Belphegor - Apophis - Black Dragon Lyrics

Gar thala kathukath

Iathin Na Borba

Nuk Peter
Nuk Apep
Do Ophis
Do Archaios
Pert Em Kerth
Mo Zan Ousons Ou Yabith

In nomine magni
Dei nostri

Nigrum draconis
Before time and space existed

Steig empor Verführer
Schwarzer Drache des Khaos
Verwüster und Zerstörer
Drachenschlange der Finsternis

Nuk Peter
Nuk Apep
Do Ophis
Do Archaios
Pert Em Kerth
Mo Zan Ousons Ou Yabith

Sol noctis aeternum
Gloria deo domini inferi

Oh thou, black hole
Which swallows everything

Steig empor, Verführer
Schwarze Sonne der Ewigkeit
Angriff und Vernichtung
Drachenschlange der Dunkelheit

Steig empor, Verführer
Monster der Unsterblichkeit
Archaische Ur-Kraft
Drachenschlange der Finsternis

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Belphegor Apophis - Black Dragon Comments
  1. Астральный Свет

    как называется этот стиль музыки?

  2. Ramael Theriault

    5:15 drum systen is nasty Lego 👏

  3. Фернандо Ариэль Алькосер Пенья

    Nunca desepcionan |m|

  4. Hasan Mohammed

    I wish the great serpent Apophis would actually succeed in swallowing the sun

  5. Dagmar Reyes

    5:08 I just got an Orgasm listening to this part



  6. Hasan Mohammed

    i wish that the stupid Christians would realise that satan has already won. he resides in the mind of pastors who utilize his power to gain a following. all is hypnosis. I wasn't raised in a religious home this the door to god has never and will never be opened.

  7. Chaos30310

    Im a black guy and i love this

  8. danilo Soares

    Isso memo

  9. danilo Soares

    São Paulo pode colar

  10. creativemusicalbeing

    0:21 Applefish

  11. Aurora Lynn

    LOL "She took my breath"

  12. Anti Nomine

    When people ask me "what's it like inside your head?", I've had a hard time explaining it. Now, I'll just play them this, starting at 1:27.

  13. Vlodimir Bumazhnikau

    Super, I going to concert. Dark funeral and Belphegor 26 may at Chicago

  14. Pedro Paulo Wanderley

    I've made a gp5 tab for it:

  15. Chris Day


  16. Gaidh Mheap Areas

    This is a lyric video but I can't read it :D lol

  17. Jesse

    It’s interesting to me, because intellectually, this ends up being Christian music.

  18. Dagmar Reyes

    Holy shit with those ending riffs
    So fucking brutal
    Hail Belphegor \m/

  19. Nαimz AN


  20. Gary Garrett

    What language was most of the lyrics in, me and my wife have argued for 30 minutes

    The Nagalfar

    Its many languages from swedish to latin to italian. Its made to be chaotic; difficult to understand. Apophis is the egyptian god of chaos

  21. LtClarke2215

    by alduin! what a great dragon cry of belphegor to summon apophis. thank you very much for this great record.

  22. Michael O'Regan

    fucking awesome!!!

  23. Edisson Nieto

    ese solo del 4:20 suena bastante bueno, muy sexy haha

  24. *ΕΩΣΦΟΡΟΣ *

    Can't miss this one,cool...

  25. Dutch Dude-85

    Been listening to these guys since Necrodaimon Terrorsathan and they never let me down. Awesome blackend death!!!

  26. ZIPPER

    The only black dragon is from dissection

  27. Ahmed Abd el kader

    The this track are epic !

  28. I. Kaminskiy

    great stuff

  29. Mommy


  30. Anubis 666

    The Oriental themed riff at the Intro reminds me of NILE and this entire song is very reminescent of Rotting Christ. Great Job, guys. \m/__\m/

  31. metal mark

    Great black band

  32. Cavalcante S.F

    Um delicioso prato de fezes ao meu honrado senhor das moscas


    1:10 *⛧DARK & EVIL⛧*

  34. Johann Tabone

    Favourite track in the record !

  35. TheQueenLycan

    This song makes me wet.

  36. Mosher Murray

    Good slab of metal....

  37. Alejandro Valdovinos

    belphegor mi banda favorita 😈

  38. G.E. Nikijuluw

    PEPAPIG!!!! in the beginning hahahaha

  39. anathemar


  40. AZaz 15

    I love these crisp riffs of belphegor! 🤘

  41. Seth Molasar

    LAZK LU 𒆠𒉘 𒍣

  42. Jonah

    EPIC...can't wait to see them in November

  43. Ciacho x

    Powerefull shit \m/ \m/

  44. Dustin Edwards

    This album fuckin destroys..
    Belphagor deliver another brutal, evil masterpiece ... \m/

  45. Josh N

    This is dumb

    Ciacho x

    You are dumber

    jamber jee

    Josh N for an idiot like you I’m sure anything beyond your understanding is dumb....

  46. Antonarchus Maximus

    I was worried, but this definitely sounds like good old Belphegor \m/

  47. Pablo Dabed

    Hell Yeah!!!

  48. ST4RS Kingston III

    i love evil satanic rock


    Fucking nice!!!

  50. 666MarcoM

    Hail Helmuth! \m/

  51. Павел Вискас

    guitar in the bigining is so f***ing amazing. So psychedelic...

  52. artemorbid

    Great track

  53. Cosmin Ritivoi

    Not really my style . . But the last minute is amazing. Why do I have to wait that long??... Oh well.

  54. Shawn Raven

    Now this is what I call PURE EVIL. :D

  55. Rod Gill

    the new album is fucking amazing!!!!
    heard it like at least 3 times so far!
    cant wait to buy my copy in a few weeks.

  56. ricardo silva

    Here's the soundtrack for when Apophis strike into Earth nineteen years from now

  57. Matthew Brown

    Trying to figure out if it sounds better legitimately, or if I'm just kinda excited because it's new Belphegor.

  58. Crunk Playa69

    are this is celine dion or i think bonnie tyler?

  59. Juan Luis Cordero

    Seh aquí hay un blacker en español :v..
    ¡Apophis! \m/

  60. deceiver

    Wow, what happened to this band ? I thought they were just a decent extreme metal act lost among countless other bands. But this new material is something else.

  61. Giovanni Marino

    Hail to BELPHEGOR 666


    three days til this is out fucking brutal so far

  63. Cesar Trombeta


  64. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    Nice ballad

  65. Eugene

    Чё-то намешали три языка)) Давайте ещё русский, и будет вообще за**бись))

  66. Dominic Desrochers

    Apophis is a giant snake of the ancient mythology representing the evil.

    Agnès Pel

    Even the god Seth fought him.

  67. Stuart Loughton

    I've heard people say metal bands just sing about Satan, they don't really want him. I think Belphegor do!

  68. Franciele Maziero

    I really like it!!

  69. Rocker Music


  70. Metal Channel

    Demoníaco 🤘

  71. Lord Absol

    Now this is the Belphegor we knew 😈😈

  72. Chaosdweller

    ich lieb den song .. -I- einfach hammer .. belphegor eben !

  73. mandalorian233

    US tour please? Albuquerque, NM awaits you.

  74. Bianca Bathory


  75. Shadow81989

    And people still wonder why metalheads are sometimes viewed as satanists/antichrists... lol
    Wonderful song anyway!


    I'm a christian but i really liked this song. I don't identify with Belphegor's ideology obviously but i still really enjoy their music. Talent is talent no matter their political or religious stance.

  76. The Bearded John

    I just hope this album not to be a letdown like conjuring the dead


    trust me- it will not!

  77. Diney Bezerra

    This song does not leave my head.


    Diney Bezerra i know right

  78. VermiNine

    The fuckin outro!

  79. Rocker Music

    15 day s to go..for the new cd of Belpheor....i can t wait

  80. Radosław Kucharzak

    I can not waitfor full album.Amazing.

  81. Dylaniator95

    Very dark... like it!

  82. Selman Aydoğan

    belphegor is one of my favorite black metal band . mayhem and darkthrone are gods of black

  83. Carnei

    Not a fan of the genre, but Belphegor stands out as a stroke of genius. Amazing stuff!

  84. Jessi GothKitty


    Sedition ThroughScorns

    Fancy seeing you on YouTube maddam!

  85. Luis Miguel Lamas


  86. nvm0

    a LOT better than Conjuring (so far). Not the completely top but also not the worst

  87. itookallthenames

    It's the same song, but it's a good song!

  88. Rigor Mortis Mendoza

    A lot of different style!!! It's sounds great, no matter what they made ok? IT'S BELPHEGOR!!!🗣💀🤘👀🙋😵👏👏👏👏😠👿

    Russell Mcgurn

    Goobidy goobidy goo-ooooooo!

  89. ann1hel

    cant wait for this album to drop

  90. Alejandro González

    Holy shit, this is quality stuff. Belphegor just proved they can still deliver good satanic shit.

  91. Han5 1mGlu3ck

    Wird ne geile Platte... freu mich jetz schon....
    Weiter so Jungs... Bin wie verhext^^... haha

  92. Odins Wolf

    Love it

  93. Jordan Boehmer

    I love classic rock like this

    Lord I.S.

    Jordan Boehmer best comment ever! +1

    Anubis 666

    This may as well one day be Classic Rock to people in the future. Who Knows. Most early Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal bands probably thought they were the heaviest shit ever, so you see what I mean.

    Pedro Paulo Wanderley

    It's not classic rock. It's hard rock. =3

    Russell Mcgurn

    This is so badass it was made South of Hell so essentially it's considered Cuntry!

  94. Kostya Y.

    Why does it sound like they are summoning someone? "Peter"? Who's Peter?
    Should I tune it down?..

  95. Gamarax

    I still feel weird being Christian and listening to this


    +Gamarax if you can be left to your devices, to be whatever you would like to be and believe in, without your family 'killing' you- there is a problem man.

    Vanderson Medeiros

    I'm Christian too and I like some songs like this, like: Dark Funeral - Open The Gates, Unchain My Soul; Belphegor - Baphomet.

    Vagrant 069

    Dudes, be kind to christians, don’t be like them wtf


    don't worry guys, Gamarax is on his way to atheism and the harsh light of our reality

    jamber jee

    Gamarax That god isn’t real so it does not matter......

  96. Sergio Rodriguez

    Best Belphegor's album was "Goatreich - The Flesh Cult". Each later album is more boring. And without Sigurd on guitars, less quality.

    Evil Archangel

    Sergio Rodriguez
    My friend also thinks Goatreich is the best album in their catalog. I think Lucifer Incestus is, though. However, in my opinion from Bluhtsabbath - Pestapokalypse VI are the best, at least for me.

  97. roberto cortés


  98. Revenge Prevails


  99. Haagen Kreutz

    I just came here to write a comment. So here's my comment. Thank you for your Attention.