Ben Kweller - Gypsy Rose Lyrics

Oh gypsy rose
I will wait for your sun to shine
Now youve got me goin somewhere no one could find
All in my life its the world that makes me cry
Oh summer day go back home
Give your body away
Milky arms and legs wrap around this neglected frame
And the world will make you cry
Yea the world wont tell you why
But this world wont make you die
Cuz I loved you right
Oh gypsy rose
You got me swallowed up in your streets
Bring your food, money, shoes
Just to lie here with you beneath your sheets
I see hope in your eyes
Its the world that makes you cry
Rose I got no friends
I got no kids and I dont got kin
My one salvation is the warmth of your skin
And this world will make you cry
Yea the world will make you lie
Oh the world will suck you dry
Oh but I love you right
Oh summer day go back home
Give your body away
And when I wake
Youll have saved my life

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Ben Kweller Gypsy Rose Comments
  1. Ameba Films

    Hello xx

  2. Djan Darle

    nice tune brought me to a peaceful place ; )

  3. Abby Christine

    man... this song kinda makes me wanna kill a cat for some reason

  4. R. Garth

    Wish I could Kwell critics like below myself who forget how sweet a song like this is... just sit back and enjoy you weirdo that knows what a dying cat sounds like.

  5. liam boyle

    this would be a beautiful dying cat sound

  6. Dustin Tilson

    I gotta hear this dying cat you speak of...

  7. Dustin Tilson

    no prob

  8. ML V


  9. TercerTraste

    thanks so much for share this song, i really love this album