Bennett, Taylor - Straight From The Bottom Lyrics

I came up straight from the bottom, I did it
I came up straight from the bottom, we got it
I came up straight from the bottom, I got it like [?]

I came up straight from the bottom
A bottomless pit off a New Chevy first line
My homie KB said "You're gonna make it right after just hearing the first line"
And I ain't need Ruban or Chano's maneuvers
To help me make it to the front lines
And I'm way too brilliant, resilient to hustle for millions
And still just be prime time

I need that out of the lime light, I need that
I need to take a vacation
Shut down corporations for two nights
It seems like politics polished and marketing
But we still shake hands like Parkinson's
Spark of this, your race is targeted
Take your fan base like an architect
Cut your profits like they profited, uh
Craft this image down the market and

I came up straight from the bottom
A bottomless pit off a New Chevy's First Line
My homie KB said "You're gonna make it right after just hearing the first line"
And I ain't need Ruban or Chano's maneuvers
To help me make it to the front lines
And I'm way too brilliant resilient to hustle for millions
And still just be prime time

I came up straight from the bottom
I got it straight off the bottom
The problem kid is not your problem
Like how the fuck you ever doubt him
I came up straight from the bottom
I got it straight off the bottom
Like what'd you ever do without him
The problem kid is now your problem

I came up straight from the bottom
Chicago where markets market till they murkin' kids
Fergusson it's like the world is here
Americans it's like the coast is clear
Light bulb ideas, we need chandeliers
But sharing thoughts is like sharing tears
When we don't share pain we don't share shit
Won't share champagne, don't even share a lift
But still kissing babies, still shaking they hands like Parkinson
Stand firm by the idea you marketin', offerin', auctionin', profitin', property, probably
This game's a monopoly
Send them to jail if you got the keys
I can see you scratchin' surface for lotteries
We think it's all a scheme

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Bennett, Taylor Straight From The Bottom Comments
  1. Luke Stevens

    Shame I was the only one who knew the words at yo show. This song is just too good for people to sleep this hard

  2. Luke Stevens

    Can't believe this still has less than 50,000. I bet over 100 have been just me too

  3. OnPoint OnPoint

    what instrumental is this?

  4. Kevin Velazquez

    Sick bro

  5. brooklyne stewart

    i like him way more than his brother chance

  6. angélica

    taylor gives me mad chills every time i listen to this 🙌🏻

  7. angélica

    this is my favorite song by taylor ever tbh it makes me so happy inside just to hear his voice

  8. Seth Squire

    shit.....thought i was in a music video for a min.

  9. Bigdaddy Caca

    song gives me chills everytime

  10. Trevor Hoffman

    Taylor for xxl freshman class 2017!

    Joey Weirdo

    Grip ' If only lol

  11. Dakaline' White

    Pissed I'm just now finding out about TB 🔥 chance is the goat right now but TB is close and will be better one day


    Dakaline' White Not better. but don't compare the two they are different

  12. Ouch !

    I don't see why people compare him to chance. I love bothe Chance and Taylor but I feel as though Taylor is superior. I believe that Taylor's talent will one exceed Chance's.

  13. Nav Man

    Tb my nigga! Yaakkeemmm

  14. Nick RSA

    When he says he comes from the bottom, I think he means that he wants make it his way with no hand outs

  15. Singod

    good thing you put this in the beginning of your live video. my favorite song so far

  16. Sseriehna Cedes

    he did a good job ♡

  17. young cats

    i didn't know chance had a brother ...sway in the morning the reason I found out ..he freestyles better than chance that's for sure

  18. Steele Jones

    The kid will be something great... chance thank you for bringing up your bro... you and him are both lyrically skilled in a very unique way.. i put my hands together for the bennett family..

  19. Space Flacko

    he freaking killed sway in the morning his freestyle too sick 😩😩

    sirgenius1500 Freeman

    Dats freestyle is wat brought me to this song and his brother chance

    Evan Herrera

    +sirgenius1500 Freeman chance is super dope

  20. Jamie Kendell

    Both brothers fine as heck omg 😩🙌🏾

  21. Thomas Abney

    New Fan!Just heard you on Sway in the morning today!

  22. AirOhSoul

    Dope song but Middle Class ain't straight from the bottom. lol Makes for a marketable story but straight from the bottom just ain't true.


    @Winnie Kyi Word I can dig that. That's a good way to look at it

    James wqefrter

    Where do you live? Where I live it turns from high middle class to straight from the bottom in 1 street.


    @James wqefrter Downtown Los Angeles.

    Marcial Cornier

    AirOhSoul i think he meant more as an artist, he didnt need to use chance to get big, he started by himself, from scratch, a.k.a the bottom etc.

    Fuzed Void

    Lmao but everyone loves Drakes Started From the Bottom(not saying you do because I dont know you) but a lot of people do and that man lived in higher middle class in Canada and was a teen actor that had his label handed to him. but Drake is a top 5 rapper as he claims to be lmao.

  23. Andover Sandlot


  24. 2FFE K-FLY


  25. jack offland

    you're damn good

  26. DiGGY PaDiGG

    fuuuucckkkk I got to give mad props to Taylor. he's dope asf just started to listening today and daum I Litteraly was blown away. Keep it up big bro. keep making this real music right here. Subscribed and you're going to as big or bigger than your brother. I guarantee it. Keep at it big bro!

  27. Travie D

    Wow. probably my favorite song

  28. ReAcTiiOnZ x495

    No dislikes


    Impossible to dislike this

  29. Janelioh P

    Taylor and Chance know how to mix mellow and Turn up music in one very well 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Alex Marrufo

    Real shit, it probably gets annoying that people always throwing chances name in his mix. Im sure this fool aint tryna live in no ones shadow. They both in there own lines

  31. Nobody Important

    He said " Don't need Chano's manuvers to help me make it to the front line." Understand that he wants to make it on his own. He doesn't need his brothers' help or any other of his connections to blow up. Only started listening to Taylor for a while and I already appreciate where he is coming from. I'm a big fan of both Chance and Taylor. Taylor has as much talent as his brother and in my opinion can and maybe even will be equal in popularity to Chance. People need to stop comparing the two and just enjoy the music they put out and the amount of energy the give in doing so. Keep doing you Taylor and you'll make it big.


    one of the best comments I've ever seen, this is deep

  32. The London Thunder

    i like it, sounding more original and less like your brother

  33. Jimmy Nash

    u da bomb bro

  34. Quintin S

    Too fire, so hype to see what you and Kyle did 🔥🔥

  35. BlakcHeskey101

    Soul Healing...

  36. Riki Wilson

    You and Chance are fuckin awesome, keep it up bro, you doing good keep it up :)

  37. GoodShotJohn

    if u get a feature on chance's new mixtape you'll blow up


    I'm pretty sure Chano gave him an option he ain't tryna do that tho

  38. Two Box

    Both brothers chance the rapper and Taylor Bennett Sound same mad good

    Liam Ristoff

    Manvirpal Singh they song nothing alike you dumb fuck

  39. Leo Aguero

    This song is amazing! I fucks with it

  40. Scott James

    Taylor might just be my favorite rapper right now


    have you listend to his brother chance the rapper?

    Scott James

    +100lolwuts that's how I found Taylor


    +Scott James oh cool

  41. PeepingTiger

    This man is nice

  42. Alexandra Paige Sterling

    Love Love Love

  43. Eniola Odeleye

    your so talented all your works are amazing. Come to Winnipeg!

  44. Sergio Cano

    love this so much

  45. Jordan Richards

    Man this dope

  46. Yoel Gougsa

    This family has so much talent.

    Eniola Odeleye

    +Yoel Gougsa right! their soul is so beautiful

  47. Anthony Williams

    You are going to blow up one day Taylor, this shit is amazing.

    Marco Hernandez

    Anthony Williams he will not longer be underrated like his brother was. He'll be famous soon I just know it

  48. Jewbacca Og

    keep up the good work

  49. NIck Yuill

    for sure one of my new favorite songs! cheers man

  50. ???

    holy shit, this is dope.

  51. Larvie Raindough

    taylor is amazing. great work love your music

  52. Mathijs v A

    Youre amazing man! Focus on your goals and you'll make it. Keep up bro!