Ben Harper - Nothing At All Lyrics

On the kindness of strangers
I've come to depend
For a shoulder to lean
Or a hand to lend
This world's too hard
To not have someone break my fall
Nothing at all, nothing at all
All or nothing at all

We climb this world stone by stone
We love each other bone by bone
There are sins for which
One just cannot atone
Nothing at all, nothing at all
All or nothing at all

There's a price we pay
For the places we lay
For putting it all on the line
So far down the only sound
Is something leaving you behind
Nothing at all, nothing at all
All or nothing at all

What if we end just where we begin
Everywhere we go
We have already been
Would you relive the pain
Or would you call it a draw
Nothing at all, nothing at all
All or nothing at all

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Ben Harper Nothing At All Comments
  1. Théo Goldberg

    Arrangements are crazy on that one especially. Perfect junction arrangements + melody.

  2. e w

    Sad but world population knows shit about good music.

  3. e w


  4. Deborah Lipinski

    Merci pour cet album! :)

  5. Bruno Rolim

    I have difficulty in crying. I don like this in me. It is not because I think men shouldnt cry or something stupid like that. I JUST FIND IT REALLY HARD, and I don think this is healthy at all.I suffer from it. Last time I cried was in mid 2016 when a friend died. I must thank Ben and Chalie for helping me cry today! Your music is beyond words!!! Thank you so much!

    miky pietra caprina

    You are very sweet.....the music have the power to give expression of ourselves......emotions....feelings of soul......words....i think so much......i love music with all my heart!!!! I hold you and i hold Ben.....

    Bruno Rolim

    @miky pietra caprina you are very sweet too! thank you for your words. looked up your name and saw that you are very talented too. a dancer, acress, film director, musician.... WOW!!! :D

  6. Erik Alford

    It's probably cuz it's really new, Adam. It's great to hear though

    Erik Alford

    Im sorry. I meant Jason

  7. Francois Froge

    ♪ ღ♫ 🎸 ◕)

  8. Jean-Yves BARATON

    Juste magnifique...

  9. marie hone

    Excellent Ben Harper comme toujours . ♥ Je l'écoute aujourd'hui par temps de pluie mais il m'apporte le soleil .

  10. Wilhelmien Brons


  11. Thomas Hoarau Al Zaïr

    Amazing... true.. pure.. sweet and strong... Thanks you Ben

  12. Jason Adams

    Where is everybody? Did everybody leave Ben or something? Why does his new music only have a couple thousand views?


    it doesn't matter as long as WE are listening to this masterpiece ... we are priviliged ...


    They aren't done hitting the repeat button on the first 9 tracks of the album? ^^

  13. Catalina Tarud