Benet, Eric - Summer Love Lyrics

Yeah, take me back
I wanna go back there
Mmmmmm yeah

[Verse 1]
Summer lovin, I remember falling once upon my history
Sun was shinin, you were in a hurry but nowhere that ya had to be
Some conversation for a while until we felt the magic grow (ooohh)
Thats when my summer came alive but seasons come and seasons go (ooohh)
Tender kisses underneath the moonlight softly on your brown skin
Makin wishes, plans to spend our whole life knowing that this time would end
And like the temperature outside our feelings and emotions rose
I dreamed id take you as my bride but soon the autumn winds would blow (ooowoo)

My summer love (oooohooohoooo)
I'm searchin for you (ooohooohoo)
Our time was only for a season
My heart remains true (mmm yeah)

[Verse 2]
I remember walkin on the boardwalk beaming from just holdin hands
We were runnin in between the raindrops, innocence that couldn't last
I close my eyes when I'm alone and travel back to way back then (yes I do)
And like no other lover known, you make me feel alive again

My summer love (ooohooohooo)
I'm searchin for you (ooohoohoo)
Our time was only for a season
My heart remains true
My summer love (ooohooohoo)
I'm lost without you (ooohoohoo)
So many years have past between us
I'm still your love fool

[Bridge 1]
Take me away from this life
To places where you end up mine
Can we go back to the best time of our lives

My summer love (ooohoohoooo)
Girl, I still love you (yes I do)
Our time was only for a season
My heart remains true (I'll be true just for you)
My summer love (ooohooohooo)
I'm lost without you (oh I'm lost baby)
So many years have past between us
I'm still your love fool (woooo yea)

[Outro - India Benet]
Summer lovin, wish we could've made it last
Summer lovin, would you please come back to me again [2x]

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Benet, Eric Summer Love Comments
  1. Brenda J

    Is that a picture of Halle Berry and her daughter in the album at the beginning of video? Great song!

  2. 황영서

    이런 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 좋다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 흑흑흑

  3. Magarere Krauae

    Soo cool ;) yes

  4. Жанна Яновна

    OMG - Eric ,India - super !!!!

  5. Orange Sun

    India Benet is more than cute, sunshine goddess beautiful, which goes along her father's song (which you'll play endlessly)

    And the beginning of this song almost sounds like its going to play Sade's "Kiss of Life"!

  6. Gwendolyn de Ashborough

    Beautiful both Parents and their Daughter !

    Zakiyyah Carter

    Yes they are beautiful but her mom passed away in a car crash when she was an infant.

  7. sabrina mokrane

    The Best voice

  8. Lee Muhammad

    Manuela Testolini is her mom names

  9. 김보린

    염불보다 잿밥

  10. Sheila Jones

    I absolutely love this!

  11. Sheila Jones

    Absolutely love this!!

  12. Denise Sauron

    Beautiffull song !!! But she didn t sing enough !!!

  13. king and kai's small life and asa

    wow, I have 3 beautifully daughter 2, love this song, 🎶🎤🎹🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  14. Kevin Michael

    Awesome production Mr Burns thank u

  15. Karen B

    This song is so sweet!!

  16. A.c. Harris

    Beautiful song! So is his daughter. They look so much alike! Definitely her Father's Daughter.

  17. ____ Knifing ___ Forking ___ Spooning ____

    Well I lost it @ 1:12.................H000000000000000T

  18. carlski54

    a proud moment singing professionally with his own daughter! like, like love


    such a nice Song. one of my favorites. Thumbs up.


    such a nice Song. one of my favorites. Thumbs up.

  21. Susan Graham

    Like Father Like Daughter

  22. Tandiweh

    ...his twin...

  23. Marie White

    You can see where she has inherited his smooth vocals...beautiful..x

  24. Joanna Lleras


  25. Tanukid Works

    this is such a nice and relaxing song. Along with one more tomorrow, I love these feel good songs.

  26. Elizabeth Bryant

    Lawd have Mercy. This song is making me weak. Jamaica on my mind

    R.B. Palmer

    Elizabeth Bryant, accidentally ran across this song I really dig it!

  27. Sonia Shields

    she's beautiful and her daddy is fiiine as hell! love the song!

    Britani Renae

    Sonia Shields lmao 😂 isn't he

  28. sapphire simeon

    She is so goegeous

  29. lty

    Best love song ever!

  30. Precious barrington

    I love her shrt iat the end!!!!!!:)

  31. George Nash, Jr.

    Very nice! From producer/writer George Nash, Jr. "Summer Love". One of my fav's


    Yeah this is nice! You & Eric out there keeping it real!

  32. everlastingcurves

    Thanks for creating such a beautiful video Warren!!

  33. Precious barrington

    I love it shes beautiful

  34. Silly Kitty

    What a sweet song. It's amazing the music we miss because there is so much of it out there. He has such an great relationship with his daughter. That is a blessing indeed!

  35. Too Blessed

    Love it!!

  36. Rurhie Young

    Eric's daughter is beautiful! I wonder what her mom looked like? ..

    Janise' Taylor

    I know!!! Takes guys to be a single dad to a girl! Props to him!

    Rurhie Young


    Too Blessed

    @Lakisha Lenoir hey girls! Yes, I know Mrs. Berry was her step mom. We we're just trynna figure out if the lady at the end was here real Mom but you stated it's his current wife... Thanks hun!


    Her real mom died in a car accident when she was a baby Eric raised her

    Rurhie Young

    Awwww!!!! That's so sad!!!!!

  37. EdifiedSoul

    What a beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful production of it, and beautiful family!! Eric Benet is the man!!

  38. Larry Horn

    Great ! Great ! Song , i'm truly lucky I have 3 Daughters !

    Larry Horn

    Take the time too enjoy what god has given,beautiful children,enjoy the song !!!!!!!! 

  39. Cree Me

    Beautiful song! Eric Benet is such a handsome man! WOW! And his daughter India is breathtakingly gorgeous! Well done!

  40. Kelli King

    That girl looks just like her Daddy... She is beautiful!

  41. O'Skew Lady

    So loving the chorus on this tune here. So melodic.... :)

  42. kie key

    damn........he so sexy voice so smooth ...damn

  43. Enyotta Watkins

    It dont make any sense woooo. See he looks too good and sounds even better, It's crazy.

  44. DearMsFabulous

    Damn he is fine!

    Cree Me

    I TOTALLY agree!

  45. John Tariau

    love this song ... good for the soul..


    India is Daddy's Girl to the top level, man.  The dude that eventually steps to her on the proposal tip has got some BIG shoes to fill.  LOL.

    Great song though..and nice to see they have that kind of connection.

    Topflight Style

    You know Eric only eat caviar !

    sabrina smith


  47. kay crumpler

    Very very sweet

  48. Cicin

    Waow. C'est beau. Tu dois être un vrai fan pour avoir collecté toutes ces photos. J'ai aimé regarder cette vidéo.

  49. Wadjet


    Iam KING

    you're beautiful! 😊💯👍


    Thank you! @Jonathan Murray 

  50. tracey lewis

    Love it father and daughter

  51. tracey lewis

    I love this song.

  52. Tackielemkwa

    So so soothing and beautiful.

  53. Kia Henry

    I love everything about this video. The pics are beautiful and so are Eric and India's voices!!!! MAGNIFICENT!!!

  54. Isaiah Getaw

    love it chill

  55. Anne Hamilton

    Very beautiful and memorable father and daughter moments, and lovely duet together!

  56. Mixvillains Djs

    This song makes me feel good. I love it!!!

  57. Author G D Grace

    I love this song!

  58. Alfred C. Walker

    Sweet Song.....he loves his baby girl. Beautiful couple on the left... (smile)

  59. Lene E

    ...and she's BEAUTIFUL!

  60. Lene E

    Love this!

  61. jam kazovsky


  62. Angel SessionsTM

    Wow, Warren Burns, that was a beautiful presentation of Eric Benet and his beautiful daughter's video and song. Their amazing singing together. I open up for Eric once at a black Expo in Berkeley Ca. He has a amazing talent.

  63. Claudio Gilberto

    Summer Love came like Cinamon to me.......

  64. Claudio Gilberto

    I've found my summer Love (my offspring) very good song can keep stop listening....

  65. rcmdjmasm

    Now thats cool! Father and offspring with the music! Super cool song!!