Ben Harper - Skin Thin Lyrics

Now that you've grown up
You can finally learn to be a child
We made it to the end of the world
But we'll never make it out alive

Skin thin
I breathe out, you breathe in
But the days seem so long
Skin thin, blood again
It's all I can do to hold on
We're just skin thin

Always knew if we didn't have each other
We'd have nothing at all
And you were always brave enough
To live like you could never fall

Skin thin
I breathe out, you breathe in
But the days seem so long
Skin thin, blood again
It's all I can do to hold on

Now that we've grown up
Can finally learn to be a child
With good friends behind me
But ghosts up ahead for miles and miles

Skin thin
I breathe out, you breathe in
But the days they seem so long
Skin thin, blood again
It's all I can do to hold on
Life's just skin thin

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Ben Harper Skin Thin Comments
  1. Viviane Santos

    Eu queria entender o vídeo não parece com a letre alguém pode mim falar

  2. void main {void}

    It's looking like Canada !

  3. Pedro Rafael

    Vovó filha da puta, vai piscar os olhinhos pro caixão, filha da puta, Filha da puta

  4. Pedro Rafael

    Babaca, filha da puta, vai tomar no seu cu filha da puta, sua escrota, vai tomar no cu, filha da puta, arrombada, escrota

  5. Sunshine Sun

    I just loved once in my life. And this music makes part of it... I am gratefull that at least once in my life i could fell real love inside me... xxx

  6. Anthony Tapia

    15 people are skin thin!!

  7. phill J P

    always been a bigger fan of the the relentless 7 than the innocent criminals, wish that Ben would do more work with the relentless 7


    I've always thought the opposite but now that he came back with the IC, he .... just doesn't got it anymore with them ...
    personnally, I think that he needs to try thease songs with the IC and see what can happens :)

  8. Ahmed Ndao

    Toujours aussi bon: Sublime titre!

  9. Whitney Lail

    This is one of my favorite songs of all time. It speaks to me on so many levels and of course his voice is perfect

  10. curtnett

    this music is heaven

  11. The Back House

    dig it!

  12. DERP Merp

    Ik the guy who made the music vid haha :D

  13. shuhei mukumoto


  14. mickael lainet

    this girl is so cute! i'm in love!

  15. Mehdi Kadiri

    Beautiful and relaxing song

  16. Giuseppe Gerardo

    This is the life!

  17. Ryan Hill

    gas $2.85

  18. Roberto Lantadilla

    One of the best videos ever. Love it!

  19. F3FisGoodforYou

    I'm sure they will meet someday... just a question of time...

  20. F3FisGoodforYou

    Thanks so much for the info, I discover he's even a touring musician and had nice songs !

  21. Marina Mangiat

    come a volte, nella vita, ci si incrocia soltanto...

  22. Steven Petaccio

    In case nobody knows this, the dude with the beard in this video is Mikey Powell and he is one of the greatest lacrosse players ever. his highlight vids probably have more likes than this

    Frank Lynch

    I appreciate the identity of one of Ben Harpers actors in the video, and to point our the actor has another stream of revenue. However the comment about his highlights having more likes than Ben Harpers video is kind of a dick thing to say.

  23. Pablo Epiglottide

    i love this song :D

  24. McKay Carter

    Even though the rich life is tempting and glamorous, I really wish my life turns out like his. I would feel my life is complete if I am able to wake up and serve the people around me and make an old lady smile everyday. That's my American Dream.

  25. KingTrollable

    @andrewcrerar i disliked it just for you :)

  26. toyfrisbee

    I breathe out, you breathe in. The days they seem so long.

  27. Giff Wright

    I enjoyed being a part of this video. I am the cashier in the video at the store I work at. [email protected] My name is Gifford Wright. I love this video. I have many photos of this store where the video was filmed, if anyone is interested.

  28. Ashley Ryan-Godinet

    He's such a beautiful man. Beard. Hard working. Visits the cutest old woman on the planet. Perfect:)

  29. jakebluz77

    The hard working guy lives in a trailer. Meanwhile the stripper lives in a nice house. Such is life.

  30. htoesc46

    @SoulJet1 i'm agreed with you, but also i think that he can't hold on as she does. It seems when lyrics says "i breath out, you breathe in"... he appears doing nothing special, just going on with rutine; she is going a trip.

    Excuse me for my english, im from Chile.

  31. SoulJet1

    Rarely does an incredible song have an incredible video. Well done for all involved. A really moving piece...
    When watched the first couple of times I thought they were complete strangers. But now I see another possibility. Have they perhaps recently broken up and neither are brave enough to call each other? All that was needed was a chance meeting.
    Just another perspective although I prefer the original I think...

  32. AiwaLee

    its been up for 1 year and has less than 100k views??
    what the hell is wrong with people??? :/

  33. jbs2shoesmusic

    sounds like wish you were here

  34. andrewcrerar

    I like how no one has disliked this video

  35. Nordia

    Daniel Stessen makes the best videos; also check out the ones he did for Chris Garneau!

  36. ryrodye

    I'm a big fan of Ben Harper and music videos in general. But I have no idea where they were going with this. Beautiful song though.

  37. Simen Gjersvold

    NO! I thought they were going to get together! DAMNZ

  38. Anette Goodwin

    My 2009 song.... LOVE IT!

  39. gonzo34j

    Mikey Powell and the Villains Trust? Good for you Mike thats an awesome video to be a part of.

  40. Mike Patterson

    Lacrosse's finest really made it big in the music world huh...

  41. Paul & Kathy Short

    Nice tune and video!

  42. jstep1973

    A beautiful song.
    One of Ben's many.

  43. Scott Hanna

    I love this video. I've seen it a hundred times already and just noticed the Relentless7 logo at the right corner of the dude's locker door. 3:37

  44. Michał

    I saw them live at Heineken Open'er Festival 2010 in Gdynia, Poland. Awesome show.

  45. tombacuse

    the part about eating lunch with grandma just hits homw, as does all of the shots from cny. congrats on an awesome video, cant rememebr a better one of late.

  46. Jacob Glazer

    Mikey Powell is awesome, I just wish we could see more of him on the field rather than in the studio.

  47. nhuntlax13

    got any skaneateles in this video? i mean your brother does live there! I like this vid alot tho

  48. vermillion0212

    Mikey Powell is so goddamn talented....

  49. CNYDriver

    Great video

  50. hopiewh13

    great video and much love to Ben for throwing props to CNY - and yes Mike Powell can do anything...

  51. phan702

    ayyy im from cazenovia and powell dangles!

  52. Dan Markowitz

    Great song and video, that Red Apple is in Cazenovia NY. Small town crazy to see in a Ben Harper video

  53. Opheliaismykitty

    Daniel Stessen = genius. Mike Powell = delicious!
    Great song R7 - great video Daniel!

  54. Eulalie W

    To Be so close ~~ and To Never really See the One that Your Longing for ~~~
    For they are just a Breath away~~~ Thank You ~~!!
    This one always hits close to Home XXxx

  55. F3FisGoodforYou

    Like Ben's music: simple and incredibly beautiful.
    How Talent can make a beautiful picture out of a girl putting the trash-bins out... Like Ben, who can create a gem with three old guitar chords.
    This movie is at the image of my life...:(

  56. Tauvia Dawn

    Daniel Stessen is a directing god.

  57. luciuso

    This is the OFFICIAL VIDEO for Skin Thin. So beautiful.

  58. Brad Sittloh

    ...not surprisingly, a great job done on this video. The story, characters, cinematography, and OF COURSE the song I've heard a million times and never thought of in that way. It's just sad to imagine how many times I've done just what they did though. :-( Thanks so much to all involved from Ben and the band all the way to YouTube. ;-}

  59. Andy32074

    makes me thankful for the love of my life, my wife, and the fortunate series of events that led us to not just pass in the night!

  60. dmacjazz

    wonderful, thank you!

  61. Colin A.J. Preiser

    Shot in the Cuse.

  62. Adam Grann

    Great job. Concise and conveys an unbelieveable feeling. The cliffhanging of the two meeting and then just brushing paths was executed with perfection. Props to the whole crew that worked on this video. And to Ben for providing, as always, such visionary music and lyrics.

  63. sickstyle

    like the song AND like the ass teehee

  64. Original50

    That kind of depressed me a bit :O§

    The video was a touch too close to home on a lifestyle I once led.

    Never mind, there's enough positive stuff from Ben to cheer me up :O)

  65. dmenasha

    beautifully honest. great video- ben you are always the loveliest

  66. Opheliaismykitty

    I love this song and the video went along so well. One of my favorite R7 songs on their White Lies for Dark Times album. I am excited for the next one!!

  67. thespidererik

    this was shot using a DSLR wasn't it?

  68. Sojourn39

    so beautiful and sad