanion

    And btw all the crap music out there at the moment brought me back to listening to George benson music.

  33. treasurecompanion

    He is such a brilliant ballad singer just fantastic

  34. Caroline Gituku

    Any time GB music,bringing out thos sentimental feelings and sweet memries.The kind of music the current generation will never understand

  35. Kovalenko Angelika

    God of music. Still listening to it in 2018.who's with me ?

    sayac o

    Kovalenko Angelika George Benson is not god


    2019 still

    Estipavel Estipavel

    2019 still listening! !!

    Cherilynn Sorensen

    Yes indeed 2019

    Rhodora Garza

    Love the man HIS VOICE SOOOH ROMANTIC!!!



  37. Tiffany Waldon

    Come on, George! Yes! Love this song! 😃

  38. P FP

    The Standard of Music

  39. Cyril R

    wonderful Mr Benson

  40. Ocec


  41. Olben Klassen

    feelgood music priceless

  42. Rafael Castañeda

    letra en español. preciosa

    Eres el amor de mi vida

    Tú eres el amor de mi vida
    Yo lo supe desde el principio
    En el momento en que te miré
    Encontraste un lugar en mi corazón

    Tú eres el amor de mi vida
    Tú me das razones para vivir
    Tú me enseñaste como ser fuerte
    Contigo es a donde pertenezco

    Nadie nunca me toco
    De la forma en que tú me tocaste
    La gente busca toda la vida
    Para encontrar lo que nosotros tenemos

    Tú eres el amor de mi vida
    Una cosa está bien en esta vida
    Yo gastaré el resto de mis días
    Solo amándote

    Tú eres el amor de mi vida
    El corazón y el alma de mi vida
    Una vez estuve perdido y solo
    Contigo por fin estoy en casa

    Tú eres el amor de mi vida
    Tú me das razones para vivir
    Tú me das mucho de ti
    Y me das espacio para ser libre

    Tere Muñoz

    Rafael Castañeda
    Gracias por la traducción!!!


    Buena traduccion ,amigo ! Andaba buscando la traduccion al español !!

  43. Danieljuan Villa

    The most cool and good music man from All The time. Thanks George Benson to your music, I am LIVE like singer.

  44. Danieljuan Villa

    The most very best músic man from of allí The times

  45. God Sun

    Uaooo I love this Song
    Ur the love of my life.
    Wonderful George.
    Amazing. Congratulations

  46. Christine Mawadri

    Perfect. ...

  47. Linda Mason

    Love this song.

  48. Deedee

    good memories with this song❤

  49. DyamondJAZZ!!

    This MASTER OF ALL!!!!!! SMH, because there is no one "In My Eyes" who can do this as this GENIUS does.... I am spellbound whenever I hear his music and to see Mr. Benson, up close and personal is one of the "Greatest" treats for me whenever he is in or near my NYC... Spectactularly Amazing and BREATHTAKING to date 5/20/17!!!!!

  50. gustavo confalone

    bella anche da suonare con la batteria ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  51. baby doll

    the best,,, ill never get tired of listening......

  52. DyamondJAZZ!!


  53. Karen pilley

    This song is for "the love of my life xxxx

  54. Melina Haag

    juste magnifique elle fait rêver cette chanson quel classe qu il a se chanteur une légende

    marie-chantal Beramice

    Tout à fait d'accord !

    Deborah Tamouze

    Melina Haag totalement d'accord 😊😊😊

    Nils Patakira

    C'est l'époque pendant laquelle les albums de George Benson, qui se cherchait un peu, étaient très irréguliers en terme de "qualité"... mais ce morceau musical est très bon.

  55. Deedee

    good memories# summer to remember😉

  56. Alfonso Badia


  57. Channel Mik

    ou là sa cartonne sa!!! de la bombe vraiment grave !!!!

  58. itsomono 95

    the j at my wedding back in 2002 was suppose to play this song and he played the one with Roberta flack fro the early 80's. I was sooooo pissed off. sad to say the marriage. than only lasted two years. I still love this song and me and my wife of 11 years still play this on our anniversary. My wife let me use this song because it was never used the first time an how nice it is. thank you george, it took me two times but i got it right

    Louise Ottley

    Arthur Bennett thats y it didnt play the first time wasnt ment to be

  59. Joseph Libatíque

    This is a beautiful song. Reminds me of someone very special. Let's all live a good life, start now -- be happy, laugh, be with friends and family, let go of the past, your future is better.

    Louise Ottley

    Joseph Libatique U are so correct leave d past behind start fresh

    Carlos Cruz

    Joseph, easier said than done. It's so very hard to let go of what you believe is the love of your life. It stays in your heart and tugs every now and then. I lost the love of my life long ago and it still hurts even though I've moved on. Some things you never forget.

  60. Ariadna Maldonado

    love it !!! ❤🎶🎤🎵😍👍

  61. laken1804

    Perfect wedding song!

  62. Cinzia Ruzza

    Beautiful Song <3

  63. Annamaria Zampieri

    Bellissima canzone. George oltre a essere bello e bravissssimo...
    love of my Life

  64. Car Rental Impala Company Kazakhstan

    I Love George......

  65. TINATINIish

    bellissima!!!i love george!!!!

  66. zin0811

    I need song lyric.Please

  67. isabel jass

    Thanks Robert Podile  I was and always will be.  May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

  68. Lerato Mashiane

    Can someone sing these words to me pleeeaaase......"love of my life; I find joy in your smile"

    Sizwe Ndlanzi

    Lerato Mashiane: You're the love of my Life, I find joy in Your Smile! Singing lol!

    Maria João Couceiro

    ^_^ Beautiful!

    algérien fière

    Keep smile

  69. S.A-junior

    wow what a singer

  70. derhadji sariak

    j adore 

  71. Diogo Jerônimo

    Wonderful music of Mr George Benson!!! And the trueness "Love of my life", lol

  72. lorraine monteiro

    No one better!

  73. lorraine monteiro

    No one better!

  74. voluptasmea

    Omg ... How lovely.

  75. Mosesh Style


  76. Paolo Marchionni

    lovely tune...

  77. jo wes

    John Robinson jr and Nathan East on section rythmic

  78. S.A-junior

    wow what a vocalist, beautiful song

  79. Janfranm

    excuse me do you have the lyrics?

  80. Kendy Lory

    Just the perfect feeling...

    Barbara Barton

    I may be 81 but this song is powerful beautiful words ahh memories