Benet, Eric - Iminluvwichoo Lyrics

girl lets get down
girl lets get down
girl lets get down girl

I thought you’d be another pretty little link
In my chain
But girl I’m feelin like I just can’t get you
Outta my brain

I know I made you scream
Is that what you mean

Naw baby
It’s like a deeper thing

I’m not trying’ ta be
Another chick you see

C’mon baby
Can’t tell me you ain’t feelin’ me

Just tell me something
You don’t tell them other girls around you
It’s hard for me to not believe
Dem things they say about you
But iminluvwichoo
You made my whistle blow
You know you made my bell ring
Cause iminluvwichoo
I need to know you’re feelin
More than just a physical thing
Girl, iminluvwichoo

Girl let get down
Stop playin; round
Girl lets get down girl

Lookin’ like a trophy
but you show’d me there’s so much to
Your mind
(and baby I just love your style)
givin’ me this feelin’
I been waitin’ for all of my life
(every time I see that perfect that smile)

when you move with me
boy I just melt like cream

c’mom baby
that’s that chemistry

I wanna let you know
But I don’t wanna loose control

You won’t baby
I’ll let you control me all night long


I’m serious baby
(haha cause iminlubwichoo)
I don’t want to be with no other lady
(yeah girl, iminlubwichoo heeeyy)

girl the fire start to rise
each time I look into your eyes

and the river starts to flow
and I cant control it

and the truth I can’t deny
no matter how I try to hide it

that I’m in love wit’choo

[repeat chorus]

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Benet, Eric Iminluvwichoo Comments
  1. Francis ᜉᜇ̴ᜈ᜔ᜐ̃ᜐ᜔ ᜎ̃ᜆᜈ᜔ Litan

    Please make chopped and screwed version of this song?

  2. BACK To The Funk Rnb RapUs Deep !

    sample , rené angela - ill be good

  3. Lilla Vásárhelyi

    Have you heard Linda's new single? The song's title is Love is overrated. A great song with a beautiful voice. :-) Available on Itunes!

  4. NatchoDorito

    lovin the 80s the chain