Belinda Carlisle - Waiting For A Star To Fall Lyrics

I hear your name whispered on the wind
It's a sound that makes me cry
I hear a song blow again and again
Through my mind and I don't know why
I wish I didn't feel so strong about you
Like happiness and love revolve around you
Trying to catch your heart
Is like trying to catch a star
So many people love you baby
That must be what you are

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That's where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

I've learned to feel what I cannot see
But with you I lose that vision
I don't know how to dream your dream
So I'm all caught up in superstition
I want to reach out and pull you to me
Who says I should let a wild one go free

Trying to catch your heart
Is like trying to catch a star
But I can't love you this much baby
And love you from this far

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That's where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

Waiting (however long...)
I don't like waiting (I'll wait for you...)
It's so hard waiting (don't be too long...)
Seems like waiting (makes me love you even more...)

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That's where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

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Belinda Carlisle Waiting For A Star To Fall Comments
  1. Andrew Kendall

    Well, let's be fair - it's just a demo. For me, the brilliant Boy Meets Girl version excels because of its fantastic production. If BC had gone all the way with this song, I'm pretty sure it would stack up alongside her other hits.

  2. krzyolskool

    Make my appreciation for the boy meets girl version so much more.

  3. Siguiendo la luna

    At times I put my hand on my chest because my heart beats so hard with that music.

  4. ridgeracer77

    Unpopular Opinion: I think this is good.

  5. Siguiendo la luna

    here in my city we are in a crescent moon ... and while the moon is getting listening to that music until we see it enter ...🌙

  6. Siguiendo la luna

    I would give you the moon if you wanted even if it wasn't mine ...🌙)...

  7. Siguiendo la luna

    You want everything with that version ... Exciting!🌙)...

  8. Elli Anhna

    If this gal was a singer back then... I could have been bigger. This is truly awful.

  9. Jomaster The Second

    Belinda, go home. You're drunk.

  10. A Rho


  11. rinsedpie

    That was only a demo, like a sketch for a portrait. Imagine what a major hit it would be like if she had decided to take up that song.

  12. RunDCM

    To be fair it's a demo but Belinda cannot hit the notes very well. Boy Meets Girl did it with passion on vocals and instruments.

  13. Newjerseydevil950003

    It's amazing to me that both Belinda Carlisle & Whitney Houston each "passed" on this song.

  14. rpm297

    I love her, but this a big swing-and-a-miss. Lionville did it better. Look them up and listen to their rendition. And thank me later.

  15. steverdbvd

    She's horrible

  16. Albert Teng

    I need a doctor quick, my ears hurt

  17. Will Macintosh

    I love you belinda but in terms of this remake....uhhhhh NO!

  18. SynthieAl

    I wouldn't have done better

  19. Nate Breidenbaugh

    Yep, this is a demo, alright. Rough as hell.

  20. Slasher Trash

    Did she ever say why she didn't like the song?

  21. Scott M

    Ran outside thought my cat was hurt

  22. Will Wen

    come on this ain't too bad. it's like going to karaoke with belinda and getting her to sing something besides one of her own. darn right, in your arms is where i belong, baby....

  23. Jeff Moloi

    This was way too far from the finished product. Even if she had recorded it, it would have sounded much better than this. I do think it was more a Whitney song than Belinda. Having said that Merrill and Rubicam own it.

  24. maixiu

    Waiting for this song to end.

  25. marais75012

    I think a small-production version of this tune has potential. I like the original from Boy meets Girl, I adore Belinda - with a little effort, this could have become a jewel.
    A bit like "They don't know" from Kirsty McColl, as produced by Katrina and the waves. I think it's an idea worthwhile to pursue.

  26. TheDefJamm

    This is definitely just an extremely rough demo recording of someone singing a song that’s been thrown at them and they really don’t like it. And so, it’s very half hearted too. Fair enough.
    But, I wonder how she felt when she eventually heard the boy meets girls version in all it’s polished, produced glory? I bet she felt she’d made a mistake when hearing how it could have turned out if she’d taken the opportunity.

  27. Daniel Bennett

    She butchered this song!!!

  28. abingleyboy

    Ooooweee Yikes!!, this akin to eating glass. I know she disliked the song & perhaps that's why she sang it like a strangled cat, purposely bad so it got dropped. Either that or she recorded it void of sleep & full of vodka & Coke (the dry kind). Either way this is an atrocious recording of what would eventually a few years on become a decent track. The music doesn't even properly match the song I mean that drum section is like rave under an opera tune. I wonder why they couldn't actually sell the tune to anyone.

  29. Rick Stone

    This sounds like a drunk college girl on a cheesy karaoke night.. Either way, she was hot years ago

  30. james street

    Hey Belinda, I love ya, you've got allotta my money in your pocket but thanks for turning this song down.

  31. Lt.Dan

    CHRIST ALMIGHTY this is bad

  32. Eric Ryan

    Legend has it she did one take of this while prepping her album and she just wasn't into it. No shade or hate. The writers did it well and songs find their home. Love Belinda always.

  33. Crack The Sky Fan


  34. Fucking Motherfucker

    1:43 is where I stopped hoping for a good part and just laughed my way through the demo.

  35. Tristan Ferguson

    Sorry but this is awful!

  36. Ed S.

    Pretty awful!!

  37. Lanse Steiner

    I wonder how much cocaine Belinda was on when she recorded this?

  38. Psych Dogs America

    Do people not know what a "demo" is? It's a rough cut of a song before you go in the studio to fully record, polish and produce it. This song was thrown at her and she didn't want to record at all. For those comparing it to Boy Meet Girl, that's comparing apples to oranges - the original songwriters version of the song with full production (as everyone knows and loves) compared to a demo of someone who never wanted it. And thank God. This song has no place on "Heaven on Earth" at all and would've killed the album. Boy Meets Girl should be glad they got to keep it for themselves and have success with it. It's just the industry.


    No. Apparently 80% of the population does not understand what a demo is.
    I wonder even if you explained it to them like one would with a 5 year a child if they still would get it.....

    Dr Ergmern

    @kommentator except she was intentionally sounding terrible so that it would not end up going into her album.

  39. Zeeburn

    This is a demo version and the song was originally going to be released in full but Carlisle didn’t like the song so she ended up passing. Boy Meets Girl did it instead (who wrote the song in the first place) and the rest is history.

  40. Sludge

    I can hear why this was never officially released.

  41. Mia - ü

    Curti, mas ainda prefiro a versão de Boy meets Girl, rs
    #2018 ♥

  42. John Lindsey Jr.

    I see why she rejected it after the demo. This song is not her.

  43. oceantracks

    Thanks...,we’ll phone you lol

  44. Araka Neuman

    sounds like a BAAAAAD karaoke evening. Larry David, eat your heart out.

  45. Imnah Williams

    This is fuckin awful lol it’s like a drunk person doing a Karaoke rendition, badly!! And to think SHE rejected the song. More like it rejected her! The production was piss poor! Smdh

  46. S Wood

    It's clear she didn't want this song. Her pitch is flat for most of the song. I get that it's an outtake, but it's not a very good one.

  47. Erwin Green

    A friend told me last night about this rendition but I had to hear it for myself. Belinda was smart to reject this song. I know it's a demo but I'm glad the original artists recorded this song and had a big hit. The demo arrangement is horrible.

  48. bruinsrulz

    You could tell her heart wasn't into it.

  49. Adam K Bedford

    Wow, this is shit !!


    DA hell? Please stop .

  51. paulie p

    I think she did pretty good. Even if it is bad karaoke HAHA. If I was 35 years older and this was the 80s and she wasn't around my moms age I would say its a little sexy LMAOOO

  52. MindOfAToy

    Listening to this unironically...and enjoying it.

  53. Brian Isom

    I saw her recently in concert live she has lost her voice she can't sing anymore also she has gained a large amount of weight. Such a pity i was such a fan back in the day. God she can't sing anymore !

  54. Jmay Barnett

    Its her style of song but the boy meets girl version cant be any more perfect

  55. Ken Royall

    She couldn't sing it and fucked it up. No wonder she rejected it. Boy Meets Girl RULEZ!!!!

  56. Sarah White

    She really disliked the song, it shows.The original never needed replacing. Still sounds cracking today.

  57. Noodle Media America

    am i the only one who actually appreciates this version for what it is? i think it sounds cute.

  58. rinsedpie

    owh so this is what the original demo that Belinda Carlisle sang sounded; read about it many times that the writers (BMG) offered for her to try it out and this is one of the takes, right? She had finished recording Heaven Is A Place On Earth, right?

  59. weareclouds

    George and Shannon were smart for just taking this song back and singing it themselves. No Belinda...nooooooo! It doesn't fit her at all.

  60. Daniel Bennett

    she butchered this song

  61. Eduardo Hernández Estañol

    Uuuuugh, this is garbage. I am so glad BMG were given this jewel!!!

    Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    Eduardo Hernández Estañol they weren't given this song. They wrote this song!

    Eduardo Hernández Estañol

    I didn't know. Thanks for clarifying.

  62. Lee Jenkin

    Not Belinda's best effort & the lack of a band with a sax to accompany her leaves the song like karaoke effort. George & Shannon's version would be less popular with a band w/o a sax. The very popular Baker Street w/o a sax would have been just mediocre.

  63. David Cambra

    Such a beautiful young lady with so much talent. So sad she got sidetracked with the booze and drugs.

  64. doug stonechek

    c'mon all!! This isn't that bad! It's pretty good!

  65. Pop Muzik

    HOLY SHIT !! This is so bad. Embarrassing- even for a demo. Especially for someone who has had hits.

  66. 6461791


  67. vesperview

    I would like to hear her voice with the arrangement Boy Meets Girl ended up using.

  68. Kayleigh Natasha

    Belinda has an amazing voice but this song wasn't for her, good drum beat at the start though

  69. HILLJAYNE UNFILTERED Hillary Mansfield

    This is a DEMO. Demos are rarely any good. EVERYONE turned this song down...including Whitney.

  70. newtonduck1

    If properly recorded, I could see where this might have worked, but, seeing how it is one of my favorite songs, not necessary.

  71. Daniel Comanescu

    Boy Meets Girl did a great and beautiful job. Their video is my fav, my number one. I don't like Belinda's voice. It sounds horrible!!!!! What a joy for us all that she refused this song!

  72. kemolowlow

    Shit....good thing the actual writers decided to record this song.

  73. jw bmw

    This is how she sounds live in concert.  This is painful to listen to.

  74. SynergyCeleste

    It's a DEMO...she's just trying it out. Actually I think with the right production, it could've been as good as "Heaven is a Place on Earth". The songs have a similar sound too.

    Ben Young

    smartest comment on this thread.

  75. HauptiMusik

    not easy to sing ( PS2 Singstar ) i think to only read the text always lead to a fail at this song - you must hear the critical parts f.e, 1:43 to 1:56 --- the BmG original shows the best way to go sing this part.

  76. Mark NC

    When you listen to this version and compare it to the BMG classic, notice that this one doesn't have the polished sound of a saxophone solo, background singers, other live sounding instruments, etc. This is just Belinda's vocal track to an electronic melody and back beat. If she did select to record this song for an album, she would have likely rerecorded it and mixed in the other track pieces contributed by her band, session musicians, backup singers, etc. Then the song would have gone through editing and remixing. She didn't keep the song for her album because she didn't feel that it was strong enough or that it didn't blend in with other chosen songs for her album. I find it interesting that Whitney Houston passed on the song before Belinda. Whitney didn't even record a demo. Note that I am a music fan but I have never worked in the music industry.

  77. Graham Tonkin

    U eshure

  78. Brian Long

    I love it

  79. Kelly Senseman

    I dont know if I'm just used to autotune, but why isnt the producer helping her? This is so embarrassing!

  80. Girl youknowits

    Listening to this version makes me feel like I'm at a bar on karaoke night and not only does the karaoke version sound quite a bit different than the studio version but the woman singing it is hammered drunk.

  81. Marshall Cato

    This song is supposed to be sung with enthusiasm not depression and raucous.

    Joe Kinchicken

    I listened to this song and then needed to pop some Xanax.

    paulie p

    Marshall cato that's cause she didn't like it

  82. Kevin Steele

    Fuckin terrible!!! Fuck off Belinda. K43

  83. Florida Kaplan

    Thanks god that both her and W.H. rejected the song! Otherwise, this would never became my favorite song! And it wouldnt have made a hit like it did with Boy meets girl...They made it perfect. George's vocals is the magic touch to this beautiful song and only he can sing it best !! :)

  84. Florida Kaplan

    Thanks god that both her and W.H. rejected the song! Otherwise, this would never became my favorite song! And it wouldnt have made a hit like it did with Boy meets girl...They made it perfect. George's vocals is the magic touch to this beautiful song and only he can sing it best !! :)1 second ag

  85. Dick Johnson

    Sorry Belinda. We Gotta Go With 'Boy Meets Girl' On This One.

  86. splod44

    wrong key sounds bad

  87. HardLuck93

    Always wanted to hear this....... now I wish I did not. She really didn't like this song

  88. vesperview

    Belinda's voice with the arrangement that Boy Meets Girl eventually recorded would be fire. This is awful.

  89. Jules Verne-Not

    Boy Meets Girl does the best version, it leaves this version for dead! Its terrible Belinda.

  90. Walter Wait


  91. LivanaFaolan

    Oh, my word! What did I just listen to? Awful! Just plain awful! Belinda, what did you *do* to one of my favorite songs?!

  92. protectorofillinois3

    OH HELL TO THE NOOOOO! I love Belinda Carlisle, but she murdered my favorite classic tune here.

    Mike Mendizabal

    The songwriting team George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam offered this song to her and to Whitney Houston and they both turned it down. Belinda was the one that didn't like it and didn't want it on her album. She could have gotten it on one of her b-sides, she even rather an album cut "We Can Change" was on the b-side of 2 singles instead of this one. It all worked out for the team as Boy Meets Girl as a big hit after their top 40 hit "Oh Girl", they may not have gotten recognition, and one of my favorite songs too. I searched this wanting to hear Belinda's version after hearing on Casey Kasem just now and reading the Boy Meets Girl wiki. So for sure she didn't murder it, she didn't want it.

    John Lindsey Jr.

    protectorofillinois3 agreed.

    Crack The Sky Fan


    Sohel Zibara

    i guess the song wasn t meant for her after all. the writers really deserve this hit

    Billy Carroll


  93. Michael Jacobs

    Margeh75 this is what they call a "Demo", and Belinda clearly did not like the song. I have seen her sing live, at almost 60 years old she can still sing her ass off! YouTube her acoustic version of "Circle in the Sand" ...

  94. YTfancol

    Simply horrible

  95. franko6677

    This was probably a scratch take rather than anything that was meant to sound decent. I mean, the backing music is just as bad as the vocal. If you watch videos of her live performances you can see she can actually sing. If she had done a version with a serious vocal and full-on instrumentation, I'm sure it would sound good.

    Dominique Zietsman

    AGREED! I have seen her live and she is AMAZING!!

    Florida Kaplan

    I don't think so

  96. pbscraze

    She's better off with her own signature song

  97. Margeh75

    amazing what happens when you have to actually sing before all the editing to make you sound good is added in. I never knew she was actually a terrible live singer omg lol she''s all over the place, way out of tune




    She's a very strong live singer, this song just doesn't suit her. Bear in mind too that this is a demo and could be 1 of many takes, check out some of her live video's she can really nail it.