Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Box Of Stones Lyrics

My harbor has a boat in it
The water makes its way 'round it
When the sun shines down the hills the winds blow
I miss you more

You said I am young, and I am yours
I am free, but I am flawed
I am here and your heart
I was here from the start

The forests had a rock in it
Roots and animals were blocked by it
When they turned all their bones, changed to stone
They lost their faith

You said I am young, and I am yours
I am free, but I am flawed
I am here and your heart
Was here from the start

There when the rain came and settled on your skin
Not like before and you let it all in
To your heart was the only part
From the start you set upon

You said I am young, and I am yours
I am free, but I am flawed
I am here and your heart
Was here from the start

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich Box Of Stones Comments
  1. Arielle D

    So underrated

  2. Al Paca

    Gonna need a 1080p version of this.


    I LOVE Nu Metal but this is GREAT as well.😌

  4. Long Le

    Grey’s Anatomy?

  5. AvIndian

    Finally found this song after 5 years. Remembered few words in pieces. Glad i found it. I am at peace

  6. szy szy스지님

    you guys should try and put this song within the recalls of your nostalgic childhood memories of friends instead of your significant other or in love with this song then sudfenly becomes more melodramic rather than being painful

  7. Zoë W

    This was my first dance wedding song. We aren't together anymore, but I still love BFL and this song!! ❤️

  8. Sergio Santana Lopez

    Ser amado profundamente por alguien te da fuerza, mientras que amar a alguien profundamente te da valor.
    ¡Maravilloso cantante y compositor Benjamin!

  9. あんこもち

    is this an elegy or a breakup song?

  10. aly irons

    After 2 years im back. :-(

  11. Marciel Reis Silva

    greys anatomy.....

  12. Trevor Brubaker


  13. Leeny

    Brian and Justin 😭

  14. Yifan Zheng

    Where is the mv shoot?

  15. alex a

    his songs makes me happy I'm alive

  16. stephanie beaverbones

    still dope song <3 ...

  17. Tinashe Matapo

    I had forgotten this song and it took me about an hour looking through Internet. I'm glad I found it again:)

  18. hafdzuan adzmi

    makes me wanna go hiking now

  19. DevO

    such a Peace

  20. Mimi Gray

    I wish you would come to Austin!

  21. Marie-Ève Ellefsen

    lol. look at my picture

  22. Tara L Gunderson

    melody and lyrics are incredible...awakens the feelings boosters

  23. Go Ham

    My ability to sense good music brought me here

  24. Andree-Roxanne Amessan

    Painfully heartbreakingly beautiful piece <3

  25. Renan Melo

    One piece of advice: don't show this song or listen to it with someone you really love. When you lose that person, this song will hurt so bad you'll wanna die.

    Trevor Brubaker

    Renan Melo time heals all wounds:)

    aly irons

    Renan Melo OMYY ME RIGHT NOW

    Lee Godden

    Unfortunately in love, as in life we have to win and lose

    Maria Beatriz

    Renan Melo quero saber, a conversa com a cait rendeu? ashuashuahs


    Happened with bon iver's version of i cant make you love me and rachael yamagata's quiet, i shared these two favourite songs with this girl who was my close friend and i secretly really loved, who came out as a lesbian later and fell in love with my best friend i introduced. I was so heart broken, i was so angry and sour, then looked down on myself and hated myself so bad, i made myself drift away slowly but surely. We dont talk anymore. I dont think i want to share any song or book with any girl i love anymore. Kill me already

  26. Jawed Mars

    met this guy on the tube last night, possibly one of the most genuine guys I've ever met

  27. Clare Thompson

    Theres something so heart-breaking about this song :'(

  28. lorelynsilao

    'escape from polygamy' brought me here <3

  29. Shelley

    Looks like Alberta. Heartbreakingly beautiful song right here. 

  30. Samantha Shepard Hidalgo

    Any violin sheet music for this song?

  31. Stanley Cookey

    i really dont like hearing this song. cos whenever i do, i have to play it on repeat for at least a hundred times. painfully sweet. amazing song. and even more painful is i associate this song with a girl i loved but lost. 

    natalie williams

    same here except it's my bestfriend 😭🍤🍕🍟🍫

    Jake Farron Merlin

    @Stanley Cookey same bro.

  32. Karen B

    I've just watched this vid. Who is your director? Sorry but I didn't like it. The video of you on a mountain with the sun behind you were you sing it live is far better, and your a lovely guy, why can't I see your sweet face in this vid? X


    @zekk vot That's a really cruel, awful comment. Do you honestly think it's necessary to say things like that? How do you think that's going to make her feel? Is your life so bad that you want to waste your time abusing people in Youtube comments? Please, save your energy.

  33. Karen B

    Fantastic song this! I love singing along to it!

  34. Robert

    90210 brought me here, started watching it in 2008, have not watched it for 5 years, but am on end of season 4 now! 90210 has the best music, perfect mixes with scenes to add to the emotion! Gucci!

  35. semplicemente

    just bought it now! so classy music... <3

  36. whiteoab

    so beautiful this song

  37. Leticia Costa

    amo essa música....perfeita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Sara Portillo


  39. Austin Heffernan

    spotify radio brought me here.  i love technology!

  40. Megan Robinson

    So glad I found this song!... beautiful :-)

  41. Margaret Talley

    i don't even have words to describe how beautiful this song is to me

  42. keith


  43. Christa Schuiteman


  44. Mijnke Sara

    Hi, my name is Mijnke. I'm 15 years old and I wrote a song called Ship Without Sails. Benjamin is my inspiration. Please check my channel out! Love

  45. WendyDarling94

    It makes me think of the book "Looking for Alaska" :)

  46. No oR

    Amazing song I really love it :) good work

  47. IrisIncendium

    Been listening to Night Vale too much?

  48. Sean Whelan

    Teen mom and sound hound took me here brah

  49. Irene Effe


  50. Beth Brink

    I'm obsessed with the harmony line in the chorus. Good stuff right there.

  51. Tom Doherty

    Mixed this beautiful song with Read My Mind by The Killers - check it out


  52. flash

    i am here because of " Maggie & Kelsey ".... the gave me this song .......

  53. LauraJoRobertson

    Beautiful :)

  54. sweetchildofmine69

    Amazing song.

  55. lamissnovember

    good song to fall asleep :)

  56. Stephanie L.

    He really doesn't like his backpack.

  57. TheLozstar

    jelly aka jen and tilly brought me here :) xxxxxxxx

  58. Chloe Newman

    Benjamin Francis Leftwich brought me here.

  59. SMcGowanRicher

    Thank you, you just made my day!

  60. MonsieurTheMoose

    I'm addicted to this song..
    But whyy can't i find it on iTunes? D:

  61. Monique Crouch

    my good taste in music brought me here

  62. Anik Witty

    My love for benjamin francis leftwich, and my love for ed sheeran too I guess, brought me here.

  63. Lucy Helen

    Teen mom 2 brought me such a beautiful song

  64. Laura Auwbrey

    Obsessed with this song

  65. Corin Harrington

    Cant stop listening to this song3

  66. Storm Messier

    This song is absolutely amazing , makes me cry every time i hear it . in my oppinion , hes better then Ed Sheeran .

  67. ashley5234

    Teen mom 2 :)

  68. Kookie Monster

    You were here from the start ^^

  69. kelly j

    Such a beautiful song...

  70. aprilmetler1

    can't stop listening to this beautiful song

  71. Eliz L

    Beautiful. Love the lyrics

  72. SuperDreamtrain

    i dont remember how i brought myself here...

  73. ManUtdForever

    So beautiful! Thanks for posting!

  74. Krystina Walters

    My drive to find new music all the time brought me to his music a year ago. <3 <3

  75. 121shayne

    My souls bring me here

  76. AlexVanLa

    his voice is so fragile that i want to hug it

  77. Annabelle Machiels

    This is pretty.

  78. Oscar Eduardo castañeda lasso

    hermosa canción....

  79. Mac P.

    amo, amo amo amo

  80. RidingChica

    can you believe what a hit music has been? like who knew humans would enjoy something in their ears so much, also videos people like to see alot, and eating is fun too, smelling is great but technology hasn't advanced to capture smells for entertainment. hmm smells are such an important part of life, they get neglected. lolz and also touching is a feeling I don't get enough either.... my ears eyes and heart and mind are happy I just want some smells and some lovin touch lolz

  81. Lane Reckman

    I love this. Really

  82. Jess x

    his music is beautiful!

  83. pamplemoussestuff

    kept hearing this song on xfm and thought it was amazingly beautiful. still do! awesome song :D

  84. Reeky Xiong

    Apparently lol.

  85. Kristina Helene

    8 tracks brought me here. So thankful.

  86. Free Mélodie

    His songs are always too short... replay button!

  87. Petals Of Spain

    This is beautiful. We dig.

  88. Sam Lystor

    rolling a nice doob while listening to this.....

  89. Holly Sophia

    Saw him at a fest and now this is possibly one of my fave ever songs. Beautiful.

  90. Oja Kiepser

    this song was on grey's anatomy??

  91. Abelardo

    someone I like a lot brought me here.
    this song really is great<3

  92. Will Rogers

    saw this guy live at a fest and now i love him

  93. Reeky Xiong

    Grey's Anatomy Brought me here.

  94. Gedachtnis

    greys anatomy~

  95. Ewout

    high five!

  96. JJS

    Well done! I find it really difficult so I often have to ask my parents, good job man! -.-

  97. Altoids

    i was never brought here... in fact, i was never here at all (comment disappears)

  98. Momo King

    u always be my thunder violett..

  99. Elliot Bishop

    A friend called Ben brought me here. Thank you mate