Ben Kweller - This Is War Lyrics

I'm a soldier on a battlefield
Got an army on the battlefield
Outnumbered like the Alamo
I don't even want to go

This is war
Yeah yeah yeah
This is war

Always stuck in a daydream
Can't focus on the other team
Hunted you all day and night
Now I'm ready for a fight

This is war
Yeah yeah yeah
This is war

I can't be your friend
Cuz I got to knock you out

Are you ready for a surprise?
I don't even think you even realize
They say that you're the best
You gotta follow all the rest

This is war
Yeah yeah yeah
This is war

I can't be your friend
Cuz I gotta knock you out
So I can win.

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Ben Kweller This Is War Comments
  1. Psycho Red

    I'm on a nostalgia hunt wish me luck

  2. Jurgen Lo Scialpo

    this is the first time i don't find comments like :2019? is this heaven?😂

  3. les Pizzas Garnis Garnis

    GOOD SONG👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  4. fourthgrace

    Record record record!

  5. Jimmy Ramone

    My luck had finally changed. Awww.

    The Flash

    Give it back Rodrick!!

  6. Renu Tyagi

    I can’t be your friend because I gotta knock you out so I can win

  7. whoaitsali

    This rocks!

  8. Nicole Coca

    Rodrick rules?


    Rodric rules

  10. Ghost Life

    This should be on SoundCloud

  11. not Samurai

    im gonna brush my tooth now.

  12. not Samurai

    im a soldier on a battlefield...lets go. THIS IS WAAAAAAAR.

  13. Szczygler

    Rodrick rules

  14. Tecwyn Williams

    here cause of bad news bears and daddy day camp

  15. marvsaas

    Wo hast du den song runtergeladen?

    Michael Schengel

    DarklordLP gute frage ist schon 5 jahre her 😁

  16. 666 666


  17. Leonardo Mata

    This is war!!!

  18. Maria Oliveira

    This is WAR

  19. Mini Nicko McBrain

    From diary of a wimpy kid


    Rodrick rules

  20. Freeze Cheeze

    i love this song!!!!!!!

  21. Saif

    can anyone tell me the genre of this song (not rock)

    Jack Tilghman

    Pop punk

    Ricky Liek

    alternative indie

  22. ツRobsCraft


  23. Daren Wickshow

    Good song.

  24. Cruz Boss


  25. emiwillow

    Bad News Bears (2005) End credits.

  26. !t happens

    America's theme :D

  27. Desmond Waddell

    yeah yeah yeah