Ben Folds - Wandering Lyrics

She's a million miles away
From me
Separated by a hollow wooden door
Some time we can't erase
Serves me right
To let her in the first time
That she knocked

And all this wandering
Got you nothing
You were ready to but
Never could

Things you never saw in me
She'll see
Observations that she'd heard from other people
That she never understood
Serves her right
Not knowing just exactly what she wants

And all this wandering
Got me nothing
You were ready to but never could

Are you happy

Remember sitting on your car
That night
Clouds rolled out unvailing lights around the bay
And you told me all those things

Remember that?
You told me you can't match your clothes
Remember that?
Confessed how when I laugh sometimes, I'm crying
And we sat and didn't talk for half an hour

Remember that?
Cause I won't remember

And all this wandering
And all this wandering

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Ben Folds Wandering Comments
  1. Sandman

    Jersey Girl brought me here. Don’t care

  2. Sandman

    4:06 :)

  3. Marsha Terrelonge

    Hi everyone

  4. Wesley Dos Santos

    A garota dos olhos


  5. Lattiure

    Great vibes

  6. Rob Hansult

    So is someone (Please!) looping the outtro to 60 min ... ? ... I want it on ambient sound machine!

  7. Jonny B

    Beautiful song

  8. Julie Tiger


  9. Rick Jones

    This reminds me of a time long past in my life of my first real love when I was in my teens. I'm 59 now. Her family became a second family to me. Her Dad became the father I wish I would have had. We were first friends then got closer. Then I made the mistake of introduced her to my best friend who looked like Roland Kent La Voie of the group" Lobo". Well, you know what happened after that. But it didn't last long with him, then with me then with him.I guess I became the go between when they were mad at each other. Then she graduated and move a thousand miles away. Wandered back and forth from time to time between Delaware and Oklahoma . Got married, had two children. A boy and a girl. Then after her father died, she came back once or twice over the next couple of decades then stopped. Then, not even her family in Delaware would hear from her and then disappeared. The last thing I heard was she left her husband, got real sick for a while. Now there has been nothing for the past 5 or 6 years. I did some research in the obits in Ok. and surrounding states but turned up nothing. For whatever reason, she has shut out her Delaware family. Her OK. family claims to know nothing more than we do. Anyway Lynda, thanks for sharing your family here with me back then. Hope wherever you are and whatever your doing you are well and happy.

  10. Benjamin Rudolph

    the end is just.......cryin

  11. chris capwell

    It is also featured in the film '100 Girls"

    Nels Hammer

    That's what brought me here

  12. Lippy Pongstockings

    The poetry, nevermind the gorgeous

  13. RedYellow Blue

    When he takes off the goofy glasses, Ben's actually a handsome lad

  14. Cheryl Rasbach

    Beautiful song, especially the end...never want it to end :(

  15. Ricardo Antiveros

    you right, is the best part of the song

  16. Rob Hansult

    Absolutely Brilliant outro!

  17. TheDreamzMachine

    all this wandering got you nothing.. beautiful but sad..

  18. Robert Buchko

    I know! It's what drew me to this song. Gives me chills.

  19. Vincent Rogalski


  20. BlueMedusa

    Awesome, thanks!

  21. Dan Grant

    its on the speedgraphic ep along with some other gems including an "in between days" the cure cover

  22. BlueMedusa

    P.S: Heard it on Jersey Girl and fell in love!

  23. BlueMedusa

    I just bought the demo on iTunes and I like this one better. Where can I buy it??

  24. Andy Bird

    nerer herd this b4