Ben Lee - We're All In This Together Lyrics

Woke up this morning
I suddenly realized
We're all in this together
I started smiling
Cos you were smiling
And were all in this together
I'm made of atoms
You're made of atoms
And were all in this together
And long division
Just doesn't matter
Cos were all in this together

I saw you walking
In the city
We're all in this together
The city's changing
Cos we are changing
And were all in this together
Every twelve seconds
Someone remembers
That were all in this together
In the kitchen
Of your rent-control apartment
We're all in this together

C'mon baby
I dont mean to rush you
I only wanted to reach out and touch you
I've gotta start to open my heart

I know you think
About jumping ship before it sinks
But were all in this together
Ask a scientist
It's quantum physics
We're all in this together
And on the subway
We feel like strangers
But were all in this together
Yeah I love you and you love her
And she loves him
But were all in this together

Y'know baby
There's never been protection
In all the history of human connection
C'mon darling
It's alright to show me
You don't ever need to be lonely
Once you start to open your heart

I saw you crying
I started crying
Cos were all in this together

And then religion
It's a big decision
But were all in this together

We're all in this together

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Ben Lee We're All In This Together Comments
  1. DudeUrTrash


  2. Grace O

    Every time I start singing this song everyone starts singing with me but the High School Musical version and I'm just like NO. NO. GET CULTURED. INDUSTRY SUPERFUND!

  3. Alex V

    thank you hold music from india for introducing me to this

  4. Jonny Mac

    LOVE <3

  5. poppy and lil jones

    My wedding song

  6. Mr. Michelle Seamore

    Long division doesn't matter!

  7. JimmyJam


  8. cvhgx

    Telus brought me here!!!

  9. Jay C

    Life unexpected on net flix brought me to Ben Lee

  10. dyllen1907

    What happened to good singers like Ben Lee?

  11. TiTs McGee

    So what is this a fucking commercial why in the hell is this recommended

  12. The J0KER Earth 82

    John O’Neil he’s a better singer than ur dumb ass

  13. The J0KER Earth 82

    Jon O’Neil he’s a better singer than u would ever be

  14. techagesite

    we've all been in heather. thats what inspired catch my disease

  15. Thomas Lowry

    Industry super fund

  16. Inday Arcite

    Industry superfund took me here. 😻.

  17. Kat Mic

    His my science teacher 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Brett klein

    Heard a song similar, and it triggered a memory to a coles ad this was on that I saw when I was a kid.

  19. Tagträumerin

    I hope he didn't watch High School Musical too often...

  20. fulltimegeek

    Please follow Ben Lee on *STEEMIT* ! His handle == benleemusic

  21. Xiaoyun Liu

    i love it

  22. Grace B

    A Aussie ad brought me here

  23. Abe Halterman

    take me to your liter

  24. Collette

    I am hearing this song for the 1st time!!!

  25. Stu Pidity

    Bon anniversaire Ben Lee!!!

  26. Katrina Honnold


  27. Mack3nzie Dravid

    atoms are literally really long division

  28. Rock Massa

    we're all in this together....

  29. Eric Bates

    how the hell do you make a song and 90% of it is the same 5 words

  30. D Cameron

    I was looking for something to describe my religious attitude and remembered hearing these words. Googled it and nearly gagged on the tackiness of the high school musical version. 🤢 had another look and finally "found what I was looking for". You sing the message! Thank you, Ben Lee, from an old lady who knows who got it right and who got it so terribly, terribly wrong! 💕😊

  31. og3171995

    Honestly I only know this song because it used to play every single time I would shop at kohls with my mom and sister back in 2003-2006 or so lol

  32. Kevin Darmanin


  33. Pedro Araujo

    Telus customer care hold playlist brought me here 😂

    edgar alvarez

    jajajaajajajajajajajaja mee too man!!!

  34. valcarni1

    From little things, big things grow..

    Brittanie Dickey

    valcarni1 afsaaggssheuw1

  35. Tryinglittleleg

    Industry superfund anyone?

    Chris Chiron

    Just enjoy the song.

    Owen Bartrop

    were all getting scammed together..

  36. AdamSuperAC

    Thank you Ben...the song made me realise our worth in this life IS worth it! cheers.

  37. Butt Butt

    Directions were not clear; i landed here instead of HSM.

  38. Alexander Rea

    this my happy song fam

  39. scott searle

    no offence

  40. scott searle

    this song isn't how it goes. weres the disney?
    this is high school musical people!
    death brought me here.
    i hate dis.

  41. Nigel Grolla

    I've been trying to find this song for like 10 years when I saw it in a Telus commercial, but all i could ever find was a shitty high school musical song

    Luke Marsden

    I know, right? Such a piss off!
    Such an uplifting, beautiful song; shame to see it ruined by that meme of a movie.

  42. Haoqing Die

    Motivation brought me here.

  43. The Badger Of Many

    An Australian ad brought me here

    Karien Kapp

    Puppetz Inc yes that one

    Grandslam Gaz

    Cr33perzilla same

    Andrew Liu

    Summer of tennis

    Gavin Li1117

    Yep same here


    yep, im from au too

  44. Edna Meren King

    This is really friggin' great! Namaste, Ben Lee for the song and Grace Elle for sharing. We are all in this together!

  45. D-Pad

    Fat, sick and nearly dead 2 brought me here

    D P

    Me too. I loved it when I heard it.

    Alina Pilińska

    Me too :)

  46. smartalek180

    Wait -- they have rent control in Australia??

    Laura S

    +smartalek180 theres no alternative. its all controlled

    Helen Fraser

    NOPE not where I live average wage $500 week average rent $700 a week

  47. Sophie Mayyy


  48. Cece Caldwell

    Life Unexpected brought me here

    Silvina Ortigoza

    me too!!!

    Irma Evergreen

    And me too!! :)

  49. Victor Ximenes

    Fat, sick and nearly dead. Anyone?

    Abe Halterman

    wow the things we are all fighting​ together

  50. Mandeep Singh

    Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 sent me here

    David Margarone

    me too :)

  51. BigBoi8380

    I subscribed because I couldn't help my self

  52. BigBoi8380

    this is my school song and I know all the lyrics to

  53. TyDiniVlogs

    I start singing this in class then the whole class starts singing Thanks Ben Lee Legend. :)

  54. Casey is my name

    We are all in this together

  55. skyler doran

    Ben sang this live in my friends living room. He brought his wife and daughter and we all sang this together. It was the second best night of life, the first being the next night when my now fiancé proposed to me after watching Bens documentary. He is an inspirational man that changed our lives forever.

    Bill Palmer

    That’s tragic

    DR corn nipples yohanson

    skyler doran then u realized he was skreech from saved by the bell ...tragic 4sure

    firstname lastname

    Another creepy fan making things up

  56. usmanater

    Really nice and uplifting song.

  57. John Hess

    Its a nice song. But, any philosophical idea that doesn't take in to account current society, is meaningless. So, he can freely sing a nice little song. But, he is rich. He doesn't work for a living. His wife is rich. She doesn't work for a living. They don't work in any recognizable manner. It's all well and good. But, someone has to pay for food, someone has to pay for shelter, someone has to pay for everything. I would gladly stop driving, gladly eat fresh veggies and ethical meats, gladly help everyone around me all day long. However, I work. I have very little time outside of work. I have to drive to keep my house. I have eat. I have to consume. There aren't any other options. You have to work, too.


    God you r a hypocrite.he records.makes music performs that aint work? Life on the road is pretty hard

    Katherine Nugent

    I partially agree with you - while he is rich, he still had to work to create the song - composing isn't necessarily a cake walk. You gotta work to live, but you should also live to work. The trick is finding work you enjoying doing that also provides sufficient income. Regardless, super catchy song that's fairly well written. 

    Juan Martinez

    all in this together my ass!

    John Oosthuizen

    You sound like you need a hug:)

  58. Josephsf1

    awesome!!! this is President Obama's motto and also Abraham/ Esther Hicks "We're all in this together"


    @buffedtrainer1 yeah pres Obama sings this right before he orders his daily drone attack. he's a real humanist, that Obama.

    Mandeep Singh

    +talksolot hahaha We're all in this together

  59. V L

    Is there any guitar tutorial for this song?

    Katherine Nugent 

  60. JfnDWatchesVids

    I really thought you were covering the Nine Inch Nails song.  This is pretty good though.

  61. Lachie Dawson

    This is a horrible song


    How rude Why did you even click on the video then what's the point of posting a negative comment, Do you want Ben Lee to feel bad :(

    Juan Martinez

    agree 100%

  62. Quantum Evolution


  63. Judy Wheeler

    Russell Brand sent me!  Love it!

  64. Magen Lay

    Good song:) Thanks Russell!

  65. 24paljim

    Thanks Russell Brand for bringing me here!!  Vive la Revolution!!

  66. ClownShoes777

    FACT: We are not all in this together

    E Floyd

    FACT: someone peed on your rainbow

    Abe Halterman

    ClownShoes777 we are all fighting suffering together

    Turd Ferguson

    Fact: we all do our own suffering alone.

    Helen Fraser

    Fact :pain is inevitable , suffering is a choice

    Orion Bear

    @Turd Ferguson Of we are all alone didn't that mean we are all alone together? Perspective perhaps?

  67. Miguel Veloso

    WHOOPS! wrong song. srry, practicing for a disney showcase.

  68. DarkRubberDucky

    Imagine hearing this song, LITERALLY, ever thirty minutes for several months. I did. Thanks, Kohl's, for picking this as our "theme" song for all of our commercials a few years ago.

  69. kelly3093

    This song sucks.

  70. Daniel Futcher

    Mr Lee - you make me sick wit your feel good attitude, yet somehow.....

  71. doxi stavrou

    your beautiful Ben!...

  72. lostn65

    Absoltely hate this song. Words are corny as hell.

  73. Renzo di Bono

    he looks like a hybrid of Will Ferrell and Josh Groban

  74. schpoogie

    lyrical genius this guy...

  75. Aaron Gomez


  76. topcafe sealake

    This is amazing..absolutley love the music...first heard it on Life Unexpected and looked for it on youtube..fantastic

  77. OddSocks

    Can't unsee it... thanks :(

  78. ssrrapper

    Oh, and he stole her away from you?

  79. ssrrapper

    I think he meant "we're the lyrics".

    We are the lyrics!

  80. ssrrapper

    Claire Danes?! Is that you?????

  81. Grace Elle

    appreciate if you would stop commenting pointless crap on this video.. your opinion is not wanted, thanks.

  82. Justin Perkins

    hey guys we're all in this together

  83. Mgibson711

    Were the lyrics what? What were the lyrics? WHAT WERE THE LYRICS!?

  84. Salt

    Actually, he looks more like Matt Smith to me.

  85. Arlo11000

    This song blows!!!!

  86. Tracey Erickson


  87. ColdBeef

    08 Shit

  88. Alyssa Laura

    @123abcnatvg I thought you meant "We're* the lyrics." When I saw it at the top, I assumed it was a top comment and not under 'uploader comments' so, naturally, I thought you were being clever and deep. Whoops.

  89. Justin Perkins

    hey guys we're all in this together

  90. amiles228

    This song just makes me smile..

  91. mowie1236

    @123abcnatvg Where are the lyrics?*

  92. Dylan Belvedere

    Ben Lee brought me here

  93. 6G3rm4N9

    @LilXerxes97 Look up chad smith

  94. deanogolds

    @OrdinaryPhellow try karaokeversion

  95. deanogolds

    every 12 seconds :)

  96. xargs

    Life UneXpected didn't bring me here. Where's my thumbs up?

  97. curtis smith

    this song is nothing but the truth

  98. NeonNerd13

    heard this on "Why We Fight" (: