Ben Kweller - Family Tree Lyrics

Bop bop.

Care about the moonlight
and holding you tight
and asking my questions.
Everyone loves a situation.

Long walks on the beach.
The press will impeach.
Lately I'm finding
I am the book and you are the binding.

I guess they'll read everything about you.
Though the press might shoot me down I'm still true.
I sell my book for free. That's what you do to me.

Oh, you are my family tree.
Be good to me
Take care of me.

Bop bop.

There's hotels in the sea,
Trash in the sky.,
The net-dustry's growing.
Stick to love songs kid, that's all you're knowing.

They push you away
or tie you up.
It don't really matter.
But if your head is up you won't get much sadder.

But who am I to preach a word or two
when I can't lift my own head without you?
If my mental state kept you from coming around
I hope the world would shoot me down for losing you.
A broken branch I'd be if you weren't grown to me.

Oh, you are my family tree.
Be good to me.
Be good to me.
Be good to me.
Take care of me.

Bop bop.

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Ben Kweller Family Tree Comments
  1. keen wolf

    "If my mental state kept u from coming around. I hope the world shoots me down for losing you..."

    Damm right in the meow meow

  2. Anna Kerr

    One of the most nostalgic songs of my life ❤❤❤

  3. baby chicken nugget

    be good to me

  4. Juan Angelo

    girl you my familly tree 🎶🎸❤🎶✔

  5. Dinpuii Pachuau

    it sounds like beatles

    Joseph Utsch

    Karma Onyx I always thought he had a Tim Petty quality to his voice

    Joseph Utsch

    Tom Petty I mean of course


    Yeah. Beatles 'I'm Only Sleeping'

    Matthew McCall


    Matthew McCall

    nnneptune you have no idea how much this comment meant to me.❤️

  6. Kelsey Anderson


  7. Ana Belén

    i love this song

  8. iprebo

    I really like Revolver by the Beatles too.  

  9. doorsilver

    One of the best album of all time

  10. Crystal Caleb-Moore

    God I love this - brings me back to a time so far from where I am - miss those days <3

  11. pistolpimp36


  12. Chaty Kfae

    Ben loves to bop-bop.

  13. HDangerism