Bella Ferraro - Forgot You Lyrics

Whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh
Whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh

I don't belong to you
I don't believe that I should compromise who I am for you
You keep me on a line, you only reel me in
When you feel I'm worth your precious time

Next time I say goodnight it'll mean goodbye
I'll take no souvenirs, but I'll leave these words for you, dear

Take what you got, take it all, take the lot
'Cause I'm better off now that I forgot you

Whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh, whoa oh

I guess it took a while
To figure out that when I gave an inch, you always took a mile
I swallowed all your lies
Tried to convince myself that you had really changed for good this time

Next time I say goodnight it'll mean goodbye
I'll take no souvenirs, but I'll leave these words for you, dear

Take what you got, take it all, take the lot
'Cause I'm better off now that I forgot you
And I'll be the best girl that you'll never have
And I'm better off now that I forgot you

And after all this time I'm sorry that it didn't work out
But I'm fine and I refuse to take the blame
I'm the fool, I fell hard for your game
And you can tell yourself that the stars were aligned
But you figured it out and until that time

And now I'm wondering is this how it is
'Cause if we can't be lovers I don't wanna be friends
This web we’ve weaved never worked for me
All these hurtful things made it hard to believe
And I, I wanna leave but I can't move
My head says, "Go," but my heart needs you
Can we work this? Is it worth it?
Bella, love ain't love if it's perfect, you know

Take what you got, take it all, take the lot
'Cause I'm better off now that I forgot you
And I'll be the best girl that you'll never have
And I'm better off now that I forgot you

Don't forget me, baby
I forgot you
Don't forget me, baby
I forgot you
Please don't forget me, baby
I forgot you

Can we work this? Is it worth it?
Bella, love ain't love if it's perfect

Hey, I forgot, I forgot you

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Bella Ferraro Forgot You Comments
  1. Brad Meeker

    your voice is magical... not very many sing as good as you

  2. Ben imc

    Luv u Bella here ur doing new music brought me to tears

  3. Brittany Royal

    2020, still here Bella. Love you ❤️

  4. Goldnhour Music

    Not her fault if she didn't sell.
    She is an amazing singer but Sony Music gave her the wrong song and ruined her career. Bella if you read this get in touch. My IG @goldnhour_acoustic or @goldnhour_music
    I make synth-pop ✌🏼

  5. Aaron Gosling

    Bella, you'll smile when you're ready to and when it's real because you're real. You don't have to smile when you sing. Sing when the song brings you joy. If you love to sing, sing for yourself and sing for others on your terms. I just discovered you Dec 2019 <3

  6. Aaron Gosling

    Thanks, Danielle Stewart. I want what Bella wants for herself. I hate when judges try to mould people into a style they think a person should be. Her mentor often said it's about what Bella wants. I appreciated that. There's just too much pressure too quick for some of us. Real change is the most difficult thing of all. If these judges would just be encouraging and not pick out every little thing they think is a flaw, more people would "naturally" do better, assuming that there is a better. There is a perfect time for everything and it's difficult for most to know, but sometimes it's best to eliminate someone earlier not because they can't sing beautifully, but because they may not be ready for the training that will be put upon them from the prospective agency

  7. Aaron Gosling

    I'm looking for Bella Ferraro. Want the best for you, Bella Ferraro. Hope you are safe and well. <3

  8. narpala

    _dont dreams its over_ effect

  9. Halil Tarcan

    I'm watching the turkey still find me ... His voice ... I love you Bella

  10. Bradley

    Got sent here after looking for where is Bella now, well the truth is knowhere. I so loved that performance of Skinny Love on X Factor. What a shame.

  11. Truth Crusader

    She's a great singer with a unique voice but it is sad and unfortunate she lacked the passion and gave up too soon.

  12. Daifei acciomua

    I love the song minus the stupid rap part

  13. JF R

    This is a product of poor upbringing and bad genetics. No structure or discipline in the home. When a child parents themself, they take the easy way out in life. So you end up with a cripple. She can't overcome any obstacle whatsoever. She's going to always fail to achieve any goal, any dream, she will never break through as it has been 6 years of running away from her talent, her dream. She simply is uncomfortable and cannot cope with change, or a new environment, so she does what she's only good at, abandoning something others just work through. A quitter. No endurance. No will power. Just a spoiled nobody. Saturday Night Live, she fits "Living in a van, down by the river" so well. If I ever met her mother face to face, I'd spit in her eyes for destroying her kid this way. But that's just my success talking. I have no room for people that make excuses for their weaknesses. No respect for losers without real impairments. If I had half her voice, I'd be Taylor Swift, Gomez, Cyrus, or other useless slut that made the most of their mediocre ability and went further than they deserve. All the judges gave this nobody their genuine best advice, and she ignored it completely.

  14. Donald Flowers

    She strikes me as a soft sweet girl ( though i could be wrong) but entertainment industries arent for the passive and are cutthroat. That may not be the case if i have my way in the future.

  15. Mighty Stonehaven

    TitaniumSilber code 354 E30 BMW convertible. Excellent Choice. BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine.
    I have 4 E30/E46 cabriiolet sticks. ALL TitaniumSilber 354's. CrazeeFAST. This one sports RHD (Right Hand Drive/Steering) but of course, this video produced in Australia.

  16. Amber Brooks Robinson

    Bella, I really hope I get to hear you sing someday <3

  17. owen prince

    I wish you would do love songs that inspire people and do a lot of them. You are so awesome. Everyone just loves you so much please keep working on your music. I loved your version of 99 balloons. You have such a beautiful voice. Please stay away from the rap crap as it not your style. Rap is the only thing I hate.

  18. ZeRo ShAdOw

    Still watching...please come back!

  19. Evnono

    I feel the X factor ruined a part of her 😞 I hope I’m wrong...

  20. Tron_23

    Shockingly adorable however the rapping dude was shockingly cringe

  21. Love FortheRecord

    I miss her!! I hope she comes back!!

  22. marvin adona

    Bella Ferraro. come back. you make a song. voice your Beautiful

  23. JF R

    Thanks for the songs, enjoy your life.

  24. Jay Sands

    You are doing so great! Fly Bella, fly! You are beautiful and is full of surprises and you are one of ours!

  25. Korina B

    Please continue doing music! You have such a talent.... If you like...

  26. jerramy

    Bella Ferraro has the same kind of tragic beauty as Kristen Stewart (from the Twilight series) and ironically has the same name as the character Kristen played - Bella Swan.

  27. yukama M


  28. falconidaes

    Great voice wasted in Nowadays Crap POP.

  29. D-monster 43

    POp-cultre is just lame never try and sound like T-swift

  30. MIIN.

    Amazing voice 😔💙💙

  31. Joey Holthusen

    I liked her original look just fine. Authentic, why be like everyone else. Bella is very cute 😉

  32. Kesha and Caleb

    If you’re reading this in 2019, follow her on insta @itslilbels . She’s still singing!


    ? Anyone here

  34. Jem Tv

    Who is here 2019? I miss this girl so much😢


    Can't get over it 😔she's the best. I miss her too. She's a legend for me

  35. MLSCrow

    The problem for Bella has always been the song choices. Including this song. I applaud her on an attempt at an original song, but honestly a Pop song like this just isn't her. Her version of Skinny Love was of greatest songs and performances ever in music history, but it almost seems like there was someone behind the scenes who was trying to turn her into a Pop star and they just had the wrong vision for her.

  36. Ricky Allen

    What a shame that something so pure was so undone so soon after her success. The world of fame is a tragedy for the likes of someone so talented. She needs to do her own thing her own way .

  37. Samarjyoti Deka

    U r thinking the same... Y is c not much popular... ??? I m thinking that too...

  38. Lily Lane

    Come back!!!'re amazing

  39. Saetims_

    Did she win.

  40. H3llb0y 666

    I wonder where she is now

    Ben imc

    I wonder too

  41. EXOL For Life

    I’M HERE. ❤️

  42. Genesia Superstar

    Come back! Pleaaaase!

  43. Genesia Superstar

    July 2019

  44. RaveAndDive

    love u bellaaa

  45. Black Beared

    I just heard ur song in x factor audition.....and fell love in ur voice.......ur voice is just awesome💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖 why just only 3 or 4 song I want to hear more of ur voice...........I know probably this channel is inactive but still......I would say from my heart .......ur voice is just awesome.............

  46. trdat lusavorich

    beautiful voice👑👑💐💐💐💐😻😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Megan H

    Sent this to someone who was messing with my feelings lol cause was fed up of having my emotions toyed with !! She's a beautiful singer beautiful voice hope she carries on bringing songs out they're very catchy !!

  48. Corey Strong

    She is a great singer, beautiful enough to be on TV , but needs to discover herself truly to become who she could be and work hard at it.

  49. Karen Jane De la Rossa

    Where is she now?

  50. awaken moon


  51. Jess

    Wow why am i only now hearing this song.. Its so beautiful

  52. Dave

    Bella, pleeeease come back. You have one of the best voices I have heard from an Aussie in a long time. You really are that good.

  53. Ray Parker

    Bella, I just finished watching your audition on the X-factor, I cried, you have the most remarkable voice. I am so surprised that 6 years later you are not a megastar. what did the music biz do wrong?
    I know that the music biz can be a tough environment but the world needs your voice, please find a way to use your talent to make our world richer. please find the right song, the right producer, the right team to show your heart to the world. I want to cry again with joy, hearing your voice in a magical moment.

  54. Jamie Stefanec

    Please come back

  55. loggymarieturtle _

    first saw this years ago and I'm so glad I found it again

  56. cheyenne Hinton-Pryde

    This is such a good song and a great music video

  57. Mr ZX10R

    WoW! Didnt see the rap coming, sooo good! We love you bella! Keep keeping it real :)

  58. Mario Jr. H. Lucino Pnballianz applicant

    So pretty....

  59. AtlantisIndigo

    I was just at a concert where the artist was promoting the concept a digital forum for artists to come together and distribute their music. Ms. Ferraro could do this and still remain pure without having to face the anxiety and criticism from negatively minded people.

  60. Tanya Michaud

    Still the greatest ! Even in 2019

  61. Stefania Giancane

    What a wonderful voice... She HAS to come back!!! Please, do

  62. Munshry Tatum

    please come back bella... your voice is amazing.... you inspired me a lot....

  63. Sariah Miller

    pls come back angel

  64. Hayden Williams


  65. Al Balochi

    I love her so much come babe Bella 😭

  66. Michael Marroquin

    where is this girl? is she still alive? who has hidden her? can anyone find out? she would be 26 years right now, WTF is she?

  67. ArachniDen

    One of the greatest voices of all time!

  68. Sarah jayne Wilkes

    Hello Bella, what are you up to these days?

  69. Cheryl Boys

    great song Bella !!

  70. Kevin Rasey

    Am I suppose to write "who is here 2019"?

    Amanda Machado

    She should meet Calum Scott, he also has and empowering voice and failed on the finals of AGT; although he stills sings, and just like this girl he sounds amazing! Hearing them is literally like hearing angels. Such talented people ❤️

    thaw maw soe aung

    still tunning her sincere fan from myanmar since skinny love

    Ronald Garcia

    me :') and is near 2020

    Samuel Rs

    Reminds me of Lisa Mitchell, another jewel from Australian Idol who sort of fell off the map although she's still making music at least. I'm American and don't really watch Australian Idol but see some of the highlights on Youtube and go to find them and it seems they're almost always gone or just unknown unfortunately :(

  71. AYA aya

    You're amazing miss Bella, I'm a fan!!!!!!❤❤❤

  72. nore nore

    I love you Bella .Don't stop fighting for your passion.

  73. sabrina mello

    2019 and i still miss her

  74. Matthew Villarreal

    She’s still alive! She performs as Lilbels. Find it on Twitter and Facebook!

  75. Alex Cruz

    Bella tem uma voz incrível, sinto falta dela meu Deus, uma voz dessa merecia sim mais reconhecimento. É um diamante que precisa ser lapidado, ela é maravilhosa. BELLA I LOVE U 💙💙💙💙

  76. Michele Marega

    Plz come back

  77. Hail Will

    2019 <3

  78. Lover Music

    Where are you now Bella I really miss you my skinny love girl it's 8 April 2019 please make more music please beautiful angel👼

  79. rkidlat

    Wow. Love your authenticity and your voice.

  80. Nathan Neave

    Please keep singing 😞

  81. Surathong Jongs

    Skinny love version..

  82. Yazan Rawashdeh

    April 2019?

  83. Nur Lijah

    Bella im miss u now 2019... Im from malaysia.

  84. Csaba Székely

    your voice is so crazy special Bella! no way let the world stop you from
    singing ever! you are bigger than the big ones, nothing will be able to
    hold your success back if you just keep singing... you are genuinely
    amazing!!! we truly love you!

  85. Odin

    Is this daddy Blue Hamilton?!

  86. Fe Torbizo

    I hope she'll come back coz her gift is amazing

  87. MyLoViva

    @itslilbels her new instagram account, and she's going to make a debut performance with a band called sister peach i think they're going to perform the new songs this march live

  88. Suhad Shaba

    She kinda looks like bahad baby 2019 anyone

  89. Castle Byers

    almost forgot that I knew this song omg, it's been years

  90. geekofix

    I found her. She performs under the name Little B or LilBels now and this is her Instagram: @itslilbels

  91. jp senin

    any updates on her?

    Ben imc

    She is on insta named itslilbels

  92. Jessica Assaf

    miss her

  93. Faded Fayth

    Holy shit I'm late to the disappointment party.

    Fun part is idk what happens after this.Feels like a journey of mainstream brand destruction.