Bella Thorne - Watch Me Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I don't need no one to tell me how to feel the beat
And I don't need no beat to tell me how to move my feet
Just go and do what you do 'cause there's nothin' to prove
I'm just bein' me watch me do me
I don't need no magazine to tell me who to be
And I don't need to pose for pa-pa-paparazzi
Just keep the cameras flashin', to try to catch this action
I'm just bein' me w-watch me do me, me, me, me

Light up the floor, play me one more
Let me hear that
Click clack on the high hat let the bass vibrate feel the room rock
Light up the floor, just like before
Let me hear that
Bass drop on the boombox, make your heart stop, feel the room rock!
I'm doin' all I want to do, and I won't stop until I can't move
I'm just bein' me watch me, do me, me, me

[Verse 2:]
I don't need no music when I wanna sing a song
I don't need what's popular to know what's right or wrong
I'm busy burning the track, not holdin' anything back
I'm just bein' me w-watch me do me, me, me, me

Light up the floor, play me one more
Let me hear that
Click clack on the high hat let the bass vibrate feel the room rock
Light up the floor, just like before
Let me hear that
Bass drop on the boombox make your heart stop
Feel the room rock!
I'm doin' all I want to do and I won't stop until I can't move
I'm just bein' me watch me, do me, me, me

I'm ready, I'm, I'm ready to go
L-let, l-let it, l-l-let it explode
I'm ready, I'm, I'm ready to go, to go!
Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Light up the floor, play me one more
Let me hear that
Click clack on the high hat let the bass vibrate feel the room rock
Light up the floor, just like before
Let me hear that
Bass drop on the boombox make your heart stop
I'm doin' all I want to do and I won't stop until I can't move
I'm just bein' me watch me, do me, me, me
Watch me; do me, me, me
Watch me, watch me!

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Bella Thorne Watch Me Comments
  1. Drico Analist


    Drico Analist

    Everyone is talented what are you doing right know

  2. Robert Silva

    Zendaya became a successful actress as an adult Bella Thorne on the other hand Bella Thorne start in a porno movie since Bella Thorne was in an adult movie where she was having sex this is why I Disney will no longer hire her this is why some movie companies like Paramount will not hire her because of this adult film movie this is what I was told


    🔥🔥 1:04 🔥💘

  4. wessila

    When I was younger I really though that Bella was prettier than Zendaya 😭😭🥴

  5. Delwin Joseph

    2020 anyone?


    🔥 1:08 ❤💛💕

  7. The New Star

    It is still perfect

  8. zakkiyya Revell

    2020? Just me okay

  9. Jay Jay !

    I always thought this sounded a bit like telephone ... idk why

  10. Traci_Angels

    It's like bro how the hell do you throw away your career bella

  11. Lexi Ball

    Anyone else just thought of the show randomly and said “hey I’m going to watch this for nostalgia”

  12. Honey Baae

    I thought they had THEE FITS on when I was little 💀

  13. Radio Gelosa

    Very beautiful when bella Thorne is smiling-laughing!

  14. Scotty from marketing

    Who's still addicted in 2020.

  15. Simen Storeheier

    I miss iCarly, Victorious, Shake It Up, Hannah Montana, Big Time Rush and much more sooo much!!! I feel sorry for kids these days who have to watch the awful shows that goes on TV these days

  16. udari bandara

    Younger days of Zendaya looked like #selenagomez

  17. Mavela Salvatore

    My freaking childhood

  18. Rümeysa Öksüz

    Kemal gel ordan

  19. Thea Koss

    y'all don't understand this show was EVERYTHING to me. it's why i dance now lmao. i was OBSESSED with these girls omg.

  20. Isabel Klinger

    Still know all the words and I'm almost 19❤😂 I miss the old Disney

  21. Feyra Archeron

    10 years...I still remember this world by word...beat by beat❤️❤️

  22. catriona m

    if disney could only be as good as it was here

  23. Ja'Mari Newell

    Nostalgia is real😭💛💯🔥

  24. Uncomedic Comedian

    The outfits look like they went to K mart and bought everything before they closed

  25. Princess

    When it was a simpler time for me

  26. Tomi Tóth

    Descendientes 2 descendientes 2 USA vs japan dance battle

  27. Daniel Nunn

    Dang Zendaya became a successful actress and role model and Bella became a thot ;-;

  28. Xandra Nixon

    Darya XANDER Love you ksss Baby My Day 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  29. Xandra Nixon

    Darya XANDER Love you ksss 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  30. Scott Morrison

    I love my you tube concerts. 😍

  31. Sina A

    Wow back then you could wear bright clothing and it wouldn’t be weird. I remember going for an emo look in 2009-2013 and it was considered normal because everyone was like that. I miss all of it

  32. jellybones masterfue

    I kinda like this song. Not because it’s beat was amaaaazin, but because it has a nice message to it. It’s like they are telling you to be whoever you want to be. For me, I want to become an actor by ever single time I ask opinions from people ( especially my sister), they keep telling me that I won’t become a star and that I should give up on what I am holding to. But this song is encouraging and is lifting me up from my doubt, and I have no doubt that I will become successful, and you too :))

  33. Corina Land

    I don't need to pose for paparazzi, just keep the cameras flashing 😵🤦‍♀️

  34. Mike Bolton

    I had such a huge crush on zendaya in her Disney days

  35. Erin Nichols

    This song is a bop. Don’t argue with me

  36. Awesome Aight

    The editors obviously had fun with the lighting effect!

  37. Che Palle

    Shake it up had the worst stylists

  38. Daniel Yamin

    Who's jamming to this in 2020

  39. QueenB Bella

    Bella has been and always will be my favorite. I love how she is doing what she loves and is not afraid to be herself, and doesnt give no fucks what social media or people say😍😍😍 And to people saying zendaya is doing better than bella, check your facts they both make $5mill, but nice try

  40. Alexandra Lelkes

    2020? ❤️

  41. MegasXLR

    This just popped up in my recommended for no reason. Memories! I remember making a special effects music video of this with some AVS video editor program back in 2011 haha Loved this show so much. Happy to see Zendaya star in Spiderman movies.

  42. Drico Analist

    Thats right you don't need anything just be you

    This is how many times you should be your self

  43. Fátima Nimaga

    The question here is WHAT HAPPENED TO DISNEY CHANNEL?

    Scott Morrison

    It will become good again.

  44. Xandra Nixon

    Love you XANDER friends Girls sister and my

  45. M O C H I ‘

    This song randomly popped in my head and i just felt the sudden depth of nastolgia

  46. Z S

    When Bella Thorne was normal

  47. Justin Shea

    Oh man! Early 2010 Disney fashion hit differently.

  48. Belair

    From this to euphoria...damn

  49. Belair

    From this to euphpria...damn

  50. Queen Gaby

    I do not understand why everyone has to compare them, there is no video of them two in which someone does not judge Bella for the decisions she has made, each one is responsible for her life and knows what she does


    This song was so good but their clothes look horrible

  52. selena seagull

    oh my childhood...

  53. pilar soto

    2020 ??

  54. Lyrics Channel

    After 9 years I still remember this song
    The best childhood
    I am so sad because this legends aren't difused on TV anymore

  55. sarah escobedo

    I remember wanting to dress just like cece in this video and now im was i thinking

  56. Jose Ramon

    2011: the best camera quality
    2019: me with 12mx camera 😂

  57. kithses

    wow i cant believe kids nowadays dont get to experience iconic shows like these. zack and cody? wizards of waverly place? hannah montana? shake it up? austin and ally? pair of kings? kickin it? i rmb staying up all night for these shows.

  58. Lulu Vuiiton

    This is still such a bop

  59. Katie Starlight

    Damn I feel old.. this was a weird time for Disney, it was probably because I was getting older? i don't know. But, the early 2010s were definitely something else.

    Diamante Dea

    Katie Starlight just the comment I was looking for. Agreed.

  60. Brodie D.

    It's so strange how I almost remember all the words to this song and I didn't even think it was a Shake It Up song, I was expecting it to be a 'real' song, but no. Very odd.

  61. Karma Karma

    and this is how i used dress like when 12 .... no wonder why people laughed.

  62. Nia Singh


  63. Pink Bettas

    It’s really sad because you will never get your childhood back
    It’s gone forever 😢

  64. Pink Bettas

    Back when everyone was innocent

  65. the duck

    Dang i missed these shows

  66. Maia A

    Y’all remember when they would play music videos during commercials

  67. Confused Sarah

    omg i just found this!
    and i remember when i was younger i watched this all the time omg!
    brings back memories :')

  68. Chebbi Ven

    I blame this show for my weird fashion

  69. Michi Michi

    2011 old memories

  70. Eleven 011


  71. Jasmin Burgos

    damn 2011 tho..

  72. DIAMOND Bif0


  73. Amanze D Mere aka Nej

    Who do you guys think is better Zendaya or Bella?

  74. Bahar ERCAN

    2020 !!!!! i rlly missed this..

  75. Luptina Gluvense

    Guys I don’t know why you hate Bella so much. She never wanted to be a singer. I love Zendaya but please stop comparing them.

  76. Mirnela H

    Wow style changes so much

  77. Natalia Loehnhardt

    2020 anyone

  78. Melisa Sunflower22

    I grew up with this song and this is how I learned English, thank you Disney Channel ✨✨

  79. sharissa kim

    I remember come here 8 yrs ago reading comments regarding people missing 2000s and 2005 Disney then come here again in 2020 just to see the same thing repeat again witb Shake It Up on the list. Comparisons between generations is insane.

  80. Endarue Orillio

    I was looking for Duce and Ty as a kid

  81. Jessicas Channel

    It's so funny how I used 2 idolize these people cuz i thought they were so cool. Me looking at this, just realises how stupid this is 😂😂🤣

  82. Michelle Read

    Crying because I’m not ready to grow up

  83. Sol

    I’m still a child but I loved this show while I was younger

  84. ChesKo78_

    qui écoute encore sa en 2020

    Lochoo_ 22

    ChesKo78_ moi j’écoute encore je vois qu’on est plus 👐🏼

    Lochoo_ 22

    enchanté chesko


    Leo Quentin enchanté leo

    Lochoo_ 22

    avez vous un réseau social pour que je puisse vous contacter chesko

  85. Caillou

    Can't believe it's been almost 10 years ! I feel like.. like it's been only 5 years ago, or not even that, but it's almost a whole decade. Damn.

  86. Love Descendants


  87. Naima N.

    ok but zendaya carried this song

  88. Mysticjay

    the last good era of disney channel.I said what i said.PERIOD

    Juvenile Scream


  89. Мариела Момчева

    Am I only crying right now?Old Bella 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  90. Madeline Friberg

    Why is everybody so mean to Bella in the comments?

    Koopa Troopa Poopa

    Not too sure, but it's probably because they find Zendaya more talented than Bella.

  91. Kestrel

    They did bella so dirty here

  92. Vianka.z

    Idc if it’s 2020 this song is still a bob! If I end up having kids imma tell them this was the song of the decade

  93. Suga's hoe

    Bella never was innocent she prolly lost her vicinity at 15-16

  94. Suga's hoe

    Zendaya is much prettier and smarter than Bella

    Luis Dorado

    But Bella Thorne is more beautiful than Zendaya.

  95. Ioannis Xanthakos

    Wow ZenLla Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#

  96. kyla Allen

    I love it so very much because it is great song.

  97. Laura Grant

    I was screaming this song. It’s was the only song I have on iTunes on my old iPad 2