Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Maps Lyrics

I named a star for you
I named a star after you
But that wasn't bright enough for you

I climbed a hill for you
I climbed a hill just for you
But you said "That's nothing new, what does that prove?"

I know if I find when you hide in your mind, I'll get lost in it
I'll wait for the day when I find a way to make you mine

I put up a building for you
With thirteen floors and a nice view
But that wasn't good enough for you

So I pushed it down down like you asked
Built it again out of glass
So every star could shine through, darling,
And you'd change your mind
Didn't you?

Oh my darling, you should know
Since the last time you saw me, I have grown

I know if I find when you hide in your mind, I'll get lost in it
I'll wait for the day when I find a way to make you mine

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich Maps Comments
  1. JvrMiracle- Mellisho G

    I´ll wait for the day when I find a way... to make you mine? ♥ ♪ :/

  2. Ilse

    I love Benjamin's songs, very restful! <3

  3. jinny love

    This piece fascinated me so hard. I love that moment i drew pictures of what i love while listening to this beautiful song. I get this feeling that he's saying it's okay, you're safe, you're enough, you're loved.

  4. Shahd S.

    Anyone have an idea why this isn’t on spotify?

  5. Meg Mottah

    Ameiiii S2 Perfect voice, perfect music!
    10/11/2017, quem passar por aqui, curte aí :)

  6. Jason Denning

    Great song! Definitely one to listen to multiple times daily.

  7. Livity M.

    I'll wait for the day when I find a way to make you mine. 💔

  8. luigi palmini

    Ascoltai questa canzone un anno fa, me ne dimenticai.
    l'ascoltai di nuovo 6 mesi fa, me ne dimenticai. stessa cosa 2 mesi fa.
    e tutte le volte che l'ho ascoltata ho pensato che un giorno sarebbe diventata una delle mie canzoni preferite. così è stato. oggi la riascolto per la quarta volta, ma sembra sempre la prima, e allo stesso tempo la millesima.

  9. Sean Morris

    This music is so great to make you sit back and think about how great and lucky we are for life, this music makes me happy

  10. Anton Kolisnichenko

    You are amazing ! Thanks for your music . I love you.....

  11. Yiro Waarr

    is love ! ..

  12. Bekky Steenstra

    is it odd that this song makes me upset rather than happy? my partner of two plus years left me and this song can have a very sad, but beautiful undertone. this is how i felt those two years. they left me because they just didnt love me. this is how it feels.


    @Bekky Steenstra Not odd, but it isn't the song that makes you upset, its the reminder of your partner of two years who left you that your associating with this song. If you associate it to this its because the song evoked an emotion or memory in you and only music can do that which is a beautiful thing. Your mind can set a tracklist of music to experiences you have but only you can apply the soundtrack to your life where you want it most. Hear this song and cheer up Bekky, someone better always comes along the way and create better experiences and new memories for you that will overshadow the ones that may upset you. It is only then where you can look back at those unwanted experiences and possibly laugh or cry but take it as an experience which will only build you for the better and will gain insight to know what you really want in an ideal man.

    paul orta

    Its not odd at all. At one point I felt that way but now I just enjoy it.

  13. thethinker5531

    music that is good for your soul

  14. Camille

    i feel like Benjamin's voice could heal the whole world.

    shatakshi pandey

    I agree

  15. Helena Vieira


  16. Lisa Oliveira

    His music is really soul and head cleansing.

  17. German Cepeda

    Why the fuck you aren't coming to mexico?

  18. Tatiana Z

    these types of songs should be shared more <3


    I loved hearing him play this without his mic and with his guitar unplugged. He asked us all at the HMV institute, Birmingham, to be as quiet as we could. It was so intimate and magical - he was also extremely brave to do that to the whole crowd - no mic or amps... Really impressive musician and person

  20. Liv Farrell

    this at Newcastle last night... unplugged from the amp, just started singing. Could hear a pin drop, was beautiful. UNREAL

  21. N4B5

    I love you more though <3

  22. Elibutton62

    Would love if someone would check my cover..

  23. genna

    beautifulllllllllll ahhhhh

  24. Juliana Skelly

    I cried *o*

  25. Owen

    I love your picture/name/comment

  26. Rosie Ellen

    insanely amazing

  27. maurrie1

    his music is the literately the essence of "pure". Ive never had an artist where i liked every single song. :)

  28. Abstract98Music

    This is amazing, I love this you played it live at your concert and it was even more amazing then. I thank you for making such wonderful and inspiring music! :)

  29. Hala-Randa Kaizra

    This song would probably be perfect wordless.. but keep the words.. it adds to the magic.

  30. Emma Tracey

    His concert is in my town. On my birthday. I can't go. Life=destroyed.

  31. david jones

    Just can't get enough of this album
    I feel so glad to find him

  32. TheQuietMenace

    His music sort of reminds me of West Indian Girl. Love his sound!

  33. Rosie Ellen

    saw you sing this microphoneless and ampless at concorde 2 and it was utterly breathtaking

  34. jessicarosepetal

    Saw this song live at beautiful days last night. It was the most beutiful experience of the festival ,the look of total messmerised wonder on the face of hundreds .stunning

  35. Ellen Evans


  36. Monique Trujillo

    so beautiful

  37. DavidNorris1991

    Even tho this was only uploaded in Jan, 23k views is not enough. ಠ_ಠ

  38. drew stafford

    tears ran down my face, but i love this :)

  39. xobluewhitepolkadot

    Benjamin Francis Leftwich's songs are PERFECT for a rainy day :)

  40. Shan Amid

    1 Man its lost ?

  41. Lamar Timmy

    Respect from Atlanta, Ga, USA.

  42. ProdigyOfNothing

    the acoustic version of this was a little more inspiring, please, you are good just the way you are - You and your guitar, some editions are good, but dont run from your true talent. nevertheless, it sounds... F*CKING AMAZING!! :)

  43. Numpti2394

    Discovered this guy on radio 1 today. Bless his soul he has such a beautiful voice :)

  44. oli via

    oh darling you should know since the last time you saw me i have grown

  45. Liam Noble

    This is beautiful. Just like the rest of the album.

  46. MsMissSunday

    just got your album this weekend! so happy! ^__^

  47. N4B5


  48. Flower goof

    i fucking adore this song, benjamin, you are AMAZING

  49. Sid Morris

    all of his music makes me feel fuzzy inside. beautiful.

  50. clintcat

    Love it, so peaceful and serene oh and first commnt :D