Ben Harper - Feel Love Lyrics

We stood in the dark
With our hands over each other's heart
We didn't waste a word
Grace is love undeserved
I've give up
I've give in
I've give out
And back again
Now that we're in from the cold
Our days are made of gold
What has benn lived
Can't be changed
But what we have lost
Can still be reclaimed
And I won't let you down
When you feel love
You remind me I can feel love
We sleep and share the same dream love
When we feel love

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Ben Harper Feel Love Comments
  1. jcpennington183

    That looks like a hand coming out of a butt. Am I wrong?

  2. Michelle

    beautiful song

  3. Heinousness

    wow thanks for posting the new songs..

  4. Farmer gee

    Top tune..

  5. Nikita Ortiz


  6. tristan m

    i love this song ... nuff said