Bellion, Jon - Weight Of The World Lyrics

We're six feet underground inside my bed
And all the little letters in my head
We're spelling suicide but not by choice
Was calling out for help, but heard no noise, no noise

Only the sound of my back breaking
But ever since you and your arms saved me

I don't hold the weight of the world anymore
I don't hold the weight of the world anymore
I don't hold the weight of the world anymore
I don't hold the weight of the world anymore

The only friend I had wore black and red
The darker instruments inside my head
We're playing suicide but not by choice, by choice
Was calling out for help, but heard no noise, no noise

Only the sound of my hands shaking
But ever since you and your arms saved me

I don't hold the weight of the world anymore
I don't hold the weight of the world anymore
I don't hold the weight of the world anymore
I don't hold the weight of the world anymore

Don't hold the weight of the world
I don't hold the weight, I don't hold the weight

[Blaque Keyz:]
This the flow that helped me tip the scale
I'm stackin' chips like Chippendale's without the strippin'
Get the bailiff out cause Mr. Bellion's out to sell
We skip the bail and out the jail
We hit the trail, the route we took is hard to smell it out
So get to sniffin', equipped with the gift of spit
like the lisp on a chicken plate and a flick mixed with Spiderman
I'm brighter than LEDs on your TV
Keyz is sharp as a dagger
Who walks around with a swagger of Kenny G
When you see me, chill with the chatter
Got the skill of a master craftsman whose passion is rappin'
Snackin' on actors, so pass me a napkin
Chip on the shoulder, the kid is colder than both Dakotas
The winter soldier, assassin coming after your captain
For honor and every day, I'm getting stronger
No one will shock the world, got a buzz like a mini Blanka
When they apply the pressure, it's heavier than E. Honda
Got what it takes to be great, but can't hold this weight any longer

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Bellion, Jon Weight Of The World Comments
  1. moses ezean

    Atlas from Greek mythology can’t wait to sing this song 😆

  2. Baby Sour cream

    Rap start at 3:35

  3. Damn You Kim Taeho

    Wait is he like a devoted Christian or why are people always commenting about God..? Uff still gonna appreciate this amazing music but as a atheist this feels weird otl

    Shad-ï / ï-dahS

    Yeah he is. he mentions it a lot in his songs. The most obvious one being his song off this album titled Hand of God.

  4. Tiana Young

    "Ever since your arms saved me, I don't hold the weight of the world anymore."
    *thats what God had done for me right there.*

    rowan starkling

    Amen he does everything for us God bless him

    Nicole Maquera

    Yas Amen <3 ;')



  5. joseph miller


  6. ThienTam Musicqué

    Yeah i'm here in august 2018

  7. Jake

    This might be my fave song for Jon Bellion right now

  8. Joaquín Santos

    What does wearing black and red mean?

    Dulcet Ebullience

    Could be a reference to Blurryface, but I'm not in Jon's mind, so I don't know.

  9. Diidada -

    I love him so much, I wish I could see him live someday

  10. Jake

    Did Jon Bellion survive a suicide attempt and this song is reflecting that memory?

  11. Michael Robertson

    Nice street fighter reference as well with the marvel one

  12. sky

    This song gives me hella feels except im still waiting to not hold the weight of the world still..... Im still waiting for the light to come .... but so far i've got nothing............
    Its an awesome song tho

    wesley tucker

    sky Recently been feeling this way, but have been giving the weight back to God like Jon is talking about.
    I'm not sure what your relationship is with Him, but there really isn't anything that compares to the feeling of having that weight lifted, and the Light breaking through.
    Please don't wait, things usually just get worse. I encourage you to talk to someone knowledgeable in this area. 🙏

  13. Brock Holton

    can you make he is the same/hand of god

  14. Brock Holton

    the black child by jon is black keyz right ?

  15. LollipopStudios

    If you can hear your hands *shaking* there might be a problem

  16. Honey Glow123

    I've listened to this song 26 times in a row TODAY. I know this awesome song like my cheerleading bows.

  17. Britannia Pastori

    My boyfriend was going though a hard time and told me to listen to this song and I started to cry. The next day I hugged him tighter then I have ever did

    Kameryn Ashley

    Britannia Pastori That is so sweet. I would cry too

  18. Shamika Baptiste

    Amazing singer keyz and Jon bellion

  19. Shamika Baptiste

    When keyz at

  20. 301_TRISTAN

    As a marvel fan I am very pressed about that ending verse

    Ellen Sunderland

    TH3GH05T same 😃

  21. Jazlynn

    My favorite part 0:00 to 4:28.


    I don’t like the part with Blaque keys

    Why are We here

    I don't like 4:28

  22. Paolo Santos

    Whats this song mean exactly?

    Bianca Raby

    Paolo Santos basically it's about how during a difficult time of jon's life he found solace in God and religion

  23. Babegurl 1

    This song touch me so much. . playing suicide but not by choice
    I was crying out for help but herd no noice..
    I'm tired of fighting I'm giving up im loosing my gripp i cant smile nd everybody around me making it worst. but ii luv this song


    how are going now? :)

    rowan starkling

    Dont loose hope even if the world is falling apart you can be king and queen again

  24. Trent Rains

    Keyz killed this

  25. Douglas Araujo

    Keyz is amazing

  26. Aposii

    Bellion was able to sneak in some fire ass blaque keyz lmao

  27. 301_TRISTAN

    two marvel references in one verse? damn. now that's some hot shit right there

  28. bish fish

    Keyz's part is at 3:35

    Heith Robinson

    Good looking out

  29. Rufus The dog

    Your songs are really good and have a good meaning in them👍🏻

  30. Nicholas Rios

    My favorite part is where blaque keys raps

    Yung Tax Reførm

    Nicholas Rios The transition is so godly that I jizzed myself

    Brock Holton

    i thought youtube had autoplayed to a random song

    Catcher Morningstar

    That was the shit part, i always skip it

  31. Maxton Congrove

    Great account man, all the lyrics are spot on as far as I've seen. When are you going to do Hand of God and He is the Same?

    Jon Bellion Lyrics

    thank u so much! um I'll make them if people request them but i can make them if ur requesting right now haha

    Maxton Congrove

    +Jon Bellion Lyrics Whenever you can but I'd love to see them, keep up the good account man

    Kakuya Fangs

    Isn't this the hand Of God