Belle, Regina - Please Be Mine Lyrics

If you would just be mine
We'd concentrate on a love so strong, yeah
And if you'd just be mine
We would create a love that lasts so long

Please be mine
Baby, please be mine
Please be mine
Baby, please be mine
Be mine
Baby, please be mine
Be mine
Baby, please be mine

Say you'll belong to me forever
'Cause, baby, I am yours, yeah
Although my love is waiting
Open up, open up your door

Be mine
Baby, please be mine
Please be mine
Baby, please be mine
Be mine
Baby, please be mine
Please be mine
Baby, please be mine

I just want to say I love you, yeah
She just wants you for a while, yeah
If you would only just open up your heart
Find the one who loves you
I'm the one you need

Be mine
Baby, please be mine
Please be mine
Baby, please be mine
Please be mine
Baby, please be mine
Please be mine
Baby, please be mine

Ooh, I want you to be mine
Please be mine
Baby, please be mine
If you would always concentrate, boy
We could share love together
Baby, please be mine

She's got plenty of other men
Baby, can't you understand
Heaven sent me for you
I'm the one who loves you
Baby, please be mine
Baby, please be mine
Baby, please be mine
Ooh, you've got to be mine
Boy, I'd do anything...

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Belle, Regina Please Be Mine Comments
  1. Melonie Stewart

    I am ten years old and I am listening to Regina

  2. Melonie Stewart

    Big up from Jamaica

  3. Ephraim J

    Fresh in 2019 as ever 🔥🔥🔥🎸🎼🎵🕺🏽

  4. jose luis galdame gomez


  5. Elliott Parker

    A great person and singer-Love her!!!!!

  6. Kaib Simmons

    When I was a little girl, I happened to be in the studio with my mom and the engineer and producer played the original song for my mom and told her there is a song he would like her to hear, it's written by a guy who sadly passed away. I heard the original demo playing( please be mine) and I remember the engineer asking my mom if she wanted the song. My mom decided not to take it, next thing you know we heard Regina Belle did it over!! She did a great job covering the song! Love Regina Belle.

  7. enriquetheprofessor

    Love this . Her vocals are fire. Im wondering if this was one of the earlier tracks recorded for the album based on the production.

  8. Joe Jones

    This is a great song to add to my playlist...Ms. Regina Belle, "Baby please be mine."

  9. TruthSeeker 4 Real


  10. Rolaunda Paul

    Thats all I ask is that you please be mine baby

  11. Ebony Eyes

    I have always loved this song. Several years ago I saw this sister perform at a concert that included Angela Winbush, Miki Howard, and Shirley Murdock. These Sista's blew. The next day the world lost Whitney Houston. We have to support our legends in the music industry who possess the real gift of music. I can't tell you how empty that concert was with all of our vocal greats. But I can tell you these vocal powerhouses put on one hellava show.

  12. julian daroux

    What a vocalist love her be mine.

  13. ndiaye rassoul

    super musica

  14. Me Only

    I got the UK djs to buss this in 2005 been a massive 2 step tune ever since. And by the way if you were just thinking this album is from 1986 yeah I got the tape vinyl CD in my collection and saw her at Hammersmith Odeon fabulous concert fabulous performance along par with Betty Wright Maze Luther V Jill Scott Phyliss Hyman Freddie Jackson Kindred the family soul .

  15. Mmry Brs

    .CASTING brought me here

  16. KRYSTO

    van paugam

  17. JKing01283

    Anybody else found this through Sunset Love by Rokett? :)

  18. Dan Takle


  19. Sweet Brown Honey Sugar

    OMG! This is my SONG! This reminds me of when I graduated high school when I was 16, oh lord, it feels so good to hear this old favorite, dang I'm about to download this on my Spotify

  20. Jonathan Jew

    sunset love - rokett

  21. Natasha Edgerson

    hey there love you guys.!?

  22. Franck Fiegel

    Yes it sounds like Anita Baker because of Michael J Powell who hits the great arrangements👍🏻👍🏻

    Me Only

    Franck Fiegel

    No way Regina is Regina my number two behind Betty wright

  23. Almighty Jamess

    baby pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. SoulGuardian

    A world class recording by a world class vocalist who deserved so much more from the music business. Sublime.

  25. Barleybreakingeven

    Forgot about this!

  26. Sandra Almeida

    Nao me canso de escutar essa musica

  27. Liv9901

    Love this track beautiful mesmerising vocals from Regina

  28. Edson DJEdson Bolinha

    canta muitooooooo.

  29. Merle Art Music

    Thank You ArchieGe for uploading my song Eddie Saunders of The New Jersey Connection

  30. Mike Hobbs


  31. Morrisman Smith

    I want to go back to the 80's and stay


    Best time of my life.

    Morrisman Smith

    Mines too I hated it had to end



    Ebony Eyes

    Oh.....I agree! The music was phenomenal


    Morrisman Smith you me and my sister!!! She's been building a time machine ( her words lol) since the 90's 😁😁

  32. MrVolvo456

    Luv this properly order...missing masterpiece like this.:)

  33. LaChele

    I was only a baby when this came out. Now that I'm grown, I REALLY like this album. The whole thing knocked from start to finish. This song was a standout for me. I like the way she was singin' it.

    Thomas Fitzhugh

    LaChele Aww, that's sweet - well that means u know good music! I was 19 when this album dropped - this was the song I NEVER got tired of!

  34. News 24h

    I'd love to hear this song engineered differently. Regina Belle is such a great singer but this song needs a more "live" feel.

  35. Ron Nelloms

    This women is simply Amazing!!!! I have loved her for YEARS! She can do no wrong.

  36. Gary Randall


  37. Cynthia Sanchez

    my last comment was for her song "After The Love Has Lost Its Shine" absolutely amazing!

  38. Cynthia Sanchez

    This is one of those few songs u got to sing a few times to cry it all out.....luvd it then & still luv this song & Regina's interpretation.

  39. Robert Erniso

    Very Overlooked Talent!~ Great Album by the way!.

  40. suavehinrg

    Yes, they did. However, Regina reputation as a consistant fabulous music artist overall shines compared to how Mariah harshly tarnished her career.

  41. hassan1814

    i think columbia/sony put regina on the back burner once they found mariah carey

  42. hassan1814

    is it me or regina sounds like a saxaphone. i always wondered why she never blew up like she was suppose to. she came close real close..but it just never happend. its not her fault though

  43. tonya reed

    perfect skate song

  44. Damarco Moore


  45. snakehips16

    Off one of THE best albums of 1987. Every track a winner. Played this album to death. Memories!

  46. CalvRobb

    this is my favourite Regina Belle song of all time. it was one of her first songs to be plugged in the UK. The reason why I bought her first album All by myself!!

  47. CalvRobb

    This is my favourite Regina Belle of all was one of her songs to be plugged in the UK. This was the song why I bought her first album. Awesomely rich voice with alot of soul!!

  48. marvintawu

    Dammmnnnnnnnnnn THAT'S GOOD!!!!!
    Love it

  49. Ironman Hondo

    She's so good, it's scary. GREAT SONG!!

  50. ShayJohns

    My moma used to play this all the time, then I started singing it to my cousins on the front porch lol!

    Melih Morgan

    why stop now?


    GIGGY 4 LIVE!!

  52. 1814Brandan

    @stun969 I didn't know this. I am glad to know that she recovered. She is a wonderful singer.

  53. daretosayit

    Perfect song to begin a professional career with....... was the icing on the cake and it got us ready for the other works she released afterward.

  54. stun969

    Just saw her on TBN telling about her recent bout with a brain tumor. She is now deaf in one ear but she got up on this show and still sang like an angel. She is just an all around awesome person. Pastor's wife, classy chick, talented, funny. A virtuous woman.

  55. gelsoncostalima

    Regina Belle é a cantora mais maravilhosa do mundo!!!!!

  56. Jay2Cee

    What an awesome classic!!! Music seemed so much better back in da day! Maybe i'm just getting old!!! LoL! :-D

  57. zryvr

    Regina Belle is da bomb!!!

  58. ricemilk

    beautiful but too painful

  59. Regina Wade

    this is my favorite song by regina belle....i love it

  60. ezekielthemack

    Excellent track from an excellent debut album, produced by the excellent Michael J. Powell who also produced Anita Baker.

  61. 68NYC

    I hadn't heard this in years...
    Forgot how nice this entire album was.

  62. Ethereal Dreams