Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures Lyrics

If you crash your car into your best friends house
Would you be quiet as words came out of their mouths?
Stop, don't do it, I have been waiting for it
Stop, I knew it would come

If you find a god next to your girlfriend's bed
Would it be hard to sort out your spinning head?
Stop, don't say that, dear, that you wanted him here
Stop, don't give him a clear

Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them

If you are afraid don't be, I have the whole thing planned
We'll start in the ocean, baby, and when we find the land
We will be thankful to all of our friends
That they didn't leave us as we got to the end

Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them

If you find your faith in your parents' god
Don't be so quick to point out the flaws in it
You've been around and you've seen the way that things work
But you need a compass to get around your house

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich Pictures Comments
  1. Invy

    wait one minute

  2. Enrique Gr

    La canción mas bonita del mundo

  3. Macushla XOXO

    I love you so damn much

  4. Tururur Rururrururu


  5. cambria stumbo

    @BIANCA8198sent me here! so calming and meaningful!

  6. Jethro Noceto

    Greys anatomy brought me here

    Finel Pha

    Jethro Noceto me too

    Kaleigh DeMello

    Me as well

  7. Jon H

    Came across this album randomly on YouTube a few months ago and I've listened to it almost every day since then. Perfection.

  8. Mollie Nicholson

    Absolutely love this song.

    AvhyChris Panganiban

    Absolutely agree with you! Vanessa and Shea brought me here. This is their background music then I saw the title of this song in the comments.

  9. joey petelin

    its so sad, but so good!

  10. Ihsan Nash

    sounds like something from The OC lol awesome

  11. Jurnie Williams

    I'm getting married to this song

  12. erika carrillo