Bellamy Brothers, The - Santa Fe Lyrics

Her turquoise lips kiss me like a lover.
Her silver eyes see right through my veins.
Her Indian heart asks when I'll return to her.
Her Spanish soul begs me to remain.
And no one that I've ever known can move me like she does.
No, it's not a woman that I love.

Santa Fe Santa Fe.
I have been here in your arms and now I want to stay.
Santa Fe Santa Fe.
I won't sleep 'till I'm back in Santa Fe.

Her sunrise could bring light into a blind man.
Her sunset could put tears there in his eyes.
Her colors are laying there in brush strokes.
Underneath those peote skies.

The lay of the land stirs all of my emotions.
She heals me with a laid back energy.
She holds onto my broken lifeless spirit.
And molds me just like pottery.
And nowhere that I've ever been can make me feel this way.
That's why I'm going there to stay.

Santa Fe Santa Fe
I have been there in your arms, now I want to stay.
Santa Fe Santa Fe
I won't sleep 'till I'm back Santa Fe.
Santa Fe
No, I won't sleep 'till I'm back in Santa Fe.

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Bellamy Brothers, The Santa Fe Comments
  1. Google User

    I saw them around 1995 at days of 56 in Ponca NE. They stopped the concert mid song so I could take pictures! I was 8 or 9. I think my Dad still has the Polaroids lol.

  2. curly239

    Perfection!! Love it!


    One of my favorites. Real country!

  4. BrickPa

    Santa Fe is great.  But I was really impressed with region around Truchas.

  5. david gregory

    Where did Country music go so wrong as to abandon beautiful, awesome music like this for that cookie-cutter shit they play today! Loved this song in '88 and still do today. Witnessed the Bellamys a month back here in New Braunfels, Texas, and they are as good in person as they are on record. Looove their music!!!!

    Thomas Brown

    david gregory totally agree!!!

  6. Jared Casey

    The BEST!

  7. Lasse 1964

    real country  sound by the 80s! Amazing!

  8. Dave Wollenberg

    The Bellamys hit #5 in Billboard, 4-2-88. God bless ya, Howard and David! Thanx, tigerdog, for postin' it. Have a blessed week!

  9. km10nner

    Bellamy Brothers-always classy ,saw both perform in Laughlin ,Nevada-awesome. took time out to sign autographs n take pics

  10. Satoshi

    Hell. I was born in Santa Fe.

  11. Satoshi

    That Indian woman was actually my mum. I'm not kidding.

    Shontelle Rogers

    She's very beautiful!

    Nicholas Solarius

    She from Santa?

  12. knitting mama

    New Mexico should really honor The Bellamy Brothers on this one. It makes me want to go to Santa Fe. It is such a beautiful song...

    Thomas Brown

    knitting mama I live a little north of Santa Fe- I absolutely love where I live - i just head this song for the first time today! The words are exactly how I feel about this place . I hope you have had a chance to visit since you responded three years ago 😊

    Tobias Esquibel

    I couldn’t agree with u more... Beautiful song beautiful city

  13. J Davila

    An old friend of mine recently reminded me that my Mom's truck was used in this video. It was filmed on the San Ildefonso Pueblo in NM just north of Santa Fe. Fun memories.

  14. Cathi R

    I am looking forward to my first trip to New Mexico and already know in my heart I belong there. I will love it!

    Thomas Brown

    Cathi Rhodes I absolutely love it here - I hope you have had a chance to visit 😊

  15. Jean77718

    Very nice song

  16. Judy Lear

    The Bellamy Brothers are some of the best singers around.

  17. John Latham

    I lived in Santa Fe for a few years. Its been a decade since I have left and I miss it dearly. The decision I made to leave Santa Fe was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. Im going back one day.

  18. PINERAT1

    This has always been a favorite song. I've never been to Santa Fe itself, but this part of the country--northern New Mexico and northern Arizona--is my favorite part....and the song helps me connect to the feelings I have for the area, and the beauty there. It is "home". The area where I feel/felt happy, comfortable and at home.

  19. oct484

    This is the only song I like by the bellamy brothers

  20. Michael .Konvicka

    I uploaded this video from a old VCR tape that I had in my collection-Just heard the Bellamy Borthers in Mid May in El Campo-Will go hear them again on July 9 in Sealy which is about 45 minutes from Houston

  21. wildfire19861987

    @DaveWollenberg When it came out in 88' it became one of my favorites because the Santa Fe was one of my favorie railroads (and still is). Glad i've got the video on tape.

  22. jd1tomcat

    Howard and David are magic, well worth seeing live!!

  23. oct484

    I was just a little kid when this song came out.....This is my favorite song by them

  24. Dave Wollenberg

    Whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of the BNSF railroad. Anybody else think that, too? Anyway, Howard and David hit #5 in Billboard, 4-2-88. No offense meant, everybody, but, God bless!

  25. Waylonstillthebest

    @KeyEsPhi I've them five times. They are particularly good live. They have an energy that does not come through their records. If you ever can see them in NM they often have some of the indian dancers perform with them.

  26. Waylonstillthebest

    @KeyEsPhi Country music now days has lost direction is just pop with twang. There are definate exceptions but it is a lot of listening to bad music to find them.
    If you get a chance see BB do it there is an energy that does not really come through in the videos and recordings.

  27. TexasFanOne

    Whoever nicknamed New Mexico the Land of Enchantment knew a thing or two. I'm 110% Texan, and have done a bit of traveling, and if I could be happy anywhere else I've been it could well be NM. (Colorado might could slip in there as well.)


  28. dewey lou

    Thnak you wildfire19861987 for this video i've been searching for it for months now. Thank you again.

  29. wildfire19861987

    yet another one of my fav's. i've had good luck finding these old country videos here.