Bennett, Tony - The Second Time Around Lyrics

Love is lovelier the second time around
Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground
It's that second time you hear your love song sung
Makes you think perhaps that love like youth is wasted on the young

Love's more comfortable the second time you fall
Like a friendly home the second time you call
Who can say what led us to this miracle we've found?
There are those who'll bet love comes but once and yet
I'm oh so glad we met the second time around

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Bennett, Tony The Second Time Around Comments
  1. Van De Leon


  2. Conrado Cruz

    I love this song by bennett

  3. 1027srich

    "Henry, what are you doing?"

    "NOTHING!!!... I happen to like this music"


  4. Soledad Lorenzo Alonso

    Una voz de oro Tony bennett

  5. joanne yu solis geyrozaga pasek

    6 years together then split for 2 years then back togerher now & I think it is time to "settle down"
    What a perfect song!

  6. Nacho Mamma

    First, for nearly a week, this song has been playing in my head. I finally had to break down and listen to it. Didn't work. It's still playing in my head, only now, it's Tony Bennett instead of Ella Fitzgerald, the voice that makes a angels weep, and horny!

    Secondly, there are an extremely few male voices that actually take hold of me, and have an impact on me. Tony Bennett, Josh Groban, Alfie Boe, and strangely Dennis DeYoung for STYX.

    Finally, this song comes from one of the greatest era's of all time. Sure, there were three wars, with another approaching. But, from the early 1910's through the early 1960's, there were lyrics written that even Shakespeare would envy. And the music was like no other. It would even move & inspire Beethoven.

  7. Nick Riggio

    Tony sings on Facebook at : Friends of Tony Bennett

  8. motney hill

    Its such a fine line. Love the second time is beautiful. A second love and there is hell to pay.

  9. Michael Chapman

    'Audio Delicious ...... Sammy Cahn/Jimmy Van Heusen & Tony Bennett

  10. Patrick Quinn

    My partner and I are 29 years apart but we found each other and this song sums us up.

  11. Richard Allen

    Have more elegant lyrics ever been written?

  12. ferdinand quintos

    That voice caresses the song ever so gently.

  13. 1billwill


  14. JB Scott

    Rookie of the Year starring Thomas Ian Nicholas and Gary Busey is what brought me here !!!!!!!

  15. Rosemary Kelly

    I' m 60, my love is 62, and we're smitten. I never thought I' d fall in love at this age. I' m a grandma! Love never dies.

    Michael Chapman

    I'm a Senior in the same age neighborhood but, Life time introvert which has long made it kinda difficult per meeting women, 'however still hopeful to find a gal to share much with incl. beautiful romantic music like this of which I have thousands of recordings of such Music- most on my computer now, thanks for sharing, Rosemary...

    Ellie Merc

    So happy for you, I'm falling at my age and I love it...

  16. Paulo Roberto Machado

    Sabe o que é cantar excelentemente, Tony Bennett consegue superar ainda mais!

  17. Peg Moran

    Sara Brightman Time to say Goodbye

  18. charles mccoy

    This is an excellent version by Tony but those of you haven't heard Brook Benton's rendition of this song is missing a treat.

  19. Bri14 Cy

    So good.

  20. delboy

    A good example of a sensitive modern love song , which I thoroughly enjoy, is Paloma Faith's, "Just Be." This speaks of the reality of living out a loving relationship with less emphasis on the hearts and flowers, and leaves to the imagination the physicality of love, which I should add, continues throughout life-long love, with the same and perhaps more meaning as the relationship matures.

  21. delboy

    There are a number of interesting lyrics around today but there is a sincerity and tenderness not to say respect in lyrics of the first half of the 20th century that modern lyricists cant seem to capture. This may be the effects of 2 world conflicts which left the emotions raw as people came to terms with the loss of sweethearts.  Modern songs betray a lack of spirituality and is reflected in the divorce rate now running about 1 in 2 !

  22. John Tapp

    AAhh yes!! A beautiful morning in Spring in a park, a typewriter to type love letters to your wife/girlfriend, two cups of coffee, some pastry, and this beautiful song playing from a stereo. I think I know a perfect Valentine's Day outing.

  23. KentuckyJet

    The greatest version ever.

  24. Edmund Thoroughgood

    Oh my goodness.

  25. yamatowarp

    love this song and at least you can understand every word,compared to some singers all they do is scream through the microphone and you can't understand every blessed word their singing.

    Daniel Shane

    Not sure I'd say "blessed" to screaming words in today's singing, but I get your drift!

  26. irakey


  27. MrImagayguy

    It makes me sad to see people post things like "music isn't like this anymore". Of course it's not. It evolves, just as the human condition evolves. Yesterday's romance is today's sex appeal. The very id of human lust is rooted in songs like this and in songs that are still being made today. I have Lady Gaga to thank for allowing me to realize and appreciate the difference but ultimate sameness of the classics and songs of today. They may sound different but they all have the same creative heart and that's what matters <3 - A true music lover.

  28. Ling Su Yen

    I agree with luvjazzful. Masterful phrasing on such a masterpiece. Thank you for this song to all concerned !

  29. 47barolo

    Tony, you are a genius,

    I forgive you for being such a brain dead liberal!

    Wim D.

    well, at least he knows his history! He fought in World War II, he knew economic success and crises, he marched with Martin Luther King for civil rights. He supports gay rights. And he loves his country. I believe he is a positive rolemodel, supporting what is constructive. He stands for quality, in a world of shallowness.
    And he sings for everyone! :-) Cos music must transcend the borders between people.

    Steve Sedberry

    @Wim D. Good points! 


    47barolo ... what an idiotic comment
    you got the soul of a skunk
    music is beyond you
    be ashamed

  30. Otto Hardwick

    A lovely song, I first heard this through Duke Ellington's instrumental version featuring Johnny Hodges which is beautiful. Now I know the lyrics! Hmm. it may be a lovely sentiment, bit I think in reality if someone walks away to someone else, there's no coming back. One can't expect a place in someone's heart after hurting them. I think someone may be misunderstanding the strength of feelings involved, whatever the nature of the original arrangement. There's no second time around, only sadness and maybe worse.

    Mauricio Durón

    @Otto Hardwick Cannot dispute the argument. Still, the Cahn/Van Heusen song came out with director Blake Edward's movie 'High Time', in which Bing Crosby played a widower who becomes romantically attached to Nicole Maurey.

    The Last Crusader

    Otto Hardwick strange I took it to mean ones second lover is better (after breaking up with the first)

  31. 47barolo

    Damn, the way Tony holds those notes... nothing like this today. And the orchestration... ultimate beauty in music.

  32. Gerald Pollak

    I'm 57 and sing professionally, mostly blues and rock. The older I get, the more I appreciate the masters like Tony Bennett. I wouldn't pretend for a minute to be able to sing that way, or that well. But I now "get" him, as I do Sinatra, and Nat King Cole. And I'm learning an incredible amount, helped by clips like these. Thank you so much.

  33. 47barolo

    This song keeps sounding better every time I hear it.

  34. Ann Marwick

    We are going to play/sing this at our friend's wedding...seems very appropriate for a second wedding.

  35. KentuckyJet

    @luvjazzful well said. He is an American icon.