Belle, Regina - After The Love Has Lost It's Shine Lyrics

I will endure all the time
Hold together in the worst conditions
For at birth we knew it to be one of a kind
And as it grew into this love of a legend
We both made sure this piece of Heaven would withstand any test
For the strength was made of love, faith and trust

And until all the glitters gone
We'll be adding on to make it even stronger
True love will never die
Long after the love has lost it's shine

After it's all tired and worn
And the newness all wears off
We'll still be lovers

Except the time a weak spot would appear in this affair
We'd be mending it back together with tender loving care
A promise to each other that's lasted through the years
Is it solid as the first time 'cuz it's still loving well

And until all the glitters gone
We'll be adding on to make it even stronger
True love will never die
Long after the love has lost it's shine, ooh, oh yeah
Nah no no no no nah no

And until all, all the glitters gone
We'll be adding on to make it even stronger
True love will never die
Long after the love has lost its shine

After it's all tired and worn
And the newness all wears off
We'll still be lovers
Long after the love has lost it's shine

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Belle, Regina After The Love Has Lost It's Shine Comments
  1. melvin barnett

    2020 first❤

  2. mrlowkeystl

    Not quite a love song but good music. Check this

  3. Phenomenal Woman101

    Totally speechless to the powerfulness of this song. Love never dies. This song use to always make me cry! 💘

  4. soultree serenade

    I don't know WHY people acting like this woman ain't a legend. She made some if the most remarkably exquisite love ballads of the 80s. Period. She made masterpieces. This one speaks for itself!

  5. Virtuous Lady

    Beautiful love song. I saw Regina in concert years ago. She does not need any music. She is from Wilmington NC.

  6. Jackson Ms

    Man i love dis song

  7. Lisha Davis

    DIVALEE still🎧Dec,2019..321👠🍷 ATL...days👍🎤♥♠

  8. Lincoln Maxwell

    Super singer

  9. Drexel Dorsey

    It was good then, and even better now

  10. Tiffany BM

    This song describes my marriage to my wonderful husband, Feb 2020 will make 23 years strong. Lord I am thankful for him forever!!!!

  11. Anita Williams

    Who listening to this in 2019, tearing up thinking... 😓💖

  12. Joe Jones

    Miss Regina B. take me away...I'm in heaven now from your voice, and your talent...AWWWHHH RIGHT!!!

  13. Jerome Nixon

    Give it up to all the vocalist representing for love an change an togetherness respect

  14. Sean Jenkins

    She can saaaanng

  15. Vusumuzi Bhembe

    Good music that will never end

  16. Kent Coffey

    I was hooked after hearing her sing "Make It Like It Was". She always gives 110% and then some.

  17. Brit Bop

    I love her voice but I will always wonder if Whitney Houston sang it...

  18. Richard Kgoboko

    I have listened to this song the whole of Sunday and today.. She displayed a lot of different emotions.. Let alone the voice woooow woooow 👌🏾 👌🏾 Legendary, Diva Ms Regina Belle

  19. Joan Piliro

    Fabulous voice. Beautiful! I love love this song. I miss you

  20. Foxxy Girl

    Anyone else here with me November 2019

    Luanne Patrick

    I've been listening to this amazing song from the time it came all time favorite love song......

  21. Evangelist Joshua TV

    Powerful song for the mature soul.

  22. daphne brown

    ...eyem falling in love yawl and awl eye wanna hea is Regina meyeBelle.

  23. Mark Perfect

    A truly amazing singer deserved so much more success ❤️

  24. Love Yu2

    I played this entire cassette to death literally...

  25. C Johnson

    This song came out in the 80's and I been singing this song still to this day. Did this song one night at that club...

  26. Tony Alcocer

    2019 still jamming....

  27. VaNessa Robinson

    Still one of the best singers today!❤⚘⚘⚘⚘

  28. Nombuso Biyela

    2019 and I'm still here. Whose with me?

    Nontembiso Theodora Pakade

    Me too Nombuso...

    Noel Patrick

    I'm here as well.... outstanding song....sung from the heart....

  29. Nick Mamojele

    Beautiful voice and lyric juggler, she has always been a soul and RNB talented artist of all times. The voice control and elegant portrayal in all videos, dignity in it's fullness. Love This Sing since High School. Yes, true love doesn't die but pride remains and suffocates life's beauty.

  30. Craig A. ballard

    Very GIFTED.!!! 💕

  31. Wongs Mduma

    Her voice was flawless. A rare kind of artist indeed. I love you regina!!!

  32. Karesia cassis

    I can’t stop listening to you Regina...such a beautiful voice.

  33. Teacher4 Life

    Beautiful!! I cry everytime.

  34. Lawrence Stona

    Just imagine how  love lost its shine how difficult it is .So think how Regina  Think about this song & its lyrics  so wonderfully

    Women Of GOD

    Lawrence Stona 💯💯❣️

  35. Futuristic Concepts

    For Renee. I remember. I miss. I smile. Blessed be darlin'. Blessed be.

  36. Ray Davis

    Perhaps if everyone that married listened to this song 20 times before they married perhaps their true love would never die. Perhaps.

    Luanne Patrick

    A song from my times....listened to it maybe more times than I can love is still with me 27 yrs later....we both love music n this song is one of them

  37. Mark Jacobs

    she can surely sing. one of the strong voices of the soul movement..

  38. Aj and lynnies Mummy

    stop making bull shit excuses and come home I wore an Ireland top for u lol gave u my phone lol walked to Holbrook and back to see u lol please stop I'm not them

  39. Carol Crutchley

    You can't have this on as background music, you can only play this with the stereo going full blast.


    I agree, but you would not believe most people here in the UK when i mention her name have never even heard of her.

    Carol Crutchley

    @steverobert1 Not that well known in New Zealand either

    Sammy smith


    Luanne Patrick

    I totally all time favorite song....its very well known in South Africa....

  40. Pierre Toussaint

    This lady lives this song that she sings in her own marriage

  41. jimbo

    Senza parole,incredibile

  42. jimbo

    top class

  43. Valerie Denise

    This happen to be my First Lady at church....since this song was introduced to be back in the day, I came home and listened to it at least 10 times a day... This woman is one the BEST SINGER ever. I adore her spirit, her love for God and people. Some may say she didn't get the recognition that she deserve, but God has the final say.

  44. Mattie Copes

    I'love this song she have abeauitfulvoice

  45. Delwyn Holly

    Apart from Anita Baker there is no equal enjoy xxx

  46. yvonne Finch

    Still play this just like it was recorded yesterday girl has some lungs on her with this track peace love Regina god bless:

  47. Thomas Holman

    Dedicated to my oldest son Christopher Silar Aug 8 1991- Nov 13 2018 RIP

  48. Allister Klein

    I absolutely love this Lady. She is such a powerful singer with so much emotions

  49. Robert Murray

    My favorite female singer of all time. Her voice just gets me.

  50. Tiffany jew

    simply beautiful... lyrics and voice !

  51. Elaine Wilson

    Still in love

  52. sandra Ferrington

    I love this song use it!

  53. sandra Ferrington

    She's one of the best

  54. dwight chin

    I love you Regina belle throughout the many years, so beautiful.. Girl you killed this song sooo dead cold. Simply beautiful love💝💝❤️💝💝

  55. A. Scott Boddie

    One of her best studio vocal deliveries.

    Erica Speller

    I listen to this song all the time. Timeless

  56. Stuart Major

    Love has lost it's shine.......ooooweeee....

  57. Women Of GOD

    My heart all but stopped beating ... Thank you so very much for sharing this song 2019 and forever ❗️❗️💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😍😍😍😌😌


    Thankyou for your comment Wanda.

  58. Agnes Perkins

    2019 ❤❤❤❤♥


    Who is still feeling this one in 2019, long after this hit was released?

    Women Of GOD

    DJ SHARPE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❣️❣️❣️🙋🏽‍♀️

  60. Billie Brooks

    Ture Love,never dies.🙏💕🙏💕

  61. Khanyo Cele

    2019 bt still cant get enough of her music😍

  62. T Harris

    Do yourself the favor...listen to her sing..the body of her work. I have never thought she received or receives the attention or praise due. I put her right up there as one of the greats. Her vocals, range..her delivery. 🏆.

  63. Sparkle Taurus

    Who's still listening in 2019

    Erica Speller

    On a weekly basis. Still trying to stay hopeful and positive true love will never die. single46years

  64. Lala Ghana-Love

    Priceless. Still.

    Before, during and long after 2019.

  65. Tara Travis

    This song of regina belle is beautiful 👢👢❤❤💪💪

  66. Denine Wiggins

    I love Regina Belle❤😍

  67. L Whitted

    There is singing, sanging, and straight up tearing it up. Ms. Belle tore this song up! 🎶🎹🎷🎸💏

  68. Adrienne Dunkley

    This song can break you and bring you to tears. Beautiful.

  69. Frances Rush

    Classic Regina! My Jam here! Played this one endlessly! Love some Regina! And as it grew into this love of a legend. . Regina put a hurting on you with this one!
    Much Love!

  70. Shanntastic Shan

    2019 who’s still listening ? 💕💞🙋‍♀️😭 ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS ! Sing hunni 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  71. Donray Clower

    Some music can make you go back in time. This is one.

    Neisha Tate


  72. anthony ryan


  73. boima clarke

    After love will this shine i say yes. if we respect each other and be kind too our friendship. Our friendship will last forever. let continue commicating and compromise and respecting each other. Let try too agree on the same things true compromise and listen to each other. this special last shine true us.

  74. enriquetheprofessor

    Why wasnt this a single? It's one of the best songs off the debut album!

  75. Donna McKay

    This is 2019 I love this song

  76. The Pizzz Live

    REEEEEEEEEAL SOUL!!!! That's what I like! Thanks for posting

  77. Portia Letwaba

    I love her velvet voice 💕

  78. James Brannon

    One of my favorites

  79. Mge Khumalo

    This song though 😢😢😢

  80. latosha adams

    Sing girl

  81. Monique Cambero

    Ever so beautiful in 2018.❤

  82. Mge Khumalo

    Regina Belle makes me wanna go to the place I have never been , to be loved and cherished forever. Will I ever found love ever again 😢😢😢😢

  83. Bernice Wise

    Those 90s r&b sisters were the best.

  84. Adrian James

    I love this song

  85. Kim Dixon

    My one true love passed away a year ago. We separated and lost touch as best friends and still in love. I couldn't find him till I found he had passed. This song makes me weep and cry like my soul is torn! There's been no one since him. I'll love him till the day I die...

  86. Aly Jiselle

    This is STILL one of my all-time favorite songs. And always will have. Beautiful lyrics sung by a beautiful voice. Still gives me goosebumps.

  87. Gregory Quattlebaum

    Does anyone know or has seen where her live version of this song can be found?

  88. I_AM_THE_NET

    The best version of this song and it's not even close!

  89. sk 7

    Just Beautiful. Oh Yea!! Sing it Regina!! Love your voice. Oh Yea!! Have had some great memories listening to over the years. Wow 1968-2013 memories. Have let go but the memories come and go. Oh Yea!!

  90. Nhleko Clement

    Find myself coming back here all the time.


    Nhleko Clement me too!

  91. Nicolas Plaatjies

    An absolute awesome song. When you love someone you love them forever,forever because Love Never Loses It's Shine

  92. Patrick Boyela

    Oh!baby oh my Darling.

  93. Steve Maples

    Listening to this with your eyes closed make u feel like your flying😇

  94. sugar girl

    LIKE NO OTHER. No 1 song of all tym... Always brings me Into tears.

  95. sugar girl

    This song always blows me away... Gives me a high no matter how many tyms u listen to it. It gives the same joy.... Regina there is one one like u

  96. chantrice moore

    My Heavenly Father!!!!!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️


    Absolutely superb !

  98. B Ford

    My FAVORITE Regina Belle song! YES!