Bellamy Brothers, The - Livin' In The West Lyrics

John Wesley Harding shot a man for snoring,
Killed him in the bed right where he lay,
Took a snort of whisky and went back to his sleepin,
Rode out before they found him the next day,

Now the brothers Frank and Jesse, No-one could be more fearsome,
They robbed the trains and rode in the outlaw gangs,
The civil war was over but still they fought for Dixie,
And legend has their last name to be James.

Livin in the west must have been the best,
Must have been the greatest time of all.
Me I lived in the east and I was bored to say the least
But I never saw those sons of guns in bar-rooms starting brawls

Little William Bonney, Billy the Kid they called him,
Had to use a six-gun to survive,
He bit the dust at twenty-one but he left a reputation,
A notch for every year he was alive


Now the frontier days are over for William Frank and Jesse,
And a thousand other bad guys of their day,
But they still live on in stories and I hope they live forever,
And to sum it up here is all that I want to say

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Bellamy Brothers, The Livin' In The West Comments
  1. Kammler03

    Surely one of their most "impressive" tracks !!
    Must say that I adore this song/track + I'm glad,that I "have it" on vinyl-record ...
    Meanwhile its hard to "find"+so its almost an "forgotten" track ...
    So its special+great to find it here again ...
    Thanx for that !!!
    Very best regards !!!

  2. robert carloss henney

    i was brought up on jesse james and billy the kid

  3. Janice Sunseri

    I grooved on this when I was 18.

  4. Roar Hauger

    100% Country🎸🤗

  5. ribmeat hamhock

    Yes, thank you youtube , the memories flow!

  6. Manny Estrella

    The first song I sang in public. I learned the lyrics with a cassette.

  7. Arlyne Ibasco

    i really love thid song it reminds me when i was 20s my friends Namnama jammers of arivaviz phils.

  8. milena Koscielniáková

    Bellamy Brothers - i love much

  9. fordpic56

    Aaah hvilken hærlig melodi .......

  10. Frank Shearer

    Lost this album,been looking for this song for way too long. Thank you,thank you. ❤️

    Lorraine Fletcher

    Me too!

  11. Yeezuhh

    wow..i like this song

  12. Einar Landre

    A great song. Was one of my favourits when I was 16, 35 some years ago.

  13. alvin coo

    i was 25 years old when i learned the song but forgotten on the way to my late forties now i just lingered to hear the music i once love to sing during dances and past years. now i just listen to this great song livin' in the know what? like i'm "leaving in the west" ( my age is passing ).

  14. norseman337

    big roy likes this song

  15. Ludvig Wester

    It's an amazing story! Beautiful lyrics and song! I love this sentimental Cowboy sound. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Windsong1a

    Grrreat song!! Waaaaaaay underated song! Probably because it was too western and not country enough! I REALLY WISHED they would release there 1st album on CD. IT WAS GREAT...EVERY SONG!!

  17. Fern Dale

    history song by bellamy brothers!!! this song lives forever!!!