Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Summer Lyrics

It started with a beating of a frozen winter heart
It started with a feeling, I can make a brand new start
Gonna go out, gonna shake off all the demons of the day
Gonna sing out, gonna stay out 'cause the rain has gone away

It's been a long, hard year
I've been waiting for the summer to come
So I wait here
Waiting for the light of the sun
I've been waiting for the summer to come

I parted from the feeling, I was never gonna change
And I started to believe in the hope of better days
Then the wind changed in the garden
And the darkness went away
I could hear you saying, "Don't you be afraid"

It's been a long, hard year
I've been waiting for the summer to come
So I wait here
Waiting for the light of the sun
I've been waiting for the summer to come

It's been a long, hard year
I've been waiting for the summer to come
So I wait here
Waiting for the light of the sun

It's been a long, hard year
I've been waiting for the summer to come

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich Summer Comments
  1. Mahendra Kishnani

    Awesome 😎

  2. kou 3745

    I am really really miss you merlex from japan.
    And I love that scene.

  3. Veøsity

    Reminds me of the bee movie

  4. Sarah Sathler

    Such a wonderful song.... i just hear it over and over

  5. sw a


  6. محمد الجندي

    Alex, mer,derek, family and love.

  7. Eyeless Jack

    Mer & Alex ❤

  8. avain H

    make me feel better,thx

  9. 항스

    Hi i'm live in South Korea. I love your song so much. Your song is like a magic. What a wonderful songs^^ I wish if you can please make more lyrics version of your songs.

  10. Rochelle

    I absolutely love this artist

  11. Ron Weasley

    My most favorite song. It's so pure!! Thanks Ben, I'll never forget this one.

  12. qbruinsmaable

    idk if you'll ever read this ben, but thank you so much for your music, its the purest form of music possible. someone opens up his/her soul and it soothes the listeners soul.. i saw you live at welcome to the village and at some point you were playing 1904, and i broke out of nothing. live music never made me cry ever but you playing live, i felt that. and it changed and inspired me as a person. your performance gave me all the motivation and strength to go after a music carreer myself!
    sorry for the wall of text and no worries if you never read this ^^

  13. Lizeth Ivanova

    Ha pasado un año desde el último video, nose si debería preocuparme. Su música es tan genial.❤

  14. Wireless Writer

    Made in Chelsea South of France! Alik and Louise ep 4! 😊 (Brought me here)

  15. Sirius Black

    Such a beautiful song! I've literally been waiting for the summer to come!

  16. Suvaco de Cobra

    Its good to listen to benjamin on greys again

  17. KetsiaDance


  18. Shalinee Naidoo

    Grey's got me here too :)

  19. Savvas Halliwell


  20. júlia

    greys anatomy always using amazing songs

  21. Abdulmajeed

    "I want waffle Sundays"

  22. Kaitlyn C

    Grey's anyone?

    Kritika Maurya

    Grey's got me here too

    Luciana Princich

    yeah! me too!


    Yeah, me too. Grey has accompanied me for almost 5 years. Grey中很多的伴奏真的很好听。


    jeje,dreamed about GA 's scene,in the end Grey and Mike dreamy come together again

    RibbindaSky Channel


  23. Sarah-Marie Thomas

    Beautiful song. Heard it on Grey's

  24. This Person

    He sang this accapella live - utterly wonderful.

  25. Soulsilver 198

    magnifique ..picture

  26. Atlas Hands

    Me and my partner saw him at the fleece, Bristol on Saturday. He was very appreciative of how quiet we were while he sang so he treated us to a performance of this song raw; no microphone or amps. Pure talent. It was a beautiful moment. Big up Ben! Thank you for a great night.

  27. Aurelio Gorriarán

    The first sentence about what the summer is, it is perfect!!!

  28. Barry Mcphee

    cant wait for more!!!!

  29. Flora _

    love you from KOREA

  30. jack scott

    Callux? No?ok then

  31. amalia diaz

    so beautiful! love this song

  32. shawn mendes muffin

    I wish you had more recognition because your music is incredibly amazing and beautiful and your voice is angelical!

  33. Andy L

    Loving the evolution of your music. You've been keeping it original and fresh! Love it!

  34. Spencer Shaw

    Oh yessssss ❤️

  35. gabbyreads

    So beautiful, can't wait to listen to the whole album! :)

  36. Lisa Liu

    Your music has such a wanderlust feel to it, they always lift my spirits up 💕


    Lisa Liu very true dear :)

  37. Birdyly


  38. Tara May

    Currently experiencing a miserable Australian winter and an uncertain year.. this is so relevant. Just finished uni and am searching for jobs up and down the east coast to be closer to the beach.. waiting for summer to come 💛

  39. aurora •

    Is like a heaven for my ears. Amazing song💕💕

  40. 徐嘉浩 Kevin Kaho Tsui

    amazing tune! Big fan from Hong Kong :)

  41. Marvic June Corpuz

    Love it.

  42. Luca Matheus


  43. adamscott

    Great song Ben

  44. Connor Duncan

    I'm sneaky and I've heard the whole album, this is definitely my favourite track! Followed by Frozen Moor and Tilikum x

  45. Human on MAR

    i'm your FC,From Thailand, I'm Enjoy your song on the your song.

  46. Taranpreet Kaur


  47. Lidiany Dias

    É incrível como eu gosto de todas as suas musicas! <3

  48. Siocain

    I think I will listen to this on repeat for a pretty long while. I want summer to go away as quickly as possible but still this is a beautiful song! :)

  49. Maxim Dutton

    Awesome work once again! :)

  50. Roxanne Alcazar

    So good, love the track!

  51. Bairdy

    great track!