Benet, Eric - Pretty Baby Lyrics

Baby what you searching for
I'm pretty sure that you just don't know 'cause
You're looking with your body, not your head
You're brilliant and beautiful
But they don't see when they take you home 'cause
You're just another notch that's in their bed
Oh, oh pretty baby
Oh, oh pretty baby
(Why you wanna go and do that baby)

I can feel your emptiness, I can see it behind those eyes
Just waiting for the one who understands
(Someone who understands)
Though I'm nothing like the rest
I'm invisible because you're blind
Jaded and blinded to a chance
(To take a chance with me)
Oh, oh pretty baby
Oh, oh pretty baby
(oh, you're so beautiful, why you want to go and do that baby)

Don't lie to yourself
Don't let them inside while your heart keeps crying
Slow love for yourself
Discover your light where you you'll find me
(In the light)
Oh, oh pretty baby

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Benet, Eric Pretty Baby Comments
  1. Angel Lillard

    This song is about super head that girl who was doing all the rappers and actors. But I love this song

  2. Oakcliffsweety

    What movie was this in? Or was it one that sound similar

  3. Shona Desireè

    Listening in 2019 and it’s still powerful

  4. theresa webb

    ic makes good songs this u
    is one it is so nice by him.

  5. Ja'mmello Lewis

    I'm jaded and blinded.

  6. Lateshia Childs

    I'm a huge Eric Benet fan I love his music I have most of his CDs except one.

  7. Average Voter Smith

    Eric Benet? Wow, I thought this was Maxwell! Great song.

  8. Thomika Munoz

    His voice beautiful

  9. Haley Williams

    Eric Benet makes such beautiful songs!! How is he not more popular??!!!! I’d love to see him concert!!

  10. Lashondra Williams Johnson

    Classic! Favorite song of all time!

  11. Angel Girl


  12. Shun Don

    WHY you wanna do yourself like that??? A nigga wanna save her but can't .

  13. Narvia Williams


  14. Gwendolyn Hall

    I love all eric benet music he my favorite sing he fine and sexy he can man who very attractive too me

  15. Henry Hoodrich

    My favorite

  16. jlsmommy32

    113 dislikes? You’ve got to be kidding me!! This song is beautiful. The words, the music... love it. He’s a great artist 💙.

  17. Serious One

    Beautiful song. Love it at 3:45 when he samples "Groove with You" by the Isley Brothers.

  18. Nicole Bates

    Loooove love. Still that dopeness after all these years!

  19. Nastarcia Jones

    2019 👌❤

  20. Kimara Mason

    Is it me, or does the music sound a little like the music from,"Kissing You," by Total?

  21. Tephlon Dandada

    The man is a legend

  22. Duce Bin Laden

    Why you wanna go and do that to yourself baby?

  23. Duce Bin Laden

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,so whoever told you,you were beautiful sincerely,this is.your song....

  24. Cas82958

    Slept on classic

  25. Lexus Sidbury

    This song was definitely underrated & I just don’t see why this song is so on point and the words are so damn deep! I swear he did it with this one 🥰💯🤞🏽

  26. Shavonne Frazier

    I can’t stop listening to this song. This RnB is just too real! Nun like it, this how I’m vibin for 2019.

  27. del

    loving this soul song o yeah

  28. samke fakude

    I am here in 2019

  29. Autumn Rain

    Beautiful song even in this year 2019....👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Sing it Mr. Benett...😘❤😍

  30. Carletta Goodrich Mann

    I love you and India. Gifted and a real KING

  31. Henry Hoodrich


  32. Mac Twns

    u done taught me something brother,never date a woman that's larger than life unless u retiring from ur career bcus when I would hear ur name I always said,that's the guy who bagged that 🦄 unicorn that is in a class all by self...but I also realise everything that glitters ain't Gold so she must be a handful...U have ur own identity & much continued success...💯👈

  33. Iam Adriian

    Such a beautiful song still jamming 2019

  34. Shawn Hill

    Love how he breaks it down at the end...I completely forgot about this song.

  35. Yolanda Thomas

    With everything being visual in these internet social media times THIS JOINT RIGHT HERE NEEDS TO BE HEARD COMPREHENDED BY THESE YOUNG FEMALES 💯💯 FACTS.

  36. wysta01

    So many of us young women need to understand what exactly he is saying. I was once there, giving my precious jewels to just any man because my heart was searching for love. It is embarrassing to admit but it is human, and this corrupt world can cause a lot of us to act in lust instead of love

    Aux OC


  37. Author G D Grace

    2018 and still a classic!

  38. Alexandria Wright

    I love Eric Benet❤ his voice man. Bring real r&b back

  39. Yahya Adul Fattah

    he cheated on Halle berry so what does that tell you?


    Halle Berry is kinda crazy.....every man she's been with can't ALL be wrong j/s

  40. Beauty Frye

    Such a lovely song ....🎧🎼🎵🎶🎹🎻🎺🎤

  41. DeCarlo Turner


  42. mary knox

    Sing it Eric. So gifted, and so underrated. Please check out Eric in concert.

  43. Jenee Brule


  44. _acinoreVY _

    Still bop to this🖤

  45. 1976Leila

    Beautiful voice💜

  46. Aaron Lewis

    Ive always liked this song. Women that have low self esteem should embrace this song. Sleeping with random men doesnt make them want you. Love YOU first!!!!!! I have the up most respect for women.

    Aux OC


  47. Brown Suga

    Found my worth!

  48. Reading with Janae Marie

    I will forever love this song. My mom introduced me to this song.

  49. Guerlyne Bel

    I was so in love with this song❣️❣️❣️❣️I played this everyday

  50. Marquella Scott

    The music is beautiful.

  51. Gwendolyn Hall

    i love me some eric benet so fine and sexy wonder voice you go baby

  52. Walter Brown

    Maybe Eric Benet found A Better Love With Some One Else , And Happy Than been With the DAMGE DRAMA QUEEN ?

  53. Dwayne Greene

    Dope song E.B.

  54. alex moses

    I dedicate this song to the most beautiful woman ever Nikki. Love you bae

  55. John Spencer

    I love this song so much

  56. Andre Caldwell

    This deserved way more attention. I just suspect the message didn't match the time.

    Mechele T

    Right on

  57. AfghanLand216 Dj

    Still rockin to this joint 2018💯

    Angela Carr

    In 2020

  58. Sonya Waters

    Maaaaannnnnnn, this right here tho!!!!! They really are sleeping on some wonderful music. I'm with it all day, every day!!!!

  59. Joyce Powell

    "Show a lil self-esteem baby..."

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  60. Lerenzo Roberts

    jus seen eric benet for the 1st time he is such a dope artist he performed his ass off at 51 still makin great music....oh yeah

  61. Greg Pitts


  62. Felicia Blue

    This song help me Out , when being told all you're life your Beautiful or pretty. I thought ok let me share my self as to being Over EasyAnd God knew n this song help me know Not to put myself out derr like that#eric benet i❤ you

  63. HENRY HOODRICH"hen" all-time favorite!!!!

  64. HENRY HOODRICH"hen" all-time favorite!!!!

  65. daddy eyez

    Been a fan since Femininity dropped back in 96 and never looked back. This my man right here.

  66. Buffy Queenb

    hurt my heart

  67. mduduzi maphasa

    such a remarkable sound,good song 2 my pretty baby Fikile Vanessa

  68. Ricardo Williams

    Such a gifted artist. Every thing about this song is sweet, pretty, and timeless.

  69. John Hobley II


  70. BigWill 9421

    They're Sleeping On Eric Benet!!!

  71. Mthokozisi Hilton Shange

    Will always and forever love this track.

  72. Niki McFarlin - 3PQBV

    Classic...speaks volumes during a time in my life when I struggled internally with a lot of demons. A special gift God has given Mr. Benet. Blessings

    Autumn Rain

    Beautiful just beautiful....

  73. Latasha Davenport

    Handsome man!😍😍😍

  74. Latasha Davenport

    Beautiful song!!!!❤❤❤❤

    mary knox

    Yes it is!!

  75. Aja Groover

    r.i.p mommy this was her song and every word expresses how she was til she was murdered #112914😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    Kimara Mason

    Aja Groover Prayers for you and your family.

    Sherri Anderson

    😞so sorry for your lost 🙏

    Narvia Williams


    Ali Abubakar

    I’m so sorry. I hope her time on Earth was well spent with love and happiness 🧡

    Average Voter Smith

    Aja Griiver I'm so sorry.

  76. Brianna Pena

    This is so good love it

  77. Jennifer Boykin

    This song will never go out of style, Eric put his foot in this.....

    Ant Agurz

    Jennifer Boykin Agreed

    Autumn Rain


  78. Julia V. Mitchell

    That's crazy how Halle Berry Divorce him because he had a sex addition wow!!! if he was she should of sit him down and talk to him and then go to marriage counseling just to help him. The only two reason I would divorce my husband if he was cheating on me and abusing me those are the grounds for divorce that's my opinion. Some married couples get divorce over silly reason, what GOD has join together should never break only till death do y'all apart yes call me old fashion I love when someone does that because that shows me my Great Grandmother did a good job raising me.


    lol sex addiction= cheating

  79. Julia V. Mitchell

    I feel in love just listen to this song when it came out

  80. Julia V. Mitchell

    I am a pretty baby everyone say girl you still a pretty baby and I am almost 49 this coming year, so I guess once I hit 50 I will still be the same or they would say girl you have some more living to do. But I love it when my older family members say that to me makes me feel very special

  81. King Khalid

    love it

  82. cheryl reese

    I've Loved This Dude Ever Since He First Came Out, This Side Is Too Mellow

  83. DrayaFaces Beauty

    yes timeless music

  84. Loresa Covington

    I love this song!!!!!!

    mduduzi maphasa

    Loresa Covington q

  85. Phil Rockwell

    Man this is a jam

  86. Kristin Nefertiti


  87. Tanukid Works

    This is one of my faves from 'Hurricane'. It's mellow but sweet with that R&B vibe I always liked from him.

  88. Humble Beauty

    Love love love

  89. Author G D Grace


  90. Nicole Knowles


  91. Elaine Dudley

    nice song😊😊😊

  92. Raheem Hannah

    This song deserves more views

    Andre Caldwell

    Raheem Hannah just said the same thing before I saw this post.

    ricardo gaddis

    Was this song referencing his former Pretty Baby (Halle) about her controversial monsters ball performance?

    Dion Clark

    It's telling a truth.


    I was just thinking that. Not even at a million. What a shame

  93. Cam Bino

    this song puts my kids to sleep

  94. Adrienne Morgan

    I can't stop crying this song speaks volumes in my life

  95. Adrienne Morgan

    I can't stop crying this song speaks volumes in my life


    I know. I use to cry to this too sis. So many tears. The words are crazy and so true. I had to listen and learn.

    Jonathan Akerele

    +creamyreddred I cry to this song too because I often feel unworthy of the affection expressed in the lyrics. Growing up, I felt little empathy from my relatives and they seemed unwilling to relate personal struggles so I had a hard time dealing with being bullied at school and other issues like being forgetful and losing things. I tend to have panic attacks with stuff and feel no one understands me so I spend lots of my time alone.

    Julia V. Mitchell

    Jonathan Akerele Oh no sorry to hear that you had to go through something like that in your family let me tell you I was in church few years back and my Pastor said that family can be the worst I really did not understand why he said that till maybe few weeks ago GOD show me just what my Pastor was talking about because my first cousins was mad at me and I did not know why. SHE call me just to curse me out and call me out my name, that day I felt like I was not worth anything in this world and I also got it from another cousin but she wrote me a horrible letter so I said LORD what is going on with my family is it me or what? so I prayed for them and me and then I started which I always read my BIBLE but I was directed to read the whole book of Psalms starting at chapter 1 and every day by me reading that whole book I received strength and I received love💜from JESUS CHRIST and I felt so good. So I did not think about how my two first cousins felt about me because I knew who loves me unconditional and that's my HEAVENLY FATHER and no one or anything can take that from me. So if you are still going through your pain and if you have a BIBLE but first pray for your family and for yourself to overcome what's going on in your family GOD will take care of the rest just call out JESUS CHRIST name three times and then start reading the book of Psalms chapter 1 and read the whole book of Psalms you will see how GOD works in your life. I hope we can keep in touch through youtube I do have a Facebook account so if you want it let me know I LOVE💜YOU before I saw your message remember that. GOD BLESS YOU!!!😏

    Autumn Rain

    Yessss,...Adrienne it speaks VOLUMES....Beautiful Song!

  96. Michele Allison

    my daughter is a pretty baby even if she dont think so

    Richard Boyd

    So are you

  97. Tyra Sampson

    I so LOVE this song...the WORDS are SO damn on point!!!!✌

    Josalyn Jackson

    Tyra Sampson me too

    Ashley Bradley

    Your comment is so true but the crazy part is that Eric is so underrated he just doesn't get the credit or recognition he deserves which is why I love this song.

    Autumn Rain

    Yessssss they are...