Bennett, Taylor - So High (Remix) Lyrics

[Taylor Bennett:]
So high, so high
So high, so high, so high
So, so high, so...

Don't put me down God, I got big plans
Quicksand, big bands, no more hitting licks man
I've been waiting on my shot like a sixth man
I just wanna smoke weed when it's lit man
Wanna scare TMZ like shit man
Call the pub like damn this is it man
Then Chano hit me up man like it's lit fam
You're nominated for a Grammy, what's your fit fam?
Tell him been Gucci gang, Gucci gang gang
And everyone know Twista be on the same thing
Taylor so high should link up with Paper Plane gang
I been doin' this since backpacks and fake chains
Ain't no celebrities overnight until the game change
All of these singers just wanna rap like wrist sprains
I been running shit behind the scenes like AA
Or access like back rest
Still bumping "Slow Jamz" on my dash yeah
Money coming in TBE sounding like the ad-lib
Me and Bianca got the recipe for disaster
Come to TBE if you wanna own your masters
So you can take a flight and make money after

[Taylor Bennett & Bianca Shaw:]
So high
So high
So high
So, So, So
So high
So high
So hiiiigh

[Bianca Shaw:]
Love it when you cater to me
Know that you my favorite ouuie
Soothing love how you love me with no makeup
Either cake up when I wake up
Take up all of my time
You know I ain't got time for them other niggas
Wait up, gotta real lady plus I'm kinda psycho
If you hit it right you might make me hit a high note
I told you together we shining
Finding a diamond that's perfect timing
And she from the hood, po-po get to knocking
Me no habla ingles
Ridin' down the Ryan no Seacrest
Promise to show you off, no secrets
Used to get in trouble
Stayed up late nights on the phone
High school crush but see now we fully grown
Treat me like bad credit can't leave me alone
Got his mental in the skies
Like an angel in disguise
So baby let's get high

When I pull up I asked if you got some papers on you
I got a habit [?] all the zig-zags
With a big bag of gelato when I know you be holding the OG Kenobi so they hating on you
Give a little bit of an effect
Guess I hit it [?] to another dimension of the mind
I mentalled the divine
So now I feel I'm kinda bogus the way I'm all into her behind
That's what the cookies do
And when I smoke it I'ma show you how to act a fool
Let you hit then I hit it again after you
Then when we blow you make me feel like we compatible
If sex is what's next then let me play up in it
Take you to a dispensary, spend a day up in it
They gon' let me stay up in it cause I know they the business
I hit a beat and lay up in it like I was Taylor Bennett
Look at my feet, I'm never [?]
Feeling fresh with a smile as I flow, eyes low like I'm sleep
Kind of feel like I'm intergalactic when I'm high and I be mackin' to a hoe like I'm D
Pete how the moon rock
[?] looking at the wall
And take a look at the way that I act off of the wax
I feel like I shouldn't have hit it at all

[Taylor Bennett & Bianca Shaw:]
So high
So high
So high
So, So, So
So high
So high
So hiiiigh

[Taylor Bennett:]
Now where we goin' B
So I know this what I been waiting for
I don't think y'all know yet
This what y'all been waiting for too
Without further ado
I would like to formally introduce Bianca Shaw to the Tay Bennett Entertainment family
And where we goin'
All the way up
Y'all can't stop us, especially now
That's right B
We goin' all the way up, right B?
You heard it first

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Bennett, Taylor So High (Remix) Comments
  1. Marcus Mc Millan

    Game changer!!!🤩🤩

  2. Testsubjex

    Zero dislikes way it should be

  3. 357Franknitty

    Love it!! Well done!

  4. yana

    i fucking love this remix

  5. Jesse Parks

    This shit hard