Bellamy Brothers, The - Kids Of The Baby Boom Lyrics

Our daddies won the war then they came home to our mom's.
They gave 'em so much love that us kids were born.
We all grew up on Mickey Mouse and hula hoops.
Then we all bought BMW's and new pick-up trucks.
And we watched John Kennedy die one afternoon.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

It was a time of new prosperity in the USA.
All us fortunate offspring never had to pay.
We had sympathy for the devil and the Rolling Stones.
Then we got a little older, we found Haggard and Jones.
A generation screaming for room.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

Kids of the Baby Boom,
We have freedom, we have money.
Baby Boom, here in the land of milk and honey.
Counting our chickens way too soon.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

Now we all can run computers and we all can dance.
We all have Calvin Klein written on our underpants.
And at 6 o'clock like robots we turn on the news.
And watch those-world countries deal out more abuse.
Remember the first man on the moon.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

Kids of the Baby Boom,
We have freedom, we have money.
Baby Boom, here in the land of milk and honey.
Counting our chickens way too soon.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

As our lives become a capsule we send to the stars,
Our children look at us like we came from Mars.
As the farms disappear and the skies turns black,
We're a nation full of takers, never giving back.
We never stop to think what we consume.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

Kids of the Baby Boom.
We have freedom, we have money.
Baby Boom, here in the land of milk and honey.
Counting our chickens way too soon.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

Our optimism mingles with the doom.
Kids of the Baby Boom.

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Bellamy Brothers, The Kids Of The Baby Boom Comments
  1. Ryan Pfeka

    i just love Bellamy bros music

  2. blue pill nightmare

    All people do is make fun of the Baby Boomers today ....... grow humble, kids, watch A Call For An Uprising and RichieFromBoston.....

  3. Lillian Hanze

    I called my mom a boomer and she said if I think I know it all and that the “ok boomer” came from this song💀

    blue pill nightmare

    Hey, grow humble, kid.... listen, watch A Call For An Uprising and RichieFromBoston... I am sure your mother knows these channels... watch them, please.

  4. WareHauZz

    ok boomer

  5. Lionel Lawson

    Where did it go .?
    I woke up one morning ..Realized my life happened while I was busy making other plans.

  6. Robert e Lee

    Kids of the doomed baby?

  7. Ethel Hoose

    I was born at tail end the baby boom and never fit in with the older baby boomers and their kids

  8. Bob LeBlanc

    Watched the in nam...body count....

    blue pill nightmare

    I am sorry ..

  9. Tim Alcorn

    My wife said baby boomer 1964

  10. Tim Alcorn

    I am a late baby boomer 1963

  11. Ethel Hoose

    I was born in 63 but I remember alot of This


    Real country like this will live on through the people who appreciates real country music. Great song!

  13. James Brown

    My all time favorite!!!! Bellamy Brothers Rock!!!!

  14. Christy Shultz

    It's counting our blessings way too soon I don't like the lyric change is there not another version? It's like taking this soul right out the song why would you use this version.


    I have never heard that version of the song using the word blessings instead of chickens. I do know the Bellamy Brothers would change lyrics on various songs as time goes on but to answer your question on why i chosen this version is because it is the only way i have ever known it to be.

    Christy Shultz

    @AdirondackNY well I have it on cassette tape that I have listened to in the last week. So no I'm not imagining it my father wasn't imagining the fact that there is more than one version of the song heart of gold but I've never been able to find the version that he's talking about.a line which clearly says going down the road with the suitcase in my hand I've never been able to find the version he wants but it doesn't mean that it didn't exist.

  15. kenny baird

    How could this not been a #1 hit?

    M C Taylor

    "Kids of the Baby Boom" was The Bellamy Brothers' tenth and final number one on the country chart--according to Wikipedia

    kenny baird

    @M C Taylor T.Y.

    James Brown

    # 1 1987

  16. kenny baird

    What album was this on,can't find it anywhere.

    M C Taylor

    It was released in January 1987 as the second single from the album Country Rap--according to Wikipedia

    kenny baird

    @M C Taylor T.Y.

    James Brown

    It's on the Greatest hits CD!!!!!!!!

  17. Douglas Elliott

    It's 2019 and we have allowed the corporate legacy news media, as well as Hollywood elitists,  to be the mouthpiece for Globalism and anti-American propaganda.
    And American universities promote Marxism and punish Americanism.
    Aren't you proud; baby boomers?

    Richard Vaughn

    A nation of all takers, never giving back!

    blue pill nightmare

    Not the Baby Boomers fault. Look at Israel. They have no chemtrails or 5G. Look it up. A Call For An Uprising and RichieFromBoston... look them up.

  18. FRED Hall

    I Really Liked How You Made this Video!!
    Thanks So Much for Posting.

  19. Matty Ice

    "Now we all can run computers" Really?! Lmfao!! You've got to be kidding me!

    M C Taylor

    I thought the next line about dancing was even funnier!

    Matty Ice

    @M C Taylor lol yup! Delusional old farts!


    we ran the first computers dumbass, who else do you think did it

    Matty Ice

    @gunfighterzero the silent generation. Nice try tho grandpa!


    @Matty Ice the reference is about home computers, you dildo, not punchcard machines from the 50s

  20. Tristan Martin

    The immigrants that come here don't like their country. Why don't they stay and fix it. Instead of coming here?

    James Brown

    I was in the Grocery the other day behind a bunch of immigrants and all had EBT Cards!!!! I never in my life time a EBT Card!!!

  21. Debbie Benge

    I seem in San Diego at a small bar venue. They introduced this song and we all went crazy. It wouldn't be released till the next year. So I heard way before anyone


    You heard shit before anyone,,, LIER,,,,

  22. David Konen

    Wonderful song, with a wonderful video to accompany the LYRICS to this song

  23. April Sutton

    I was born in 79' and the Bellamy Brothers have been my favorite country duo since I was 9 years old and always will be..great stuff

    David Konen

    April, I was born in 1968, and 2 songs I REALLY love by this group are: "Let Your Love Flow" and "Kids of the Baby Boom" - there IS a 3rd song, which HAS the Forrester Sisters singing WITH them ("Too Much is NOT Enough")

  24. Ricky Westfall

    Where l going to live when I get home

    Darrin G. the Dog House out back!

  25. MissDistarr60

    That goldfish......his poor eyeball:(

    Richard Vaughn

    Hey! He got to live, didn't he? Reminds me of old question, "Do fish know they're in water? Point is, enjoy the ride. I think that's a lot of what the BB were trying to say Ghostbuster.

  26. Kody Williams

    That red fish had something wrong with it's eyeball

    Richard Vaughn

    But it DID live. Like the old question, "Do fish know they're in water?" Point is, enjoy the ride like there's no tomorrow. I think that's part of what the BB were trying to get at! Sure fits with the backdrop. "Our optimism mingles with our doom."
    Get it?

  27. johnny nolan

    Just brilliant. Love it

  28. Dennis Hamm

    I once prayed for my heart to stop, thought the pounding would give my position away, was never so afraid and have never been since. I’ve always stayed true to my oath, God bless America!

  29. Marc Miner


    I just came along your video. Seems you're into country, so please have a look on my clips too. I'm sure you will love them.

    Have a nice day!

  30. Percy oved

    Great county music

  31. Bruce Dodd

    This song is the truth if you Listen

  32. Jim Cholley

    That is very cute watching the goldfish in the background..     :-]

  33. Heike Heufers-Lindenborn

    Der Song sollte in ALLE Sprachen übersetzt werden!!!!


    ich stimme zu
    The song should be translated into ALL languages

    David Konen

    I THINK I can agree with you HERE (what would our President Donald Trump THINK, then?)

  34. john heaney

    Still great stuff , I was born in 1949, in glasgow Scotland, great times

    David Konen

    I was born about 19 years LATER (in Marion, Illinois, USA)

  35. Elsie Reyes

    love this song and still remember this song and listening to it and hearing too

  36. Mary Maidens

    This is a great song ❤️


    I agree, that's why I wanted to put it up with the lyrics😀

  37. Kay Hartas

    Iam a baby boomer

    Carol Baker

    Kay, born 1947...a crowd we were...

    David Konen

    I LIVE with a baby boomer (she was born in 1956, just in the 2nd half of this time), and I was born 4 years AFTER this generation

  38. Buster Himan

    It's too bad they also ran the country into the ground. Sold out and
    moved all our industries to foreign countries. Imported cheap labor killing wages for what
    jobs were left. Now the current generations are retarded, yes, but they
    weren't exactly handed the best country the planet has ever seen on a
    silver platter, only to take a giant turd on it.

    Rocky Mountain Nomad Chris

    Thanks Democrats.

    Loyd Merryman

    Dick Tracy I hope your not o e of those tide pod eating millennials

    Eddie Vibbert

    Sounds like Buster's off his meds again!😀

    Miles Trollokopolous

    Preach it. Hippies turned into materialistic pricks

  39. Dave Wollenberg

    The Bellamys hit #1 on ACC, 4-18-87. God bless y'all, Howard and David!

    David Konen

    Good to hear! I had just graduated from high school about ONE year earlier

    Triad Samurai

    This Bob Kingsley and this American Country Countdown.

  40. Vicky Bakkedahl

    I think the USA may become a third world country with the idiot Obama!!!  Hope you are all proud of yourselves those who voted for him twice!!!

    mathew idicula

    Everybody voting for Trump is risking the future of this country on one big assumption. Don't get me wrong I'm no Hillary fan, I will be voting for Dr. Jill Stein. Like carl Bernstein says that is what happen when people only listen to their own biases and not the best obtainable version of the truth. Because of course there will always be more then one way to view the truth but it does not have to be one half of the country beiliving Obama should be tried for treason and one half happy with him being president. Maybe we should just let Trump be president ans when he destroys the country we could all say we told you so, because they will just block Hillary at every turn like they do to Obama. Either that or she will be all to happy to sell out her base voters, just like Bill Clinton did two decades earlier.

    mathew idicula

    But Americans today just want to sit back and imagine a world long gone by and just waiting to kiss American ass. It's really not like that as global warming threatens our collective future and America refuses to live amoung all nations, instead of reigning a throne long in disrepear. All hail the thief.

    Steven Jorgenson

    get off your and DO something besides bitch!!!

    Denis Lessard

    i can agree or disagree with all these very intelligent opinions stated here, do you know why? because some soldier put on his uniform and did his duty. he made your country and mine what it is today. also remember that we elect people to represent us with one third of elegible people voting so if you don't like who gets elected get off your ass and vote and stop bitching.

    Steven Jorgenson

     I thank you for your voice.

  41. john heaney

    great stuff, born 1949, proud.

    john heaney

    @Steve Waddell correct

    john heaney

    Baby boom was from 1945_to1950.

    john heaney

    Wendell McClurg no, 1945-150

    David Konen

    Hate to BREAK this to you, John, but if you look in Wikipedia, you'll see the Baby Boomer generation was 1946 - 1964 (and I was born around 4 years AFTER this time)

  42. Sergent

    High Five from Denmark

  43. Karen Sue

    And then we got sent to VN....   but not Dumya.

  44. yongue1000

    |>yongue1000<|   When I was: a child,a boy and a youth; America was a one foot tall pyramid sitting on a ten square foot base!   But now America is a ten foot tall pyramid sitting on a one square foot base!!   'Alas Babylon'!!!   MY land-line # is: (717) - 632-9678, DAVID Wayne YONGUE, aka - David W. Yongue, aka - Wayne, aka - Stoney, aka - |>yongue1000<|

    G H Ryder

    WHAT? too much drugs for you

    Dan Morgan

    +yongue1000 So you live in Hanover, PA? You shouldn't post your phone number unless you want a LOT of attention.

    G H Ryder

    what the hell are you talking about? you need to leave off the drugs!

    David Konen

    I agree, Dan!

  45. John Tippett

    2 my kids

  46. Bill Bennett

    About time for "Old Hippie 4".

    Ralph Smith

    Brother Bill B., Thank You, I will
    second that motion.!

    shaleknight 62

    @Ralph Smith I'll make it a third vote

    Ernie Schierbeek

  47. 2009metisman

    right on target!   born in 1948, age 66, class of '66

  48. David Konen

    I'll admit, after SEEING this video again, I've made some interesting observations:  I like how the music and singing goes (in fact, my right hand had swung like a PENDULUM in an infinite shape; I like how the lyrics were being displayed; lastly, l like the setting of this music video (a goldfish bowl).

  49. David Konen

    bwheeler, I was born around 1968, which was JUST around the END of that generation.  So, I could be DESCRIBED as a "kid of the baby boom" (my mother and father were born in the baby boom generation)

    Cassy Carter

    I was right there in the baby boom. Im one of those kids. And I still love the old songs.

    David Konen

    @Cassy Carter You're NOT the only one!  I think with my collection of tapes and CDs I have already, SOME of these go back a good ways.

    Jeff Gattrell

    +Cassy Carter: 9 days after my moms passing from this life..

  50. David Konen

    Shahrazade, I think this song first came out sometime in the 80's (about 30 years ago).  I'd just RYTHMICALLY dance to the beat every time I heard it.

    David Konen

    CORRECTION - it probably came out EARLIER (in 1976, "Let Your Love Flow" was a SONG by this SAME group)

    Bradley earl

    David Konen mid 80s.. I know.

  51. David Konen

    And I had thought the Everly Brothers had sung this song.  I'd forgotten about the Bellamy brothers - they sang this VERY lovely!

    Jim Cholley

    It was a number one song exactly thirty years ago this coming week..

    David Konen

    Thanks for THIS bit of information!

  52. bwheeler321

    I was born in 1995. Not a baby boomer but I still really love this song. A lot better then some of the songs today. Some times I think I was born a bit to late.

    David Konen

    Oh, PSHAW! So you're 27 years YOUNGER than I am! I wouldn't THINK of you as being a LATE person (I JUST wish I knew WHEN some of these OTHER groups of people came about)

  53. AdirondackNY

    "Kids of the Baby Boom" is a 1987 single by The Bellamy Brothers. "Kids of the Baby Boom" was written by David Bellamy and became The Bellamy Brothers' tenth and final number one on the country chart. The single went to number one for one week and spent a total of fourteen weeks on the country chart

    David Konen

    I'm sure I COULDN'T even argue AGAINST you here - seems like your FACTS would be a BIT better than MINE!

  54. shahrazade26

    Do you know when the song came out?

    Derek Langley

    1987 The best country songs ever. IMO