Ben Harper - When Love Is Not Enough Lyrics

Everybody says I love you
But not everybody lives I love you
Without our past
How will we know it's us
Love is not enough

I could've held you more carefully
And I suppose you could've been there for me
But then again they say it's meant to be
Love is not enough

Choosing not to remember
Is no way to forget
That's just a losing bet
It's so unjust
When love is not enough

These old streets of shame
Will they ever look the same
Will they remember our name
Just ask the dust
Love is not enough

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Ben Harper When Love Is Not Enough Comments
  1. Dustin Allen

    Straight soul baby!!!

  2. Mary Salvi

    wow - right through to your soul ~

  3. Joe Russo


  4. Rita Holden

    Beautiful song and so very true.

  5. Tayeb Naidji

    Excellent ! Les trente premières secondes me font vraiment penser à l'intro de " I got the Blues" sur l'album Sticky Fingers des rolling stones :) Écoutez les deux, et vous entendrez ! Notamment le riff de guitare et les basses et le rythme...

    Oscar MERCAN

    Real music and a unique voice with the nescasary deepness and pain

  6. carlos russo


  7. Francesco Ferrara

    Ray Charles meets Tom Waits. Wonderful


    Francesco Ferrara NICE

  8. giovanni demi

    amazing voice ! unique ! greetings from italy!

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