Belle & Sebastian - The Party Line Lyrics

How did I get here? I heard a rumour
From your girlfriend's sister that you knew me
And you end up dancing closer to me

I know that I broke the rule already
She asked me if I'm single
Going steady
I just drop my head and took a step off into the dark

Standing on the black and white tiles
Don't dance on the lines
Cause the bears eat the pretty ones
We are like the islands, divided

Jump to the beat of a party line
Jump to the beat of a party line
There is nobody here
But your body, dear
Jump to the beat of the party line

You stay

I am on this morning quite distracted
The tug of war begins on our emotion
I am leaving many people feeling
Worse than before

People like to drive their cars and smoke up
People like to sit inside and toke up
People like to shoot at things with borrowed guns and knives

I am happy to look and run
Where were you when I was king in this part of town?
Now the days of glory are gone

Jump to the beat of a party line
Jump to the beat of a party line
There is nobody here
But your body, dear
Jump to the beat of the party line

Jump to the beat of a party line
Jump to the beat of a party line
There is nobody here
But your body, dear
Nobody here
But your body, dear

Jump to the beat of a party line
Jump to the beat of a party line
There is nobody here
But your body, dear
Jump to the beat of the party line

Jump to the beat of a party line
Jump to the beat of a party line
There is nobody here
But your body, dear
Nobody here
But your body, dear

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Belle & Sebastian The Party Line Comments
  1. Armando Garcia

    0:28 This music style makes me feel melancholic, I don´t know why

  2. UsNotMe

    Everybody's talking about the sound and I'm over here trying to figure out wtf is going on the video, lol. I was waiting for some kind of payoff.

  3. Michel Masserey

    Probably one of their best tracks... Great they didn't stick to their traditional sound... bands have the right to evolve

  4. Roxana Estrada

    Quiero bailar!

  5. Gableo

    I came here for Hinds' Instagram story, don't regret it

  6. Arturo Gutiérrez

    Gipouerr, 🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🌯🥗🍿🍿🍿🥘🍤🍧🍨🍴🍴🍵🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍸🍸🍸🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍝🍛🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🥪🌭🌭🥪🌭🍕🍕🍕🥐 guauyyty

  7. Sarah Vogt

    Worst fucking way to end a song!!! Wtf!

  8. Andre Bitoff

    Younge St. 1981. I'M still a kid. Love the disco vibe. Great tune. From Motown.

  9. Francisco Tezén Solis

    Sumamente hermoso

  10. Iseloomad Band

    Just the optimal amount of cowbell being used here. Well done!

  11. Andy L

    Good song!

  12. Rodrigo Ruiz

    I don’t care if they made indie music or if they had an indie sound but this song is great and the video is awesome!!!

  13. Giuseppe Pretto

    Jump to the beat of the party line :D ¿ anyone 2019 ?

  14. Krauzorion Inc

    This is the good indie. Ever will be my favorite.

  15. Alessandro Carvalho

    2018 anyone?

    Giuseppe Pretto

    2019 now :)

  16. Joe Chemo

    Wow, too bad about all the smoking in this thing. The tobacco industry must be thrilled. Truth is it makes you unattractive to 80% of the population, if you think that's good then go for it.

  17. Alberto Sanchez

    Great song for a silly video!

  18. I'm a man With pants legs

    Faded in a room at my home girls plave she played this an i can say it interesting. A might be feeling this. Coming from a person who listens to music.

  19. Kyle H

    Heard this in Walgreens today. Had to pull out the Shazam app

  20. Gabriel Gonçalo

    Amo demais <3

  21. weirdopotatocheese

    sitting in walgreens and this came on, was extremely confused because i thought it sounded like troye sivan.

  22. Nicolas Linardi

    3:28 Eargasm

  23. Fourat sakka

    Who came from Difficult People??

  24. Hope Lines

    I'ved partied to the Party Line - dancing at Belle and Sebastian show!

  25. alexf02071999

    There is nobody here but you bought a deer

  26. Nightfall Shadow

    sounds good. Glad I found these guys.

  27. julio cesar salvador

    The guy doesn´t dance with her, doesn´t he?
    kind of bored...That girl deserve a better guy.

  28. Sergio Bauza

    I love them ao much

  29. Stubborn Taurus

    I heard this song in Walgreens and was like "shii, i gotta download this. this was dope" lol

  30. Rafael Islas

    626 618 32 98

  31. sydney !!

    belle and sebastian are the most underrated band ever

  32. madidus studio grafico

    yes! Not only dance! wow!

  33. james taylor

    I cannot believe I was just at Behemoth Slayer and Lamb of God. But I ducking love this 0song-and so does my woman Amber #ma0ggotstilwedie

  34. nap cruz

    grabriel said this band is good so im checking on them oh gabriel😊

  35. Richard Segal

    This song is extremely groovy

  36. Adam James

    wtf happened to belle and sebastian. this is more like Debby and Steve.

  37. thejedanshow

    Very different, but still awesome!


    I can here cuz I was on hold for iPhone

  39. InstantElla

    I love the disco roller vibessss! :D

  40. Chloé-Marie K

    Inspired by Pierrot Le Fou opening scene / Godard ?

  41. JLGRproductions

    I jist heard this at walgreens. Had to shazam it

  42. Jeffrey Lai

    diu lo mo about the advertisement

  43. TheGodEmperorofMankind

    haven't listened to belle and sebastian for years, they've changed so much.  I'm liking this.

  44. Ben Richards

    To be honest, i love reinventions...that is what life is all about...reinventing yourself to make sense of the now..great effort guys xx

    Bruno C.

    Life is not about 'reiventing yourself'!

  45. Rachel M

    First time listening to this band and already in love ❤️. Had no idea they were from the same place as me!!

  46. Santino Motta

    This deserves much more views.

  47. Вячеслав Медовый

    came here from kidsinterviewbands with touche amore, belle & sebastian cover was printed on Jeremy t-shirt

  48. Isis Ramalho

    melhor musica

  49. maddy burke

    liv cat smoking a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!! i love my friends


    i love my environmentalists


    no but seriously i thought you were making a porno at the start of that vid xD

  50. Eliud C. Delgado

    I love the typography in this video. It's pretty similar to Cooper BT, used in the Write about Love era. Does anybody know what font is it?

  51. Arcadia Films

    Sounds like the indie band Of Montreal. I love it!

    Bruno C.

    In the true, Of Montreal sounds like B&S

  52. princepunk

    I grew up with this band. Interesting to hear them as they progress. I do like this song.

  53. MARIC MR

    do they take a break from actibity? i've not seen their new music video 1year before. do anyone know?

  54. Empress Daisy

    I found this song playing at the Walgreens I work at and I could not stop dancing!

    Kyle H

    Ha didn't think i'd find another person who was introduced to this song/band via Walgreens

  55. Fabiano Messias

    vi a banda ao vivo pela segunda vez no ano passado, e eles continuam fantásticos

  56. Chris

    The most un-Bellend Sebastian tune they've ever made... I love the change-up!

  57. Hrizonwapiti 79

    #la route du rock ;)

  58. Dirthole Tribune

    Wow I haven't listened to b&s for years.

    When did they get shit?

    James Williams

    Something of a loaded question, like "When did you stop beating your wife?"

  59. 網路行銷超人董正隆



    Temaki samurai ninja sushi karate?

  60. Alyne

    toca musicas deles no filme brasileiro "Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho" ambos bom demais!

    Bruno C.

    É aquele filme que tem um homem querendo pegar outro homem?

  61. Brain Sample

    im looking for the TV show not these wankers

  62. Fernanda Da Silva Melo

    To muito feliz por agora eles terem um vevo

    Bruno C.

    Quem diria, né, fera? Até os caras foram sugados pela "máquina do showbizz"! Não existe mais integridade no mundo artístico. Uma pena...

  63. Danie Norris

    Who came here from the way he looks?

    Patrick Darcy

    yes 😂

    Rob Meuwsen

    Danie Norris

    Bénédicte Guilleux

    Patrick Darcy k

  64. Heverton Fonseca

    This song is HOT!

  65. Illianna Nora

    I don't know why this video and song makes me so sad, but it does it in such a beautiful way.

    Snjár Hvitr


    Lee wayne

    Because it's a party and "nobody's here" lend itself to a certain amount of sadness.

  66. MBP 1984

    More than meets the eyes brought me here. Anyone else ?

    Minh Thi Nguyen

    yep. I thought I was the only one.


    I heard this song playing in a Walgreens and was very intrigued. A Google search on the lyrics brought me here.

  67. Linebeck1

    I don't understand this video at all

    Sebastian Muñoz Ochoa

    Regan King I guess that it's about the loneliness of the protagonist of the video.

  68. Seth Deweese

    Does the band name come for David Belle and Sebastian Foucan, the founders of parkour and freerunning

    Adrian Cardenas

    the name comes from a french kid's show

    Arnaud sénési et sébastien&t=videos


    No, comes from a French cartoon.


    It comes from a french cartoon and at the same time from a short story that the singer (Stuart Murdoch) wrote in his younger years about two hipsters falling in love called Belle and Sebastian.

  69. Tarcizio Gomes


  70. Gideon Ramakers


  71. EarthTrauma

    NYT article (video) sent me it.

  72. B464

    SWEET! this is pretty awesome <3 l love the synth

  73. fernando pereira

    i love Belle and Sebastian \o/

  74. MegaSnippezz

    I want the first 30 seconds of this song on loop.

  75. James Robert Archbald

    they dance in wartime ....hate them

  76. Charli

    b.a.s in vevo ??? ¬¬

    Bruno C.

    The times are changing, my friend!

  77. Luka Calle

    Awesome video. I love the references to the french new wave. The main protagonist of the video even looks extremely similar to Anna Karina.

    Bruno C.

    Anna Karina? Not really!


    @Bruno C. Maybe it's more of a gives-off-a-similar-vibe thing than a literal physical resemblance?

  78. Gabriel Manzano

    Looks like a Xavier Dolan's movie

  79. Sophia Maguire

    Surprised I've just heard of this band, especially since I am Scottish.


    Shame on you! ; )

  80. therotiv4

    nice music

  81. Kymerah X

    I think is awesome

  82. Michael Duvic

    First single that's made me a serious fan! Buying my first album now. They were okay before, but now I LOVE THEM.

    Bruno C.

    Have you bought the album yet?

    Michael Duvic

    +Bruno C. Not yet!

    Michael Duvic

    +Bruno C. Finally installing an up to date stereo in my car.

  83. Seth C.

    Where is my Belle.

  84. marilyn dicaprio

    love it

  85. Thiago Gale

    zara ♡

  86. Fransiskus Jenings

    zara took me here

    Katerina Vrublevskaya

    +Fransiskus Jenings lol same

  87. Danilo SadBoy

    what? they are happy?

  88. klesh

    Bought this album, listened to all the tracks once, hated it. Back to Fold Your Hands it is. Sorry B&S.

  89. Luis Miguel Purizaga Vértiz

    Hoy en Perú!!!

  90. Marco Antonio Llallico Gamarra

    Perú ...

  91. Fernanda Palasio

    can't stop listening to this music hahaha

  92. YAPA TOP

    Come to peruuu

  93. Marie Hayes

    I love the dancing and the choreography! My friend and I always did ballet and jazz off to the side at our school dances. So much more fun than "step together, step together", which was the incredibly inventive popular move at the time (80's). These dancers are great!

  94. lewisisdaman

    sell out muthfuckas. i knew the members of this band like 9 years ago. i never saw them selling out like this. a pethetic attempt at that! i am embarresed! (ignore the spelling mistakes grammer nazis)

  95. UnKNoWn UsEr

    Very diffrent.  More Dance and Rock.  Reminds me a lot of early MGMT, LCD Soundsystem or what Arcade Fire where doing on there most recent album Reflektor.  I like it!

  96. jsalnut

    This is what happens when you regret a chance to dance

  97. frida jacob

    I want to dace like that!!

  98. berseckevil