Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Look Ma! Lyrics

Look Ma, the wind stopped blowing
And I see that that means nothing
There's more to a storm
And all the wires are down
And there is not a sound
But I pray, just for today

Look Ma, I ain't done growing
My blind eyes are slowly opening up again
Sun overhead
By now denial is breaking
I'm over the fake love making
As a way of quick escape

Through the chaos and the calm
Found some comfort in the harm
And I fall apart

Look Ma, some winds still blowing
I'm over pretending knowing it all
As I hit the floor

It's gonna be a long long day
Looking for a long long winter
Planning on an easy way
To get around the whole thing quicker

Trick of the mind for a minute
Was only lying to myself
Pushing my luck to the limit
Putting the poison on the shelf
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich Look Ma! Comments
  1. Daniel M

    Benjamin Leftich feat Christian Bale xD

  2. Estevan Cabrera

    Has a bon Iver feel to it

  3. tammy lee

    It's a amazing song. Thank you!

  4. João Cassiano

    "Impire of the Sun", beautiful sample, beautiful song

  5. Lân Hoàng

    Nice song ! Love from Vietnam

  6. Anju Galih Chrisanty

    You are one of my favorite worship singer, Benjamin...

  7. Fernanda Endreffy

    Best gig I ever went to. 🧡

  8. David Laws

    This track kinda has a Jónsi feel to it. :) I also love the use of the Welsh lullaby, Suo Gân. Very, very well done.


    David Laws Love Jonsí. And I've heard that lullaby in a movie, and it's hauntingly beautiful. Not sure which movie or whether knowing would make a difference to how beautiful this song is already. Thanks for writing the name of the lullaby.

  9. Ben De Luna

    Keep up the good work Benjamin! Hope you come back to the states for a concert, you have a God given gift so please keep sharing

  10. Craig Fletcher

    whats the background track at the start that the womans singing?? I've definitely heard it before but can't pick it!! Going mad trying to work it out

    David Laws

    It is called "Suo Gân," which is a Welsh lullaby. Makes sense since his song is "Look Ma!" The tune has been used in many hymns and other songs too. ...and that might not be a woman ;)

    James Harbour

    Empire of the sun. Christian bale sings it as the kamikaze pilots set to leave.

    The Fool

    DO YOU THINK HE GOT THE SAMPLE FROM THE FILM TRACK CUZ THAT WOULD BE EPIC - it's such a brilliant film whew @James Harbour

    Joe Rubel

    We originally sampled it straight from "Empire of the Sun", but it needed Steven Spielberg's approval, so we got a Welsh choirboy to resing it and I rechopped it.

    sarah johnson

    It has similar vibe from the girl in byakoya, soundtrack from film paprika

  11. FallOutGirl86

    This song moved me so much I started a playlist for it. 💜 I reminds me of my sobriety. Thank you.


    Beautifully emotive vocals as ever but that percussion is an unexpectedly brilliant addition 👍

  13. Sarayu Phetchit

    "Look Ma, some winds still blowing
    I'm over pretending knowing it all as I hit the floor"

    Good song

  14. Happy Mint Channel

    I love your song ♥️

  15. Pokemon29

    Awesome and inspiring!

  16. NewsicHome

    great song! good production too

  17. Eurico Matias

    Great Great Song. Do you guess my thoughts? Next time you come to Portugal, I will not miss It... Thank You!

  18. Saku Y

    I love your song ❤︎

  19. dina chongthu


  20. Karma

    Great track, so glad I found you <3

  21. Jasmine Blair

    never disappoints❗️

  22. Jan Kropiewnicki

    Finally :)

  23. Find me

    You'r always my favorite.. love you ♡

  24. Saint_Cichol

    Great song as always, Ben 👍

  25. Rosa mcm

    Amazing job as always. Such a lovely and inspiring song ❤️

  26. Gauri Josieliv

    ah. Always so wonderful.

  27. Dana

    "Look ma, I ain't done growing
    My blind eyes are slowly opening up again"

    I love this track so much. 🖤 I get emotional every time I hear it. 🖤🖤


    "Look Ma, I ain't done growing
    My blind eyes are slowly opening up again"

    8 months later this is still the verse of Look Ma that speaks to me the most.
    This song continues to move me, because as a person diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depressive episodes can be very unpredictable and last for a very long time. Listening to this song describes the feeling I have when the fog of depression begins to lift and I start getting back to being 'me' again. Look Ma is such a hopeful song; thank you so much for this song BFL.