Benatar, Pat - I Need A Lover Lyrics

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
I need a lover that won't drive me mad
I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
Someone to thrill me, and then go away
I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
Someone that knows the meaning of ah - Hey hit the highway

Well I've been walking the streets in the evening
Racing through this human jungle at night
I'm so confused, my mind is indifferent
Hey - I'm so weak, won't someone shut out that light
Electricity runs thru the video
And I watch from this hole I call home
And all the stonies that are dancin' to the radio
I got the world calling me tonight on the phone

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
I need a lover that won't drive me mad
I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
Someone that knows the meaning of ah - Hey hit the highway

Well I'm not wiped out by this poolroom life I'm livin'
But I'm gonna quit my job, and go to school, and head back home
Now I'm not asking to be loved or be forgiven
Hey - I just can't face shakin' in this bedroom one more night alone

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
I need a lover that won't drive me mad
I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
Someone that knows the meaning of ah - Hey hit the highway

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
Someone to thrill me, and then go away
I need a lover that won't drive me crazy

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
I need a lover that won't drive me mad
I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
Someone that knows the meaning of ah - Hey hit the highway

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Benatar, Pat I Need A Lover Comments
  1. Brian Lock

    i don't care what they say at the rock hall... pat benatar you rock and have always rocked and should be in the hall way before whitney and the fat guy.. those two together do not know what rock and roll is.. if they want a rap and whatever her music is hall o fame then they should build one and leave this to real rockers

  2. dave smith

    this is how its done! not like the fake stuff of nowadays!

  3. Zurin Arctus

    Vote 4 Pat Benetar & Neil Giraldo RRHOF

  4. Joey Komosa

    Love it when Pat steps back and rocks out with the band.

  5. gwidwock

    When MTV first came on the air in 1981, Pat was my favorite. Sexiest women on MTV.

  6. Joan Voss

    holy crap that was incredible

  7. Joan Voss

    she looks like a bad ass shirley temple

  8. Joan Voss

    how can anybody put thumbs down they must have their thumbs up their you know what

  9. Joan Voss

    wow this is KICK ASS OMG

  10. Kat Bowl

    Of course I've heard Pat's version many times, but I don't think I've ever seen this video. It was a treat!

  11. Personal Email

    When you have this much sex and good looks, you wear spandex with a black suit top

  12. Bruceolee

    I really get sick of our over complaining "you owe me everything" childish generation we've made. I love Pat because she was who she was without apologies but also had something called grace and humility which is also lacking on our world today. Pat worked and EARNED everything she's ever made without "privilege" and i'm certain she had her fair share of record execs calling her "honey" and "sweetheart" but she never let that define her. It doesn't hurt having a great band behind her but give me Pat Benatar any day over lady gagme

  13. John Jennings

    Who the f*** clicks thumbs down on something like this?

  14. PURPLE KIND heavily favored

    Hell Yeah you do it right BETWEEN the eyes

  15. richiebear1969

    Happy Birthday Pat. Neil is a lucky bastard.

  16. Brian Woodrow

    Cmon John do a cover of Love is a Battlefield????

  17. A McInnes

    Best voice EVER

  18. Iris Watts

    I don't care that this was "before it all," because she will ALWAYS KICK ASS in my book!

    debbie nichols

    iris watts yep she’s classic

  19. blabbermouth

    When you can Rick out in a blazer over a leotard!💟💟💟💟

  20. blabbermouth

    She reminds me of Joanie from happy days why have I never noticed this before?

  21. Randal Bedard

    Definitely one of my favorite Pat Benatar songs. Such a powerhouse love it

  22. Brian Bailey

    I am a Major Fan of Hers but, This Song is Originally a John Cougar Mellencamp Song so, don't Give Her TOO MUCH Credit Here!,-He Wrote the Lyrics and Created the "Power" of the Song and She Pulls off Her Cover Version VERY Well!

  23. Heather Bays

    I still love Pat Benatar,takes me back to the good ol daze!!

  24. Bert Bert

    You are driving me crazy!

  25. Bert Bert

    You drive me crazy (Patricia

  26. Leslie Pamela

    She kicks ass.

  27. Mama Know

    Mic shake not drop ha!

  28. Rob Miller

    It is so frustrating that they don't play the intro here or on the album version.

  29. Deana Bobina


  30. A.T. Here

    These were the times when "America was "GREAT"!

    for real...the music fuckin *rocked*, women were women, musicians did the popular music and songs actually had guitar solos!

    Mr. Orwell

    Mellencamp did it better in every way

  31. Zhanna Mikhailova

    How can you be cooler than that?! Love you, Pat!

  32. Hugh Jass

    3:30 um....

    Hugh Jass

    Watch her right hand on the microphone. She's thinking about what she's going to do to Neil Geraldo after the show.

    Sly Fox

    She can do to me anytime

  33. ks s

    so needs to input these kids nowadays

  34. Susan Szabo

    Love this! Love Pats hair in this. So beautiful.

  35. DerMacko

    well I'm a nineties guy, but I sure was nursing a semi looking at those thighs.... also theres something about the chin... 0.o

  36. Michelle Marie

    Don't we all?

  37. po didier

    toujours un plaisir de l'écouter .....................

  38. Frank Stackowitz

    She seems to have lost her skirt?

  39. Yaesu Kita

    Shouldn't that be I need a lover "who" won't drive me crazy?

  40. 67Qzpm

    Think I still like J. Mellencamps better.   But she still gets all the stonies dancin' to the radio!

  41. bob6265

    Neil looks like he's about 15

  42. Roger Capps

    1st tour using a BC Rich Bass. Bloody fingers all over Europe!! !979 Scott St Clair  Sheets, and the rest...

  43. Janet Marshall

    Well I'm not wiped out by this poolroom life . And all the stone .........eZZZZ dancin' to the radio .           JAN 22/2015                    Just  Say'in

  44. V R

    Remember..This was done before she ever got famous she had just released her album and was playing small nite clubs that had horrible acoustics!!...tinny sound and her voice is hoarse sounding..but she is by far the greatest of her era...her voice was so powerful and raw and great stage presence

    charles lambert

    i once posed the question? is this chick from another planet! WOW,what a voice

    Michael Ward

    This is actually one of the best concert clips I've seen of her. I've never seen her this animated before.


    What are you talking about? She wsa a superstar before John Cougar even wrote this song. She was filling stadiums when she did this cover.

    John Terry

    @jshelhorse Nope. This was off her first album, which came out in August of '79. John released his album with "I Need a Lover" a month earlier.


    I initially heard this album in a record store the day she was there promoting it, I ended up buying it and waiting in line for her to sign it. Saw her in concert the next night.

  45. Nicholas van der Waard

    Pat's the bomb, of course, but the way she's shaking that mic during the outro... hahaha

  46. Peter Gatt

    Never knew she covered this I like this version better

    Charlie Farrugia

    If you lik pat benatar. That's. Very cool.


    Peter Gatt

    I love both versions. But I relate more to this version. :)

    david lopresti

    I was just thinking, there was a time back in the day when she basically owned this song, the eventually they started playing John Cougars' (as he was known as back then) version occasionally, then slowly more more, till eventually they hardly ever play Pat Benatar's version on the radio anymore....

  47. no11ne

    I need that tooooo

  48. Paul F Brown

    Thank you emimusic for sharing this.  Hope don't mind it is now further shared at HIS:  Earth Party Now dot com site at 'May is Mother Mary Month IV' page.  The Jubilee is On,  All Welcome!   )

  49. luis valenzuela

    buena interpretacion de pat

  50. Nadege Couamin

    Great legend she amazing woman

  51. Luke Power

    She was awesome live. Saw her In March 86 at William and Mary Hall. Just a great concert. She sounded awesome. Great show. 

  52. punkiemom

    My idol since her first album came out...and I get to see her (and Spyder) again tonight!!! :)

  53. D7J7W7

    Funny - I'm not really sure what to make of Mr. Gibson's strange tales....

  54. Eclipseslayer98

    Oh no... one of the escaped test subjects from the Gov't's MK Ultra project. What did they use on him? Probably some crazy version of LSD.

  55. D7J7W7

    Ha! What an imagination, that's some crazy stuff you're ingesting!

  56. boomerlady

    no if ands or buts. Youth rules. I am 58 so I can say this.

  57. Tutone66

    This is the first time I heard that Benetar was not in the Hall. It figures, she told the music industry to F***OFF when they told her that females could not be concert headliners. Rock on Pat. We need a R&R Hall of Fame board who won't drive us crazy.

  58. inspectorcritic

    First handnews Pat will drive one crazy.

  59. Susie196921

    She's adorable and she can sing anything! As a trained opera singer, she can really hit those high notes!

  60. jdez10

    Great band!:) brings back memories.

  61. Chris Bradford

    I like Pat, but this song is better by John...(sorry, personal opinion & no offense) I remember hearing it from I was browsing through Pat's music trying to settle a bet about HEARTBREAKER being released pre-80's (ha! I was right again) and came across I NEED A LOVER, thinking wait... isn't that a JC song? It's caught my attention now how a lot of artists have recorded the same songs. Well, great job on this one Pat. Your music has and always will rock on.

  62. George Vreeland Hill

    In the 1980's, singers could sing.
    They did not rely on fake backup BS.
    They could belt out anything.
    A real era of real music.

    George Vreeland Hill

  63. richiebear1969

    What's a Katy Perry? Thank you Pat for all your hard rocking music. I enjoyed your concert in South Florida.

  64. Rik is Major Drama!

    Love this woman, her music and her legacy – true, she doesn’t get the credit she deserves (“credit” = Hall of Fame) but she is recognized and idolized by her fans the world over. Her contributions to popular music are immense and immeasurable. We love you, Pat!

  65. mkl62

    1-10-2012. Isn't it fine, isn't it fine? Pat is 59. Happy Birthday, PB. To Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, etc., this is how it's done.

  66. MisterJokerToker

    Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Boy George and Queen have ALL done something YOU never will.....they have sold MILLIONS of albums. How about (YOU) TRY to sell just one....we'll wait!

  67. Nick Barber

    @letiziaytito idk, the singer from the donnas isn't to bad

  68. Adrian Orejel

    Damn she's hot!!!

  69. Mas8baller

    @letiziaytito You dont get out much do you? Mommy & daddy still keeping you at home little boy? Grow up & maybe you'll not only get really taste in music but women too. You probably like Duran Duran Tears for fears Boy George & Queen too. I hear Liberace's looking for a come back boy toy.

  70. woowoo1967

    @joshuacmarr I agree JCM's is better but Pat does it justice....

  71. woowoo1967

    That girl is just mega fine...

  72. dominic eugenio

    wow go pat circa 1979 rockin this classic when music was music now john cougers version was great also.lets just say they both are classic timeless hits that will be around when we are all gone 50 years from now well depending on how old you are, but pat belongs in the rock and roll hall of fame thumbs up if you agree

  73. joshuacmarr

    It just doesn't have the sound the original by John Mellencamp had. Love Pat, though.

  74. trip189n

    @RamAirBandit And Lita Ford should be 6

  75. David May

    I agree with you all Pat kicks butt....and the 4 women of rock should be 5 You forgot Chrissy Hyde of the Pretenders.

  76. RayenMalal

    @lokye40 ¡¡¡Definitivamente...♥!!!

  77. ARoyalWithTrees


  78. StephStance

    She still kicks it

  79. skidnapper

    i bet she's still sexy as hell.

  80. t ladd

    Im reading her book right now and its phenom! I defintely reccommend

    Karen Sue Davis

    t ladd she wrote a book? Never heard that!

  81. lucasmellencamp

    @bunkhouse I Agree

  82. gizmo2371

    I have to say that Pat benatar is ONE VERY HOT WOMAN. I remember being at one of her concerts and accidently found myself backstage. I used to have a shirt she autographed inscribed DAN- Rock on and remember we are youn. Stay coolsigned Pat Benatar. Just playing these videos reminds me how awesome the 80's really were.

  83. gizmo2371

    I have to say that Pat benatar is ONE VERY HOT WOMAN. I remember being at one of her concerts and accidently found myself backstage. I used to have a shirt she autographed inscribed DAN- Rock on and remember we are young. Stay coolsigned Pat Benatar.

  84. bunkhouse

    Love Pat Benatar, but I do like Mellencamp's version much better.

  85. deadenear

    How great the eightees were.

  86. 210acer

    much better than john mellencamp

  87. MusicalMagicProducer

    Pat and Neil are one of the best couples in Rock, and he doesn't get enough credit for his guitar playing. And she is the Queen of Rock, IMO! :)

  88. guyluvsbeauty


  89. F Penrose

    LOVE IT.

  90. ole9421

    @fredfinizzi I'll probably catch a lot of flack for this but, most of the talentless crap out there these day took their cue from the likes of KISS. For many, many years during live perfomances KISS sounded like crap. But they had quite the stage show that kept most of the audience distracted.

  91. annachestnut

    She is a miracle. Lovely! Perfection! Talent!

  92. basmikiemike

    eat your heart out all you dumb bimbo's THISIS A LADY WHO CAN PERFORM LIVE!!!!!!!!

  93. trip189n

    She puts attitude into this song,something John cougar couldnt.

  94. Dr PennsylVapia

    She is barely 5 feet tall and tiny but her voice is insanely powerful. I was a kid when this was made so I went thru childhood and teens (early teens) and I still know every word to all the songs of that time period. Cheap Trick, REO,April Whine,the eagles,asia,acdc,blondie,christopher cross, lover boy...and so was more about the music and less about the look or image....where are all the real bands at today.. Rap..hip hop..techno.....talent and ability mean nothing now....

  95. annachestnut

    beauty and talent. can carry off the lyotard look.

  96. jferkfjkj

    i despise john mellencamp, but i adore pat benatar. this song goes either way for me

  97. MagnusTheSnake

    I think John's version is better, but I still love this one. Pat makes this song sexy!

  98. vakeromty

    in your face!!!!!!!!!!! what a voice that´s rock
    powerful version...hats off geraldo!!!