Ben Kweller - Commerce, TX Lyrics

i got a bad flavor
i got dirty clothes
i got a strange neighbor
who doesn't have curtains on her windows

i got a pet hedgehog
drinkin' jaeger all day
you got me crate combo and a baby on the way
but it's ok

it's gonna take a lot of time
before i can cross that finish line
and when i can't take the fall
i really wanna make that call

ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah

that's my new best friend
ann disaster's her name
we're passin' out on the carpet
and our attributes are the same

it's the slacker lifestyle
that we do so well
bills are due on monday
i'm oblivious, can't you tell

it's gonna take a lot of time
before i can cross that finish line
and when i can't take the fall
i really wanna make that call

my brain is super-fried
it involves pain to look inside

it's gonna take a lot of time
before i can cross that finish line
and when i can't take the fall
i really wanna make that call

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Ben Kweller Commerce, TX Comments
  1. Josh Richardson

    Is this 4k?

  2. EuphoniaPooch

    Does not remind me of Weezer.

  3. SoulStyx

    ashvlogs diary page 149

  4. Eternity

    high school memories <3

  5. Paul Reeves

    Who else is going to or has gone to TAMUC?

    Jackie Terrazas

    Me. Been living here for two years

  6. Jonathan Mack

    Meh, Nirvana's mollys lips


    Smells Like Teen Spirit is literally More Than A Feeling. Your point?

  7. Mia Strong

    This song is Sophomore year of high school for me, listening to pretentious chicks', who liked Ben Kweller, boyfriends' bands.

  8. Jerry Nolan


  9. the Willfactor

    for years I had been searching for this song

    Dega FG

    will uanserume hahahhahhaha. me.. 9years. no joke. finally find this song. i can die in peace now

  10. Austin Curry

    Anyone here actually from Commerce, TX? If so, you probably know me, Chad Dean, and Robert Recer. Haha

  11. Ladybug

    I wanted to hear this song called Commerce, TX bc I live near here and low and behold this guys an awesome singer!

  12. hserokdivad

    Reminds me of weezer circa the blue album

  13. Bella Grampsas

    100th comment like a boss!!!>100💗

  14. Roxanna Brown

    Quite nicely evocative of the thrill of living


    Hey, you died in 2008.

  15. KUTX Austin

    Ben Kweller - Commerce, TX

  16. ZyxthePest

    Little did you know he'd one day be in a bidding war with labels, work with Ben Lee and Ben Folds, and be featured on several soundtracks and compilations. Crazy world, eh?

  17. bcomer1488

    Come back to Fitzgerald's in Houston so I can walk 2 blocks home piss drunk again!

  18. Rone Guilherme Zanchi


  19. Angela Gammill

    I spent some of the best years as a child in Commerce.
    . He rocks!

  20. Maddy Wolf

    Awwhh he was so young :')


    wait......Sonic drinks Jaeger!?

  22. Chrisann Lomax

    That is the dopest jacket ever!

  23. Madeline Hearn

    Thank you for posting this! You are my hero.

  24. thesodiumchild

    I still love Ben just as much as I did when I was fifteen and first heard his music when he came on stage at a John Mayer concert.
    He's lovely and he rocks!

  25. Tessa Denise

    i love this man.

  26. johnny quispe


  27. Christopher Bishop

    haha, im from Commerce, pretty cool that the name of a semi-famous song is our town lol

    Mike Torres

    Yeah, unfortunately the republic of Texas is a Blythe to this country!

  28. sk8free09

    I'm from Commerce,TX. and I run track for them.. I really want those trails..

  29. SeeSarahGo

    I saw him back in 2008 in Birmingham, AL. Great show.

  30. sxswitch

    Anyone else thinks he sounds sort of like Weezer?

  31. Peter Gerstenzang

    Just interviewed him. Lovely lovely fella too.

  32. Helvetica Neue

    That's a good point. That fine line between homage and imitation. From what I've heard of him it's either trying to be Weezer or Ben Folds.

  33. endocry

    @NinjaJedi Pretty lame justification. I have more respect for a terrible (not saying Weezer is by any means), yet original band, than some dork that just blatantly rips off another artist like this. Hope he's paying Weezer royalties.

  34. Helvetica Neue

    Anything that rips off Blue/Pinkerton era Weezer is much much better than what Weezer is right now.

  35. DynastyTexas


    name sounds familiar. Don't know who it is though.

  36. Andrew Rush

    My Ex-StepSister is from Celeste.....
    Karri Wolfe.....she's 25.......or her older brother JR Wolfe....he's like 28 or 29 now

  37. Peter Gerstenzang

    @peterbkamp Die bigoted creep. Just fucking die.

  38. Hyacinths Eliot

    Is anyone else kind of reminded of Holden Caufield when watching this?

  39. endocry

    HUGE FUCKING WEEZER RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. DynastyTexas


    haha im from celeste, going to college in commerce right now. and yeah i dont get this song either O_o

  41. Jake Welsh

    this song still rocks <3


    It still rocks now too - 2019

  42. deemacca83

    this is modern rock and roll is all about!!!!!!

  43. Hellon Heilmann

    nice song!

  44. micah36lambert

    @Commercetigers i dont either. from greenville.

  45. sevenwithcheese

    he lived there

  46. BraxtonComix

    u know! BRAXTONcomix

  47. BraxtonComix

    bk! me braxtoncomix!

  48. Doc Bong

    i remember ben from greenville tx, we had a comic book store he used to come to a lot, talking about his band radish

  49. Colm MacMeanman

    haha, i do commerce in college

  50. pricelessposition

    it's not a terrible video.

  51. KittyNoLegs

    woot its a song about my home town!

    awesome song too

  52. lauramonsterr

    haha i love bk :)

  53. alyshells

    I love the "--CURTINS on her window!!!" part.

  54. mysterygal7890

    favorite song!

  55. aaron winston

    yea that is.

  56. guebertr

    LOL 2:10. ben kweller's so good

  57. carmexcutie

    I live in Commerce and my neighbor indeed does not have curtains. I am sure he hates Commerce.....If anyone in the world reads this....please..I beg of you...NEVER VISIT COMMERCE! It is so damn lame.

  58. R18Power

    kweller's the man.

  59. friendly_squid

    I like Ben's hair like this.

  60. Leslie Sanchez

    god people seriously over rate this guy.
    It's not like his voice is anything special.
    This is like Disney channel music.

  61. india cochrane

    i love this video its so damn random

  62. JL2190

    a budget of about 36p

  63. aquagirl100

    bt now hes on freaking trl. which sucks. a lot.

  64. leticiapr

    i love this guy with all my powers!

  65. Kitkat

    he looks so young! i love everything that guy does

  66. Reni

    Great song, the guy has style