Belinda Carlisle - Valentine Lyrics

I made a rule about you
I made a plan
For getting my feet back on the ground
Bury my face in clouds
For hours on end
But time only flies when you're around

It was cold and dark, the last time I saw you
Your hair was long and falling in your eyes
You said my hands were worm and that I was special
to you

You know that I'm
Fighting this love in vain
The sun's been shining for a week
But it just feels like rain

I know that you're not mine
You're somebody elses flame
But when those hearts and flowers fade
Oh my darlin' look my way (yeah...)

You say it's complicated
But baby you're wrong
There nothing more obvious to me
(That) we're on a trip together
33.000 light years long
and I'm, I'm hurting so bad 'cause you don't see
The night you walked me home I gave you a picture
Of Eden's trees falling to the ground
And now I feel
I feel like your perfect stranger
Without You

You know that I'm
Fighting for this love in vain
The sun's been shining for a week
But it just feels like rain
I know you're not mine
And I don't know why you stay
But when those hearts and flowers fade
Oh my darlin' look my way (yeah...)

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Belinda Carlisle Valentine Comments
  1. gordiono ungson

    Valentine Is amazing song first time hearing it love it some valentine song yes could send it to my love on valentine's day or to people that I admire I guess love it yeah. Belinda is awesome.

  2. Monty Gill

    💓Lovely song💞

  3. George Sturdy

    One of the most beautiful and talented women in music history

  4. kalicoop15

    This song brings me back to when I was first dating my future husband. He was into me but had a girl from his past who he had feelings for. I had a picture of him when he was five with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen in this world. I fell so deeply in love and this song was so on point with our relationship. I'm happy to say, we will be celebrating our 23rd Wedding Anniversary and I couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else but him. I love you Mike (Shag) to the moon and back a zillion times...can't wait to celebrate our Anniversary weekend with you🥂🎉🍷🍺

  5. Charles Kos

    What a song!!!!! WOW!!!!! This song has everything!

  6. jamesdavidkmoss

    This sould of been single

  7. Robert Wiegman

    Belinda is the best!!!

  8. salamandra

    Love you Belinda. Esta canción es especial.

  9. jimmy kang

    Truly fan of belinda..

  10. Cathy Baldry

    Such memories that come back when listening to Belinda

  11. James Zeilenga

    You said my hands were warm and that I was special to you Valentine

  12. David Bowy

    Lovely woman ever

  13. Megadriver

    James May may not like Belinda Carlisle, but I do.
    Definitely one of her best songs.

    Christopher Ian Lister

    what the hell's wrong with james may ?

  14. Daniel Bakken

    Im a 30 year old guy and I discovered her music a couple months ago. I Ordered the 4 album Lp set and I been spinning them alot since I got them. I love the melodies,the production,her voice and the lyrics, its all so beautiful. So many great songs on all the albums!

  15. Craig Middleton

    My ex destroyed my Belinda Carlisle CD collection in the late eighties. Jealous if I was ever gonna cheat with her. I got her on my YouTube play list now.

  16. ANGEL Boira Balaguer

    Hypnotising track, like herself. Belinda is a goddess on Earth

  17. Randy Ventresca

    Runaway Horses and Real are Belinda's best solo albums. Followed closely by Heaven on Earth, Live Your Life Be Free, Belinda, Voila, Wilder Shores and A Woman and A Man. No bad album to be found.
    Go-Go's would be Beauty and the Beat, Talk Show and God Bless the Go-Go's (neck-and-neck) and Vacation.
    Valentine is a great song. But, Vision of You and Shades of Michelangelo are my favorites from Runaway Horses.

  18. Юлия Реденс

    Валентин отстань...ты достал..😂Дождь пролился этой весной..но не с тобой🔊Ты так все усложняешь..что меня в тоску вгоняешь..не ставь мне песни на радио..я уже устала от них и от твоей любви🔊Лучше открой свои глаза..и не пускай пыль в мои...я не слепа🎼Нафиг я тебе вообще сдалась..никогда твоей я не была..не пойму никак я🔉Скоро ты разоришься..а я буду смеяться..зачем впустую то стараться?🔉Иначе мы оба скоро останемся без мозга...🌷Валентин вали к жене надоел ты правда мне📣Если я погибну под метеоритным дождем то только в День победы с тобой вдвоем✨Отстреги свою челку волосы мешают видеть четко✨Я такая злая..может я что то не так понимаю?💠

  19. kalicoop15

    This song played when i first fell in love with my husband. After 29 years together, my love is still soo strong for him. Together for ever😍❤

  20. keepit1oo

    Well done, nice video!

  21. Aa Aaw

    One of my absolute favorites....

  22. giorno 9

    10 años :,v

  23. Andrew Harrison

    Seen her in concert in 1990 on the Runaway Horses tour in Belfast. Amazing. I miss the 80's and my youth 😏

  24. Lindsey Summers

    She has such an amazing voice. Hearing her sing never gets old.

  25. jimmy kang

    I still miss her sound ,song until now,

  26. Gavin Bush

    Belinda Carlisle was my first celebrity crush I still love her music today it doesn't get old that's what todays artists lack

  27. smurf263

    fantastic voice saw her last year at lets rock London still got it

  28. Daniel Esteve

    Thanks to Belinda's songs I began to love english language. "Runaway (...)" is my favourite album ever and I love her work so much... Thank you for everything you create and congratulations for a real and deep talent. And your beauty...

  29. Alejandro Martinez

    so lovely and sweet my Belinda Carlisle she Will be always in my mind and dreams

  30. Andy Town

    beautiful lady x

  31. Maria Stella


  32. The2005rwb

    This is such a beautiful song, and one of the many treasures in the Runaway Horses album. One question I have is what the "33,000 lightyears" refers to. Anyone know?


    I agree, an amazing song, one of my favs from Belinda. I had to look this up, I have always wondered too. It says our Solar System is 33,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, so that would be an incredible trip with the love of your life, I guess it's a metaphor for eternal love. Clever.


    I like this explanation. I think you have the right idea!

  33. Taha Gokal

    Sadly, James doesn't like Belinda Carlisle

  34. Yin Cheung Lau

    Top Gear with(Clarkson, May and Hammond) brought me here lol

    B. Chuchlucious

    James doesn't like Belinda Car-lisle.

  35. Rui Madeira

    it was the best of all times!!

  36. Charlotte.D

    Can't believe I still remember the words after all this time!!!

  37. smurf263

    I have most of her singles on 7inch vinyl plus saw her at let's rock london in July last year and she's still got an amazing voice

  38. ahmetguvenrocksound

    I <3 Belinda

  39. Rick Coutin

    I am truly a Belinda Carlisle fan. I have heard every song she has ever sung and I have to say this is without a doubt my favorite song by her. It is addicting and truly a great song! Thanks Belinda for all your wonderful songs throughout the years.

  40. Christian Freud

    Great song. :-)

  41. Christopher Hughes

    This lady is a goddess and Valentine should of been released as a single as it's my favourite Belinda Carlisle song at the moment.Love the different photos of her vid.

  42. Christopher Hughes

    The best of Belinda (2012) is brilliant!!

  43. Duke E-Baby

    This is my favorite song from the Runaway Horses album. Love her voice!

    Lloyd Duff

    +Duke E-Baby she def has the voice of an Angel. She really got stronger after she left the GO-GOS

  44. Ken Parnell

    Honestly, this album is twenty seven years old and I still listen to it like it just came out some days.

    Ken Parnell

    So true, great music just keeps sounding good.


    best album she did

    afe garba

    Ken Parnell Beyoncé

    Iván Segurado Echevarría

    Me too!!!

    j noye


  45. yes man

    Great track from Runaway Horses. I always enjoy the slide show of photos. Man, the camera loves her doesn't it? Amazingly beautiful face.

  46. gagan gaikwad

    awesome song , belinda you rule , miss the 80s


    +gagan gaikwad I think this song was actually early 90s

    Steve Graham

    @Annihilate3275 d

  47. micandhien

    Belinda Carlisle will always be my fave artist

    Seth Aque

    +micandhien Mee too she sings like Madonna.

    Ink Pen

    +Seth Aque I thought I was the only one who thought that, lol

    Lloyd Duff

    her songs are different then Madonna's plus Madonna is a slut and Belinda isn't I have way more respect for a wonderful beauty and amazing singer like Belinda Carlisle

  48. stonelove919

    I was here 5 years ago and I'm back. Thank you God.

  49. mrtheoden

    I love this song.  One of her best solo songs imho.

  50. lizeth rocker


    Christopher Hughes

    It's one of my favorite Belinda tracks aswell.Lovely Summer pop song.

  51. Tyrone Tucker

    Belinda "bouncy bits" Carlisle . . . she was so yummy!

    Crystal Gonzales

    Was? She's not dead. LOL


    2013, NOW 2014.


    i don't understand what she sings in this song!i am french and when i read translation, it is confuse!please help me to understand what she says in this song!

  53. Tony Evans

    Great artist, superb track, pop at its best.

  54. George Vreeland Hill

    I wish female singers today had Belinda's talent and looks.


    i don't understand what she sings in this song!i am french and when i read translation, it is confuse!please help me to understand what she says in this song!


    George Vreeland Hill what's looks got to do with singing ? but agree a much classier look than the plastic-shitty look these days

    Gavin Bush

    its basically a love song about someone she cant have

  55. salamandra

    Belinda's face is a luxury to admire.  how can you one more beautiful that her?  She's captured me  a long time ago and i'm thank her for that.  Te amo!!!

  56. Kyach Distent

    Totally agree with you all, I came to Bel late as an album artist (most people are so not album artists) and while I love Kim Wilde and Sandra the best as my two fave female singers, with a whole back catalogue of brilliant and utterly disregarded and underrated material across the board; anyonewho loves unforgettable, memorable and intelligent and often unpredictable pop/rock music should check them both out quickly (they're still brilliant today, just utterly shunted to the side for crap people everywhere), but back to Belinda. Yes, lovely. The "Runaway Horses" is a top album and the fave of many (I can see and hear why) though the album version of 'We Want Same Thing' is horrific and ugly-always substitute the single. It's the album with the most singles-6! She got more than Minogue off an album, wow! But this could have been a single if the title track hadn't been chosen instead-don't know why when this is far more 'it'.

  57. Sean Flanagan

    This is my favourite Belinda Carlisle song. And I'm going to see her live at the Birmingham Town Hall, on 13th May! Go Belinda!

  58. DHR

    Sadly though James doesn't like Belinda Carlisle.

  59. ThaGodKingDorell

    @Mrjerv1974 I agree

  60. Dancing Spiderman

    Pretty interesting music trivia, Heartboy! I went to the Wikipedia page for Sandy Stewart, and watched the vid "Saddest Victory"

    Very cute girlie back in 1984. Thnax for the info, Heartboy!

  61. Heartboy1031

    There's a Stevie Nicks connection with this song. Sandy Stewart wrote this song, Sandy was a big part of Stevie's 1983 album 'The Wild Heart'. She co-wrote songs, played keyboard & sang on the tracks such as 'Nightbird. I've also heard that Belinda's a Stevie fan. :-)

  62. FunkDoobie

    James May:OFF!!!!

  63. Stuart Thorogood

    This should've been a single. It's amazing!

  64. MrPekisha

    Top Gear :P

  65. AnimalsRightToDance

    All right. This is the song, THIS IS the voice. 30 of the views must me mine. i think i have been influenced but right now i have no similar song to suggest but i could suggest something else i give for free if you are a fan of the 80ies:

    "I like to treat you bad " by ARTD


    hi hello to you and good evening to be in I love you too much Liza Belle Francisco from injapan OK, and happy holidays with you on by return mail to be free to get back with a moment of music regards to the first one singer to favorites song to Belinda Carlisle songs all his cute and beautiful eyes and face.🎶🎶🎶

  66. kelbrad8

    @lineswine Yeahhhh ..... it's all goooooood!!!!!!!

  67. irina1296

    My personal favorite non-single track on Belinda's brilliant album "Runaway Horses" - sweet & nice lyrics plus amazing vocal from Belinda.
    I adore this woman!!!

  68. centurion taxis

    what a true babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  69. kelbrad8

    @sivazh oh yeah - totally agree too !!!

  70. kelbrad8

    Goooooooooooooooooooooo Belinda :) It's like listening to my teenage years all over again!! x x x

  71. lineswine

    She always sounds like she's singing while she drives over corrugated iron.

  72. AnimalsRightToDance

    There is so much emotion in one song that its almost unbearable. and the sounds take me somewhere else, maybe i heard it in another life

  73. AnimalsRightToDance

    @stonelove919 yeah, trance is what i feel too

  74. ARKOIA

    belindas voice is like silk on ones eardrums, one of the best vocalists for a very long period of time, For those posting hearing valentine from the top gear episode, check out her earlier solo material and gogo's albums, you wont be disappointed :-)

  75. stonelove919

    Belinda puts me in a trance.......

    Runaway Horses is such an awesome cd

  76. MidnightBlue6969

    Appreciate the comment Konstanosa. I agree that a light year is a unit of distance...but surely light is constant though? So therefore light will cover 1 light year in exactly the same time it covered the previous light year, and the proceeding 1? Not that i'm a physicist or anything, I just enjoy awesome this one.

  77. Konstanos Konstanos

    A light year is a unit of distance not time...


    No it is a packet of time and mass and energy too !

  78. mja72

    She kind of reminds me of Bree Hodge (Marcia Cross) of DH.

  79. inkedcalf

    Belinda is just the ultimate! So underrated! Great!!!!!

  80. MidnightBlue6969

    33000 light years with Belinda would not be long enough. Though saying that, she would be closer to where she deserves to be....with the angels and Goddesses.

  81. 54spiritedwill54

    she is absolute the perfect woman!

  82. mrtheoden

    My fave Belinda Carlisle song, makes me think of someone a great deal...

  83. James Sinagra

    She is an angel.

  84. HILLJAYNE UNFILTERED Hillary Mansfield

    One of the best songs from RUNAWAY HORSES!

  85. JDhappy81

    I think this is my favourate Belinda Carlisle song, love it!!!!

  86. vxy357

    I wish she released this song and made a video for it. This my favorite song from her cd " Runaway Horses". This song rocks and is very dreamy.

  87. tony gibson

    shes so beautiful....and her voice is dreamy as well!

  88. mgparis

    LOVE this song, thanks for posting!

  89. Gav Ward

    She would absolutely get it :D

  90. Roderick Molasar

    What we have here is proof positive not only that there is a God - but also that he is a MAN!

  91. James Sinagra

    Just a perfect pop song.


    Valentin Vos sabes que sigo peliando por este amor en vano!!! :0( Que linda cancion como todas de Belinda!

  93. bbhatti

    "Singers" of today, this is how you sing!

  94. traitoR142

    I never understood why they didn`t make a video for this song, one of my favorites, Belinda is smoldering hot.

  95. Tam O'Shanter

    yeah, man!

  96. oliviafan1


  97. kalam39

    Great montage, thanks! Valentine is one of Belinda's best songs!

  98. Dancing Spiderman

    In parts of this song, her voice morphs somewhat into Stevie Nick's voice.

    Belinda, you're my honie!

  99. ikenbrodt

    One of her many songs that should've been a single but wasn't (instead of a few that actually were). Even people who weren't BC fans in the late 80's thought this was a great, radio-ready single. Great melody, great lyrics, great arrangement. Plus a great vocal. And her face is one of the all-time most photogenic.