Benet, Eric - Chocolate Legs Lyrics

This world has up and gone crazy
I'm out here working trying to make it
Girl, it's so rough in this city
There ain't no resting for the weary
So baby feel me, I need something to feel
So my spirit can heal, babe

I need you to wrap them chocolate legs 'round me
So when I come home tonight, you'll make everything alright
When you gon' wrap them chocolate legs 'round me
The memory of my day will quickly just fade away
When you come wrap them chocolate legs 'round me
Please baby, wrap them chocolate legs 'round me

Your cocoa skin against mine, babe
Is all I need to help revive me
Just touch me and I feel pure, pure love
You're the only thing I'm ever sure of, your love I'm sure of
I need some reminding that God is still, He's still behind me
So baby, come take my soul and set me free

When you come wrap them chocolate legs 'round me
So when I come home tonight, you'll make everything alright
When you come wrap them chocolate legs 'round me
I need you to understand and make me glad I'm a man
Deep inside you that's where I need to be
Oh baby, just wrap them chocolate legs 'round me

Hold on, hold on
I only need you to wrap 'round me
Hold on, hold on
Don't let go, baby, don't let go
Don't you, don't you let go

I need some reminding that God is still, He's still behind me
So baby, just take my soul and set me free
I want you to know how much you mean to me
When you come wrap them chocolate legs 'round me
Oh, oh, tonight, I want you to make things right
Baby, come wrap them chocolate legs 'round me

I need you to understand and make me glad I'm a man

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Benet, Eric Chocolate Legs Comments
  1. shamirra henry


  2. Jay Williams

    When you come wrap them Chocolate legs around me🍫 💯

  3. Diana Cruz

    this song is about the green m&m

  4. Robina Brady

    January 2020 STL

  5. La Dreem formerly known as Sunshine

    Listen out.

  6. Shaye shaye

    2020 still playing

  7. Angela Smith

    The REAL black men love's our leg's, breast's, and booty's - ALL DAT' CHOCOLATE! 2020!

  8. Paulette Hammond-Duerson


  9. Thuy Van Hoang

    i love this song when i listened PCY's cover guitar

  10. Farrah Array

    I love my Chocolate from my hair follicles to my toenails. I melt in ur mouth, not in ur hands

  11. Tracy Knowles

    joe. joe kizz pie make feeling better😇🇫🇷💪😘🍪 rringma...time show state lol..

  12. Clapback YeroJessie

    Still jumping and it's damn near 2020..

  13. Chansillia Whyms

    This song makes me blush😍😍 love it!

  14. Tori Epps

    Bring back the video!!!

  15. curtis rhodie

    I love you patty Jones

  16. Treyshawn MOORE

    I love me some chocolate women they have the best pussy 😋😋😋

  17. ERIC J

    I make sweet love to my woman over and over to this song. I'm talking Sweet Sweet Love.

  18. Briggett Shands

    His voice is so soothing and he's plenty of eye candy😁

  19. Heaven Highplace


  20. Larry Montgomery

    🗣️ baby just wrap them chocolate legs round me!!!! 😍🔥🔥

  21. Gwendolyn Hall

    I love eric benet chocolate legs and his sexy eyes and lips love my baby Eric benet

  22. Gwendolyn Hall

    I love my sexy handsome Eric benet oo he so fine and cute love his lips and sexy body

  23. Tracey Bennett

    The Elite hate that Black People Love each other!

  24. missladyt08


  25. Sondra Hawkins

    2k19 ??

  26. Salaam Williams

    Yes we r rare far as myself i know my purpose is biggger than just a 1night stand my God shall place my 👑 in my path to make more...facts

  27. Jamal Skrine

    I actually like this song. Listen to it almost everyday...

  28. Pj Jones

    He always singing about Chocolate, but he loves Vanilla.


    Pj Jones 😂😂😂

  29. Christina and Lionel Moore

    😍😍😍 when my husband told me to listen to this, I’m like wrap them “ caramel legs “ ‘round me 😂❤️😭

  30. Taylor Downing

    Beautiful song

  31. blaqbuddafli


  32. Deahra Shelton

    I played him twice .... sue me

  33. Author Candace Phillips-Anderson

    Ummm, my, my, my!

  34. Gigi Williams

    deserves more credit than given...

  35. Micheal Biznet

    Beautiful memories...this song helped me through my first breakup. Beautiful.

  36. May may Payton

    Chocolate legs! 2019 still hitting

    Jay A

    May may Payton it certainly is

  37. Steven Smith

    2019. Still 🔥 after all these years!

  38. Anita Reed

    I need some reminding 💋

  39. La'Kendra Thorn

    This song still hits in 2019


    Am I the only straight guy that sing and know this dude songs???

  41. Rita D

    Can be interpreted as legs of a black women, we come in all different shades.

    Golden Prancerettes


  42. DJ Makaveli tha Prince

    I grew up on this song

  43. Carolyn Baker

    So Handsome

  44. Brian Handoe

    Did u make this song b4 or after u cheated on Halle Berry?????

  45. Displayfaith Everywhere

    This song is a gift... Thank you for appreciating Chocolate Legs! Can you take a moment to care for a Chocolate Face #Standwithher please?

  46. tammy etheridge

    I wish men appreciated soft clean chocolate legs 🦵🏾 This song is so sexy!

  47. Ashley Elicia

    I love love this song

  48. Dwayne Greene

    There's nothing like some fine chocolate

  49. TT Hill

    2019 Rereading Ex post towards Me from 2013, Last dated 2015. Here it is 2019 Still in Love w You JPT

  50. T - MOE

    Please come wrap them Chocolate Legs Round Me!!!

  51. Cinni Leal

    My bae got me loving this song😍

  52. Malik Rosenbaum

    It's nothing like rubbing your hands across some smooth silky chocolate skin..mmmmm

  53. B Ready

    Love this Song & the way the creator spelled SUITELAYDE❤

  54. Demonjay Grant

    Take my shoulders🤷‍♂️ set me free I want you to know how much you mean to me😘😘😘 when you wrap them chocolate legs around me😏😏deep inside you is where I need to be 🤗

  55. Sybrena Wagner

    2k19!!!wrap them baby

  56. Malik Rosenbaum


  57. Dowanda Ragland

    Love this song Me and My Husband went to see him in concert. just love him .HE HAS A GREAT VOICE keep going very good work love your voice. NEW FAN

  58. 최참치


  59. Mahogani Red

    Lawd Have Mercy!!!!!!!

  60. Big Thunder Clap Sr.

    This is my jam wrap them legs around me

  61. Shanna Williams

    LOVE IT!! Take my soul and set me free.

  62. Yolanda Thomas

    There is nothing like a woman's love & affection for her king. 💯👑😌.

  63. Tearee Utley

    I have an African Queen from Kenya and I love my beautiful lady.

  64. Mary Love wilson

    Baby come wrap your caramel legs around meeee....😁🍮

  65. PapaRocksCee

    Organ player super bad !

  66. Meshunna Siggers

    The essence of black love!

  67. Manu Walker

    Who's listening 2018?

    La'Kendra Thorn

    June 2019

  68. Dara T O


  69. Quavardis Morrell

    I love this

  70. Gery D

    Really???? I am not sure

  71. Barbara Hill-Cisse

    This song does something good to me...

  72. Daddyman G

    Yeeessssss!!!! Wrap yo funky legs round me.

  73. William Freemont

    Man these cincinnati days

  74. R. Dominique Neal

    Real R&B Artist I play this song EVERYDAY. these lyrics #LAWD #FIRE

  75. Kookie's LambSkewer

    Noh taehyun brought me here❤️

  76. Janasky Fleming

    Saw this cat perform live. Sounds the same in person

  77. Exo Personal adviser

    Chanyeol brought me here

  78. Kathelen Mayfield

    I saw him in concert this past February and let me tell you when he sung this i just had goosebumps all over

  79. Mia Williams

    I love this song. Are there any Black men out there, that actually really like chocolate legs anymore?

    Tyrell Laney,Sr

    I love my Chocolate Queens

    Nicholas Jones

    Yes i love all my chocolate

    toro azul


    Nyce Talk

    @Joshua Whitfield 😃 ❤

  80. Paul Verona

    I love black women

  81. Santana Young

    I love my chocolate skin and this song make me feel like it was made for me 💖


    Santana Young because it was momma ❤️

    toro azul

    It was beautiful

  82. Kevin L. Sanders

    Dope song. Romantic and relaxing. EB is underrated!

    Anthony Williams

    Kevin L. Sanders very !!!!!!!

    Britanie Williams

    Kevin L. Sanders I agree!

  83. 김라로

    so sweet! i love organ sound....

  84. Michael Rudd

    Lucretia this song reminds me of you

  85. Wheatena Bell

    He sang this to me im comcert and it awesome 💋 !

  86. Brucey Leonis

    Shout out to SpaceGhostPurrp

  87. bts_yoongis !

    Here because of EXØ chanyeol

  88. Tanukid Works

    it's scary how this and Do It To Me is so similar tone-wise

  89. Not AThing

    Grew up with kind of music

  90. Tamriko Merkviladze


  91. Keyanna LEE

    my man my love Arius.. this us 100%

  92. Keyanna LEE

    love it

  93. Rickey Kennon

    4real off!

  94. Andre Gilbert

    Eric Benet went to church on this one. Come wrap them chocolate legs around me. Got that organ screaming!!! Pure classic!

  95. park cecil

    jennie brought me here!!😁😁😂

  96. 0919 SL


  97. aglaia augen


  98. Bogs Carman

    BlackPink's Jennie brought me here ;)


    Bogs Carman me too