Benjamin Francis Leftwich - When You Were Young Lyrics

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now, here he comes
He doesn't look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentlemen
Like you imagined
When you were young

Can we climb this mountain? I don't know
Higher now than ever before
I know we can make it if we take it slow
Let's take it easy
Easy now, watch it go
We're burning down the highway skyline
On the back of a hurricane that started turning
When you were young
When you were young

Sometimes you close your eyes
And see the place where you used to live
When you were young
When you were young

The devil's water, it ain't so sweet
You don't have to drink right now
You can dip your feet
Every once in a little while

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now, here he comes

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich When You Were Young Comments
  1. Carlos Quintana

    Here because The Killers bruh

  2. Keneeth Salgado

    Here because of Amelia sexiest scene on the blue room Grey*s A.

  3. Justin Ward

    Grey's anatomy brought me here

  4. WeirdozChannel

    this is beautiful but i still prefer the original killers version just my preference

  5. Hope Swan Jones

    Amelink in the blue room 💙

  6. Laurene Adler

    Link and Amelia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #GreysAnatomy

    Hope Swan Jones

    OTP 💙

    Laurene Adler

    Letícia Neis *One True Pairing* didn't know this expression 🥰
    Does someone is gonna watch the finale tonight?

    Hope Swan Jones

    @Laurene Adler tomorrow

  7. Ian Grubb

    Hard to believe I discovered this song nearly 8 years ago!!! Time flies!!! Waaaaaay before it was on a T.V show (I have proof. It was saved to an MD card not an SD card.)

  8. Carina

    This is the best song i've heard in awhile... wow...

  9. Rita Solano

    This is so perfect!

  10. Talbot Ngiratmab

    💙Blue room feels..Greys anatomy 💙

  11. King Slayer

    Amelia Shepherd I love you so much I loved this song with her scene 😢

    Laurene Adler

    King Slayer me too

  12. Monaliza Lima

    Grey’s ❤️

  13. Jojoo

    Greys Anatomy 💙

  14. beetlejes

    Grey's 🖤

  15. Vari Sol

    Here from Grey's Anatomy, and MerLuca scene ❤️

  16. c c

    Here because of Grey episode, tonight. ❤💙

  17. Unlucky Girl

    ♡ Thank you for this beautiful song

  18. Javier Herdz

    Amazing, the cover is amazing 😍

  19. Harriet Palmann

    Oh god, this makes me feel so many things. This is so beautiful.

  20. Bryan Felipe

    The Killers+Benjamin Francis Leftwich? This is amazing. Love it!

  21. Mijnke Sara

    Hi, I'm Mijnke. I wrote a song called Ship Without Sails and I'd love you guys to check it out.Benjamin is my inspiration. Thanks x

  22. Deadpoolicious

    this dude's voice makes this song soo fucking awesome, even tho the original is awesome too

  23. katy dunlop

    know we can make it if we take it slow, lets take it easy.. <3
    said the gentleman.

  24. Devi Raval


  25. Lirielle ♡ Foamia

    He did it better.

  26. Adam Matulevich

    haha tomandjeddy get out of here with that comment.....true killers fan..ahaha

  27. Jana Pretorius

    feel like this cover gives more emotion than the original.

  28. Paul Best

    BENJAMIN LEFTWICH you have to cover the modest mouse song bankrupt on selling, i feel like you would make it incredible

  29. isma s


  30. HMSAAB

    this is acoustic so you cant really compare.

  31. Tom Hughes

    35 people don't have ears.....

  32. holmes boyo


  33. Moriah Bender

    This is crazy good!

  34. Daniel Cleum

    A cover is an adaptation of a song you like to your very own style, just to let you know, it is not an imitation of the song... Great work man, check my channel to see my original music, I'm a 16 years old singer & songwriter

  35. The Puzzler Of Riddles

    I didn't like it, but that's just me.

  36. Kelsey

    This is music. End of story

  37. Lirielle ♡ Foamia

    He's done it better.

  38. Julie Anne

    God, I love his voice so much. <3

  39. mitchdbish Crndll

    It's a cover not a replica bitch. Get off your high horse.

  40. EmiSnake

    Well maybe he's not trying to "do it like them"...
    It's just a good song that he wanted to play. He's not trying to properly mimic them or anything.


    I like this version. And that says a lot, because I don't like his voice normally. But it all falls together right in this song.

  41. Mel Pettitt

    I feel you. :)

  42. IHSparkour

    I like the covers that people do here on youtube. But they just change the tone of the song too much, and it when it's overdone, it sounds nothing like the original song, and it begins to be kinda hard to listen to. This cover's not bad, it's just not used to what I'm used to when listening to the Killers.

  43. Lola-Rose Layden

    ...No. No. No. No. Please..Cover other songs. Not the killers. You have a great voice..But please. Not a personal attack but, Everyone should just give up on killers songs, No one can do it like them.

  44. F. Alves

    I think this is the most beatiful cover of a song I've ever heard.

  45. YoshiKatherine

    Saw Benjamin at a gig 2day 2 be honest I didn't really know who he wad my sister loves him and now do I! Hyde park in London ,sad about his gran. Going to buy his next album for her bday. Lovely song can't believe I only knew 2 songs......

  46. Robert Eaton

    I agree that there was not enough power in the song. No crescendo not bad but not great. meh

  47. Ella Hudson

    WOW :'D xxx

  48. Danny Baxter

    Not enough power.

  49. Danny Baxter

    It's not a competition.

  50. Tatjana Fuchs

    better than the killers version...i think

  51. TheGingerbread13579


  52. Sir Seanalot

    this isn't on his album =(

  53. spots3stripes

    i like this version better :)

  54. Will White

    This is the best cover i've heard for a while

  55. Donna Wetter

    i love you

  56. Emily Davis

    people who disliked this should just go listen to their ipod, which is undoubtedly one happy playlist of justin bieber, miley cyrus and selena gomez. this is real music, so you 24 people are all fake. carry on as you were.

  57. jordan christie


  58. Anna McCabe

    Major goosebumps!

  59. Priscilla Perez

    Me encanta esta cansion no puedo dejar de escucharla :)

  60. BradleyHawkinsrow

    God bless Mike Skinner...without him i would have never known this man existed.

  61. Gwen

    what. .

  62. Johanna kalle

    Love it

  63. Eagal Abdi

    This guy literally urinates on the vocal cords of Brandon Flowers!

  64. Guitaronsofa

    wow that was different....and totally brilliant.

  65. Leah Cameron

    I feel like my entire life was just to prepare me for this song

  66. Ma ria

    More covers the killers pls ! C:


    @theoneandonlyzaira Oh, you seriously think I haven't heard the Killers song... or intact seen them 7 times. It's a variation cover, it's supposed to be different.
    And If you have never heard a good Killers cover song you haven't really looked to be honest. Boynce Avenue do an amazing cover of Mr. Brightside of the top of my head and i'm sure there are more
    I'm also commenting as a true Killers fan.... It is good.
    (Also I don't know why you keep putting some words in capital but its annoying)

  68. Other Zaira

    @TomAndJeddy1 If you have ever listened to the killers ORIGINAL song, you will understand why that song was a great hit by them. The lyrics aren't meant to be as slow as they are with Leftwich, thats why it does not sound right.
    NEVER have i heard a good cover of a song by The Killers, but i think thats because their songs are just original, & thats why they fit THEM & only THEM so well.

    Sorry i'm a true KILLERS fan & i was commenting on a KILLERS fan POV.
    I guess to you its good....


    @theoneandonlyzaira Eat shit.

  70. Other Zaira

    stop!!!!!! you killed the killers song! that's how bad it is...

  71. agitari740

    really looking forward just to hear this when he is in belfast

  72. agitari740

    soooo good, but its too short lol

  73. alisha mills

    wow! spine tingling

  74. Anne Sofie Nielsen

    This man.... Woah.

  75. Christopher

    this is the muts nuts, amazing voice ! posh name but cant have everything ...

  76. Brad Gallow

    @JordanReedMusik I agree, I was a little out of line there. I must have been a really crummy mood that day. However, I still stand by what I said in my last comment.

  77. Brad Gallow

    @JordanReedMusik Im not sure how my lack of singing talent is relevant to my ability to express my opinion on a comment section of a video. By saying I can't judge other peoples music before I can sing better than them myself, is like saying I cant judge a book until I write a better one. Does that make any sense? That said I revise my original comment: "I did not like the cover of this song, this singers voice may work with other pieces but I dont believe it did in this song"

  78. Mops Tabudravu

    SHIT, where has he been all this time?

  79. MsMissSunday

    @patrickarm1 at least you're not as late as me ;)

  80. AeanHD

    someone tab this on acoustic please!

  81. Brad Gallow

    @niavarna I disagree, 15 people know a bad singer when they hear one.

  82. Eleanor Foley

    found him ages ago , what a pure voice ♥

  83. daliksheppy

    @returnoftheredeye I've never had herbal tea, but I bet i'll find it too strong

  84. Lana Del Rey addicted

    I loved this version :3

  85. Savannah Aeschliman

    i love his voice.

  86. John


  87. eppe300

    please focus on his passion for music !

  88. Baracane7

    his voice is so relaxing*w*

  89. lowiseee


  90. amayafternoon


  91. returnoftheredeye

    Completely devoid of heart, spine, or balls. Music for people who find herbal tea a bit too strong.

  92. stopossa

    @MrLuizzuc I think so, too

  93. Nicole Warkentin


  94. Phil Bradley

    not a touch on the original, but if you hunt out "Pictures" by the same artist , well , i rest my case . classic :-)

  95. SkyIaam

    @smartalex76 Couldn't agree with you more. Sure, good cover, but not nearly as good as the original. But that's just my opinion of course :)

  96. ARose005

    already added this to my favourites within 10 seconds of the song starting.

  97. Nagy Alexandra

    It lacks the energy of the original one.

  98. Luiz Zucherato

    It's no better than the original from The Killers. Although, it's beautiful by it's own way.

  99. Seb Gibson