Bellamy Brothers, The - Like She's Not Yours Lyrics

You're love's not burning with that same old glow
You're tryin' to win what you already won
You love her and you want to let her know
Well buddy this is my opinion

Sweep her off her feet with a slow slow dance
Hold her like she's holding on to new romance
If you want a love what you can be sure
Take her out and treat her like she's not yours

She wants to feel like it's the first time
You gotta shower her with chivalry
She's full of fantasy from nursery rhymes
I know what I would do if it were me

[Repeat Chorus]

Soon, you'll be the lover in her life
Lyin' in her arms, dancing in her eyes

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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Bellamy Brothers, The Like She's Not Yours Comments
  1. xc5647321 xc5647321

    She is NOT yours, it is just your turn.

  2. Inge Klier

    nein, sie kommen nicht nach Kansas City - sie kommen nach Linz!!!!
    Yeah - ich freu mich schon so...........
    Ihr seid die Besten, die Besten, die Besten...................

  3. Raul Bagote

    Bwetiful songs.. for love to last, love ur someone always lyk it was a first tym

  4. rita kopetzky

    love this song....thanks...

    Sebastiao Pereira

    Ricky e Enne ela EE mais

  5. Stéphanie Fernandes

    Fabulous song like all your other songs !!!

  6. Gaby Naethbohm

    Wundervolle Musik- 👍😘und ein sehr schönes Video !!!🤗💖

  7. Cynthia Zegers

    I love your music , please come to Kansas City , the Silverstein Eye Center Arena is very close to me

  8. Ann O'Neill


  9. Irene Ramirez

    Xxx. Creo que estás bien tomado! Discúlpate y vete a dormir y que sueñes con los angelitos.

  10. Cynthia Zegers

    Too bad they don't make music like this anymore

  11. Winnie Fernandes

    Great music indeed all their songs are good

  12. Cynthia Zegers

    Love this song , it's so true , if you want great romance , the Bellamy Brothers no how to romance

  13. Lourival Nascimento

    reaally great song

  14. Lourival Nascimento

    sensacional esses irmãos belas canções parabéns

  15. Mickey Bowser


  16. James Brown

    Many beautiful songs from these guys!!!! Been following them since the 70's 80's Etc.

  17. Alice Reinemo

    So talented and so handsome too

  18. Louise Anne Blais

    Good advice for the guys!! Ha1 Ha!

  19. Saul Martinez


  20. Ruby Sein

    I love Country Song ---Nice song I love it ..

  21. Sergio Lima

    Linda música... Sérgio Brasil

  22. axel2401

    ein super song......dh....dankeschön......lg.axel

  23. Luthnarda Severina

    Take me out but treat me like I'M yours..😍😍

  24. Maritez Lim

    i just love dancing with this...❤️

  25. victor augustine

    Soothing music

  26. Marc Miner


    I just came along your video. Seems you're into country music, so please watch my channel too. I'm sure you will love them.

    Have a nice day!

  27. Arlene Batawang

    soon you will be the lover in her life....(miss you)

  28. Siglinde Baltruweit


  29. Szabolcs Ricky Bodnar

    These guys are just cool.

  30. Joel Soouza

    Beautifull song


    Eles são bons e não podemos negar de suas qualidades.

  32. Anna Marie

    yep, love this one too

    sylvia bascombe

    Anna Marie .

  33. Hans Ove Nielsen

    skøn musik

  34. Angelyka Wilkinson

    Love this song very much

    Suzanne. Sauwens.

    Dat is wat beter ik was in slaapen

  35. Lindsey Joseph

    great music,

  36. romulo tristao

    Eles são bons D+++++++++++++.

  37. Barnabas Choi

    Thanks for your beautiful song

  38. markus abegg

    Ich liebe diese beiden. Markus

  39. Johan Strydom

    Love your music ??? When are you coming to SOUTH AFRICA ??

  40. Johan Strydom

    I Love The Music||||| When are You Coming To SOUTH AFRICA ??????

  41. ruth cody

    sure sounds like it

  42. Rebecka Hanna

    Take her out and treat her like she's not yours 3

  43. truecountrymusicfan

    love this band.

  44. Tenille Westerhout

    Its such a lovely and sensual song that it gets my heart going when I dance a cha cha or a rhumba. Its one of the best songs !!!! Keith Westerhout from Perth, Australia

  45. Cheri B

    What a this and have danced line dance to this beautiful music...

  46. Mary Fazio

    Bellamy Brothers are AWESOME!!! I love them! Just saw them live in Waco,TX! Fantastic! Don't care how old they get...they are still AMAZING!