Ben Lee - What's So Bad (About Feeling Good) Lyrics

Well you're lookin' so compose as you're starin' down your nose at me, laughin' at the way that I dance
But I just keep on movin' while you're lookin' disapprovin'
I feel sad for you, you never take a chance
So let your feet start shuffling and let your hips swing.
I know your heart's as hungry as mine.
Close your eyes, look at me, open up your mind you'll see that we can share a moment, a moment in time

Tell me what's so bad, about feeling good
Tell me what's so bad, about feeling good

Well it's not all analysis or mathematic pression
oh all the simple things in life are not small
and all your daily drama and the politics of pleasure
well they really do not matter much at all
so let your words start spilling out against your will
and let your love minlge with mine
close your eyes, look at me, open up your heart you'll see that we can share a moment, a moment in time

[Chorus 4x]
Tell me what's so bad, about feeling good
Tell me what's so bad, about feeling good

No guilt. All Pleasure. C'mon I wanna hear you yell it now
No guilt. All Pleasure. C'mon everybody yell it now
No guilt. All Pleasure. I wanna hear you yell it baby
No guilt. All Pleasure. C'mon everybody...Tell me what's so bad, about feeling good
Tell me what's so bad about feeling good.
Tell me what's so bad, about feeling good
Tell me what's so bad, about feeling good
...about feeling good....about feeling good...what's so bad about feeling good...

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Ben Lee What's So Bad (About Feeling Good) Comments
  1. Mike Thaxton

    The first time i hear'd this song i thought it was about weed lol

  2. animals are the best

    Good beaty song :)


    A search for the title song of the 1968 movie "What's So Bad About Feeling Good?" (starred George Peppard and Mary Tyler Moore) brought me here.   Sorry, but this AIN'T even in the same league with that 1968 Frank DeVol classic!   Terrific movie, too!

  4. krazybox

    Fucking trash plays everytime at Levis

  5. BenignAndaHalf

    A crib, thank you Karen and Andy.

  6. paul michaels

    ALAKS Jownes syndrome, duchemunder  ,and thelame7129 make women cringe. The reason why is because women want REAL men, not sissies who piss and moan about office max's playlist. And you go to work to work,not critique(look it up dumb asses)music grocery boy. Losers DO flock together.

  7. SarasHotandDangerous

    <3 It's nice to know someone still gets it

  8. Sam

    Office Depot brought my here. Hating my job cuz of it.


    Yep. Used to play this at the grocery store I worked at.

  9. Sarah AsIs Sha'Non

    I wanna kill myself bc of my dumb brother

  10. youbigturd

    can confirm this plays at my job at JCpenney 2016

  11. Fox-E (Bonzai)

    @thejam7129 whaaaaa I work at a grocery store also and they play this song as well

  12. thejam7129

    fucking hate this song i work at a grocery store and this song comes on every day


    That's what happened to me with Christmas music.

  13. ALAKS Jownes

    this gay ass song plays at office max makes me want to kill my self


    OD here and I know that feel so hard. It finally quit playing a few months ago. I came here to show my daughter this shitty song and knew another OD/
    OM associate would be here. Another one that made me stabby was Stevie on the Radio.

  14. I Was Never Given A Name

    One Tree Hill had the best music.

  15. Helena James

    It sounded better at the mall.

  16. Danny Warner

    I think it's very catchy XD Very different tune from a lot of the songs playing on the radio now ^_^

  17. Danny Warner

    I cringe just reading your posts -_-

  18. Krihlus

    Lol! Tell that to my boss.

  19. Krihlus

    This is exactly why I HATE this song. Screw you Muzak. And screw you Ben Lee. Just when I thought Sing was bad enough... I find out he created the 2nd most horrible and repeated song on the stupid muzak station. They do it to us on purpose. I swear.

  20. sublimeade

    @MusicSpeaks1234 for idiot teenagers.

  21. Fourth Grade Security Risk

    I can answer this a-holes question in one word: Rape.

  22. asuloria

    amy and roger's epic detour brought me here :)

  23. glitzandglamm711

    CBC Radio 2 brought me hereeee!!!!:):)

  24. PoshLifeforME

    cookie photie

  25. thepartyoftea

    When people go to legalize cocaine this will be their theme song.

  26. amaranta arcadia castillo gómez

    Thanks for posting this. I just recently knew the music of Ben Lee. It was a beautiful discovering. Make me feel good :)

  27. David Blanco

    what's hollister? a restaurant?

  28. john

    I worked at hollister too. They played some of the best songs.

  29. joesilver72

    hahaha yeah i used to work at hollister too and loved this song! I used to dance a bit too, and my manager would just laugh at me hahaha

    thanks for the upload!!

  30. Dfrogman

    love it

  31. BronxBomberNation

    plays at GNC

  32. Thunderkick86

    it plays at ruby tuesday too

  33. K84

    Whats so bad about feeling good? :D

  34. Dfrogman

    omg i love this song!!!!!

  35. Doobie1975

    @dvarblo this song has also helped me cope with the hard times I was dealing with in my life such as me departing ways with this girl who I've had a crush on and this song made it easier for me to move on without this girl along with me finding ways to where I can still be happy :)

  36. Doobie1975

    @dvarblo I've first discovered this song sometime around that time period and I was totally amazed with how catchy, cheery and upbeat this song was and this is just a feelgood song I really enjoy listening to.

  37. Doobie1975

    What exactly do you mean by the playlist switch over? Are you talking abotu Muzak?

  38. Doobie1975

    @peteflan2 Does the overhead music play alot of underground pop music along with some of the older adult contemporary songs?

  39. The Kimmy Channel

    @MsLiza50 I know! I liked the sound of it on the show so I looked it up! Great Song!

  40. Doobie1975

    This is one of the very few songs I can handle listening to at work, I can stand the music they play at my job cause it's the same crap over and over again

  41. rig48

    i usually get annoyed at work for them playing the same shit over and over! but this song is the only i can take.

  42. MrHanksWorld

    Good song!

  43. Doobie1975

    I hear this song on our Satellite Feed at my job and it definitely brightens my mood and no matter what kind of mood you're in this song will eventually make you feel good.

  44. Doobie1975

    great song, I definitely agree that this song is absolutely uplifting