Belly - Come Down Is Real Lyrics

Never sleep I'm fucking tired of dreaming
Always smoking like I'm tired of breathing
Did it all, I could die this evening
Ran the devil round the block to exercise my demons

Bitches in the house that I just don't acknowledge
Kissed me on the mouth and said I'm going to college
Hit a dab to cab money for the dollars
You said you love me but you're so dishonest
Said you love me but you're so persuasive
You don't complain plus you're so complacent
You never fuss plus you're always tweaking
All you wanted was a dream house to fall asleep in

Too submissive, I was cruel and vicious with it
You believed in me like a new religion
Guess you Buddhist Christian, huh?
On a bed sitting cross-legged now
Higher than a Falsetto now

I said I miss you, said I'm thinking of you
You ain't responding, guess I'm drinking for two
Come down is real, come down is real
Come down is real, come down is real
Oh, no

Room spinning, tryna kill the motion
Fuck feelings tryna kill emotion
Never loved but you came the closest
Even went to rehab, to me you're still the dopest

Shit's out of focus, I'm losing track of the moments
She drop down to her knees she ain't proposing
She stares at roses, always hurt like Derrick Rose
January cold, my bed warm like February clothes

Too submissive, I was cruel and vicious with it
You believed in me like a new religion
Guess you Buddhist Christian, huh?
On a bed sitting cross-legged now
Higher than a Falsetto now

I said I miss you, said I'm thinking of you
You ain't responding, guess I'm drinking for two
Come down is real, come down is real
Come down is real, come down is real
Oh, no

[Animal Documentary Commentator]

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Belly Come Down Is Real Comments
  1. Crazy 8 White

    listen to this while coming off meth just do it

  2. Renee Van Roekel

    This video is giving me mad cravings lol omg

  3. lilkamabeast

    I'm 2 years late to the video wtf 😂 never knew

  4. Timothy Jones

    Ayo this song drinking liquor bottles and weed type vibe beat 🔥 too

  5. fabio costa

    Such a dope track !

  6. D R

    Even went to rehab to me you’re still the dopest💜

  7. Penguin 209

    First song I heard from dude n I'm feeling it wat are other good songs by him

  8. Olek

    I'm here after D. Rose 50pt game.


    dope coming from Phoenix Arizona 602

  10. Dwayne Campeau

    This song is about being methed out

  11. Alpha XO

    Oooooo you actin funny now....

  12. C Rap

    Belly, if you read this, trust me. You're on the right way. Keep it up.

    Sinbel Hawley

    This is so slow

  13. AzAm AzDo

    Belly is totally under rated. . And he be kickin ass !

  14. Mikoalex miko

    Gotta admit the guy is good

  15. Mr. MO

    The Best Artist award goes to ahmad balshe. I dont think this dude has one song that I dont like. Keep it up bro.

  16. Christopher Robbins

    Real talk I heard his flow on 106. But just got this cuz nav!! Boy go hard...... drug flow plus drinking goer two... xoOvo

  17. TARUN

    WHY SO UNDERATEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ???????????????????????

  18. Moun Abb

    I'm glad you are an artist Belly 613

  19. Benita Badal

    That blunt is skinny af

  20. Thomas A. Anderson

    On a coke comedown listening to this

    PS4 Gaming

    Thomas A. Anderson coke comedown is fcking stressful with all that regretting and what not

  21. Olek

    you aint respond i guess im drinkin for 2

  22. D!lly Beamen


  23. Johnathan George


  24. Justin Gutierrez

    hes so slept on

  25. Jade Peters

    Fucking swag

  26. Ernesto Zambrana



    Belly is Dope - Should have More Than 1M Subscribers ♡♡♡

  28. Joe Julio

  29. Tommy Tommy

    "You don't complain plus your so complacent" #Bars !!!

  30. Kyle Byrne

    How the fk does this have less then a milli views.....

  31. Christopher Harmer

    Belly lit and real like always 🔥🔥

  32. Real Rezi

    come down Israel :)))

  33. Ian Freund

    Man listen?

  34. C.O.C Lifestyles

    This guy too good i subscribed soon as i heard one song.

  35. amir amiri

    Only 241k views!!! This needs to be erry where, too Lit

  36. Big Timer

    oh gawddd this is fire]

  37. Ernesto Sampson

    Up for days! one of his best mixtapes! my favorite for sure!

  38. FavJam

    beat not that great.
    there's no bass

  39. Akilan

    always hurt like Derrick rose 😂😂😂

  40. Erick Cox

    The come down is really real.ha! Always hurt like Derrick Rose,cold shit

  41. kina _

    white girls sequel

  42. Slava Gorbachev

    u n d e r r a t e d

  43. rath khan

    Dope Joint. Keep it up my nigga 613

  44. Hashem abdou

  45. Eric Fisher

    shit go hard #killthabeattv

  46. C Kamdon

    I'm here up on this while the whole world's a sleep dreaming!

  47. Raquel Wright

    Damn this ill

  48. Ryan MacDonald

    Belly Its GRCREW I'm in the Game Holla we met at Lucky you believed in me.... Strictly insane Entertainment the underground Company Rising up

  49. kingcinemattic

    the weeknd would have killed the hook

  50. Salvador Venegas

    belly shits on lil yathy blacc youngsta 21 savage

  51. James Bond

    don't sleep on this nigga

  52. janet gomez

    I waited so long for this i'm so happy lol

  53. Shayne Edwards

    Most underrated

  54. Tylarious

    how does this not have millions of views?

  55. captian V


  56. venom cipher

    fr got no notification , but the song ain't bad

  57. Rho Rho

    is he singing about satan ?

  58. Nicklaus Ibrahim

    Belly is such a good artist.he's so underrated

  59. Silver2k

    Song is Fire man cant believe it only as 100k views


    I explore Belly recently, and really fall in love with his music. But what the f*%$#k his vids do not get such attention as it ought to?!

  61. Ahmed Mahmoud

    This dope

  62. Revel MM

    Sempre foda

  63. Draxzy

    Re up will always be my fav belly song

  64. EisenbergFlavour

    Never sleep. I'm fuckin tired of dreamin
    Always smokin like I'm tired of breathin

    ....Powerful. damn

  65. Kimo swag

    who watching and scrolling down the comments😂🤘💯💯

  66. 8 Page Productions

    Lit video

  67. rm ツ


  68. Dom

    This is gold! I feel this from Brazil.

  69. Youssefxo

    hit like if ur reppin XO ...

  70. Sawyer Garske

    belly got bars asf

  71. Derrick Moore

    this dude killz EVERYTHING

  72. Ben Ali

    Damn not even 100k in a week...

  73. st marine

    u drinkin for two cuz u look pregnant

  74. Delta7 Entretenimentos

    Delta7 Entretenimentos © 🎩🔥💯
    🔺7 DXLTV777 🌐🍃👻🚀🔜

  75. Dila G.


  76. Too Tall

    Dam Belly needs more numbers man, he been killing it!!

    Robert Tcaciuc

    Yeah I feel that too, I've been a fan since "I'm The Man"

    Bandz City

    hundo p fam

  77. Jayden Speelman

    I'm pissed af that this guy is underrated. Great video! Been a fan since way back

  78. kryptoNITE_

    xo takeover

  79. Kali Darchelle

    Hands down this is my new favorite song. This song taught me how to hit the folks (FINALLY) thanks belly :)

  80. David Dobrev

    calm down israel..

  81. Steve Summers

    This video is to much lol me dab life

  82. YaBoi Rob


  83. Official MeechMusic

    *The Roc*

  84. Last King

    Belly u gotta get dem abs so u can change ur name to abs

  85. may xo

    damn Belly is my soulmate!!!


    Song is fucking old. Where is this video coming from

  87. Zeus

    Music from 2014, why is the videoclip being released just now?

  88. Minecraft pvpjajaxd

    Belly is a fucking beast

  89. Oo_R3AP3R_oO

    Dopeee 👌

  90. TARUN

    abel 4 life.. XOXO

  91. Chris Lampson

    Here before the blow up

  92. eM powerZ

    This been my anthem for the past 2 summers lol wtf my nigga, put out a NEW vid!!

  93. طلال العتيبي.

    ياخي ذا مظلوم،اغانيه حرام م تتعدى ال مليونين مشاهدة ف يوم❤️💔.


    طونـي العُتيبــي haram lol

  94. Christian Ramírez

    One of my XO favorite songs ever