Bellamy Brothers, The - Makin' Promises Lyrics

I was standing on a corner watching all the people walk by
When this woman child approached me her hemline was reaching for the sky
She knew what she was doing just as well as me
She knew that I was tempted by her physicality

But I kept my wits about me I was willing to look but not believe
'Cause her body made a promise that I knew her heart could not keep

As she paraded by me a limousine pulled right up to the curb
A well dressed older man just stepped out and kissed her lips without a word
He wrapped his arms around her and they made some secret plans
But I was close enough to see the ring upon his hand

And that temptress waved goodbye just like a child as he drove down the street
And I knew his body had made a promise that his heart could not keep

A part of me just wanted to applaud their passion play
But I closed my eyes and said a prayer then I walked away, I walked away

I came home to this little old brick house you met me at the door
You told me that you loved me and I understood it better than before
I took you in my arms and thanked the good Lord up above
For showing me the difference between lust and love

And tonight when we’re lying in our bed before we go to sleep
Our bodies will make promises that our hearts can keep
Yes, our bodies will make promises that our hearts will keep

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