Belinda Carlisle - Live Your Life Be Free Lyrics

I see you walking with her
I see you all around
But you don't seem very happy now
You seem very down
I know you feel an obligation
To her emotional state of mind
But this is the time of your life baby
And you should be having a good time

And if you want me I'll be there
To run my fingers through your hair
If you need me it's alright
Come on over baby, and see me tonight (you've got to)
Live your life be free
Live your life be free
Open up your mind and you will see
You should be with me

You know that I'll be waiting
You know my heart is true
I will be your everything
And give everything to you
So is you want me baby, I'm yours
You don't have to knock, kick down my doors
Rules are made to be broken every day
You got one life to live, so hey (why don't you)
Live your life be free
Live your life be free
Open up your heart and you will see
You should be with me, baby
You should be with me

Live your life be free
Live your life be free
And when you free you mind
You will leave your past behind
Live your life be free
Live your life be free
Open up your eyes and you will see
You should be with me, baby
You should be with me
Live your life be free
Live your life be free
Open up your heart and you will see
You should be with me baby
You should be with me

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Belinda Carlisle Live Your Life Be Free Comments
  1. donnas music


  2. Michael Tait

    She was hot then in the 80s, and hot still. A teenage crush morphed into a WOW I would 😂😂

  3. BiohazardX9

    Proper uplifting positive tune, still good today

  4. Vishal S

    2020... Love your life.. Be free

  5. Drew Inglis

    New years eve 2019.

  6. guzman Francisco Bonada Erro

    Una de las mujeres cantes de
    Mejor talento por lejos🏄‍♂️

  7. Alan M Jolly

    I doubt that there was a single straight man who didn't fall in love with Belinda.

    Well Jeremy Clarkson didn't but what does he know 😊


    He knows how to be an idiot.

  8. The Jaded Wolf

    like if listening in Dec 2019

    Alan M Jolly

    Absolutely wolf

  9. yvette whittaker

    Absolutely brilliant top tune in 👌👍

  10. Yak Cutter

    I loved that natural vibrato she had

  11. Kerry Aitchison

    I love you Belinda Carlisle you are my Favourite I am your Biggest Fan of you I love your Music the Best song ever

  12. Michael Plein

    What a voice.

  13. Graeme Watson

    To me the lyrics of this song sort of mean that when before she became famous Belinda was like I need to something with my life before it’s too late as you only have one chance at it

  14. Octaviana Panait

    Beautiful women indeed..

    Paul Jordan

    Woman. There is just one of her.

    Octaviana Panait

    I know. Sorry. But the technology wrote like this.And it seems that l did'nt noticed this. May be because of hurry. Thanks for the advice but it was'nt necessary. Accidents happend in life.This us what you have to know. But I don't think you ever will learn this în your life."Woman" of course.

  15. Kerry Aitchison

    Belinda Carlisle I am your Biggest Fan of you my Mum Rose Aitchison like you

  16. Monty Gill

    Love this song 💕🙂💕

    Louise G

    I love it too 😊

  17. Fonejacker

    This should be played at every gay pride 🏳️‍🌈

  18. Paul Lewis

    May 2019

    Michael Plein

    19 October

  19. Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd

    Alaw! Tune!

  20. ScorpyxaPlay

    Супер ни на кого не похожая певица!

  21. Paul Lewis

    April 2019

  22. Paul Lewis

    March 2k19

  23. Fred Cipres

    Cada quien su época .....pero a ella nadie la remplaza !! Se quedan pendejas la JLO / GaGa / Cyrus // Y todas ellas.!!!

    Manuel Figueiredo

    Gaga is talented...

  24. Fred Cipres

    She says ... You should be with me !! 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣...

  25. Stacey D

    Who's listening in 2019!!!???

    Daz Butch

    I am Stacey

    Andrew Giles

    Me! saw her live in Bexhill last thursday for first time ever she was amazing. The best female artist ever in my opinion

  26. Castiel Castielus

    Most of Belinda''s songs sound weird if you hear them for the very first time. The beginning of the song and the refrain always sound so different, as if two different songs pasted together. For example: Summer Rain. It took me a while to really like that song.

  27. mon ami assisi

    dumb ass lyrics! be free/ you should be with me. well, which one is it, woman? lolololololol

    Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd

    be free from the other wench ...thats whats she meant

  28. wayne dennis

    okay come get me

  29. wayne dennis

    love this song

  30. Ian Brown

    I adore Belinda. From a shaved head, squat living, bin bag wearing punk in the early 80's Go Go's days to a Dior bag toting solo star in the 90's and now a mantra chanting, Kundalini yoga enthusiast. She gives the best interviews, has an awesome, distinctive voice and has aged better than a fine wine. I love how honest she is about the ups and downs in her life, from her battles with eating disorders and substance abuse to a journey of healing and self-discovery. She's a legend and a total class act. 😍

    Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd

    owning a dior bag is not self discovery though lol ... my happiest days have been in nature with only the basics to sustain me....wild camping baby is crazy


    She was too underrated. She had many good songs that radio worthy but didnt get aired much back then and now. I was surprised she had many good songs that never got aired much when i bought her compilation album.

    Kit Zoey

    I feel the same way about your comment and how you come across ;)

    john nutley

    Always been a class act with one of the greatest female voices in music,i spoke to her before her gig in Manchester last week,and the photo with her will be treasured

    Adelaide Dupont

    And wasn't she a Christian in the early/mid 2000s along the way?

  31. lovinglife2014

    I'm off to see belinda in concert in September for her 30th anniversary tour of runaway horses! Can't wait! 😘

    Andrew Bogdan

    Can I ask which venue?

    Ark royal rife moon base alpha

    I went to see her in Nottingham as part of the same tour I hope she was as good for you as she was for my partner and i}

    Peter James Ledwith

    I was there in Manchester. Awesome

  32. Hot Rockin'

    Love the hard rockin' guitar in this great track😆👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌟

    Teddy Malfoy

    Point of Entry is kinda interesting stuff, but I dont like that cover art, sry

    Hot Rockin'

    Not overly keen on Firepower, a rip off of SFV...Keep Rockin'!

  33. lovinglife2014

    Still the best to this day! Love this era of music ☺

  34. Graeme Watson

    I'm glad i was a child when Belinda came out with such great songs such as this one unlike the rubbish nowadays

    Ark royal rife moon base alpha

    She was ok for an adult as well let me tell you }

  35. Craig Smith


  36. niallkennedy23

    This tune takes me back to the time I had my 3 German shepherd's removed from my possession by the bastards of the sspca. Fila, Fionarao, Fingareleo.
    My 3 beautiful girls.

    I wanted to live my life and be free but apparently a man can't live happily with 3 dogs even if they consent.
    Bloody council poking there nose in where it weren't warrented.

    Fuck them, I still got bob carol gee's autograph.

  37. wayne dennis

    this is a great song love it

  38. Posh Lady Surrey

    Classy video

  39. 19Tharg76

    This was a really fantastic tune. It came out in Ireland well into Autumn, but it had a distinctly summery sound. If it had been released a couple months earlier it might have hit number 1. Anyway, that has zero bearing on what a strong track this is!

    Dmitri Tsarkov

    19Tharg76 In Ireland, kk fella but was a 90s child would love to know what was the Belinda buzz at the time she’s savage been a fan for years

  40. cobraxspeed

    I now finally get this, yes I do.

  41. Darren T

    A natural beauty

  42. Domine Wimbury

    Hated this for years. Only cos it was on the tannoy at Asda ALL THE BLOODY TIME FFS! It replaced Perfect by Fairground Attraction. At least in my local store in Charlton, South East London. Grrrrrr lol

    Pacifica Northwest

    I'd have been mad at it being replaced by 'Perfect', a song which is anything but. :p

  43. ötan üztafaz

    Belinda, where are you?

  44. Юлия Реденс

    Im not free but i want to be.🎼somebody show me🎶

    max code

    question everything and everyone. always ask yrself everyday daily what u are thinking?, why you are thinking it/ and why u do certain things? .

  45. Tutti Frutti

    Hmm this is odd, this staircase is similar to my.

  46. Tutti Frutti

    Jagodica bobica.

  47. Marco Valente

    2:33 to 2:38-sexy!

  48. Norm Turner

    The hard edged guitar 🎸saved this from being another 80s puff pop song 🎶

  49. Vishal S

    Wow...good old days

  50. Duke Xavier

    2017 and still she takes me back to my youth..what a voice and artist! :)

    ötan üztafaz

    me too!

  51. Shane Smith

    live your life be free, in France......Belinda xxxxx bye now (Madonna, bitch, Britney bitch) LOL

  52. Boro Kozov

    Check this house classic with the sample from here: Live Elements - Be Free 😇😉

  53. TheKentSpitfire

    cant stop playing the hits dvd .great voice.great body..cant wait for october concert

    uwe gould

    she is brill live, and she comes out with amazing songs which stand the test of time

  54. J K

    I love BC !

  55. Thomas Murphy

    I was on stage with you so many times in GAY LONDON Miss you xxx

  56. Сергей Харченко

    Fine musik!!!

  57. Norman Thakurdas

    love this song love the whole album "live your life be free".

  58. Bill Shinas

    Heard on radio today, great song, sexy woman with great voice.

  59. Colum Rogers

    The year I was born, haha. Was on an old NOW album my grandma had 😁😁

    franz chong

    i was a teen when this came out in 1991 but listening to classics like this now makes one long for the good old days.

  60. Alice Maile

    Throwback of note

  61. Reilly Jenny Reilly

    Love this great voice

  62. Bill Clinton

    I remember grabbing her ass once at a White Christmas party, told her it was for the good of the nation

    rodney cameron

    Bill Clinton youv got good taste Bill!

    Юлия Реденс

    Собрание открывается...кому кто дал....а кому кто выдал...🎶Обсуждайте.

    Юлия Реденс

    Kev L А ты че веселый такой?Иди ее мужу это сообщи...мудак🔊Он тебе споет песню..про свободу🎼

    Юлия Реденс

    Kev L Я ей на почту ваши пожелания вышлю.Надеюсь у нее хорошее чувство юмора..Господа😂Вам оплатят Адвоката..Дьявола☺

    Ian Brown

    This cannot be Bill Clinton. Surely no public figure would admit to such a brazen act on such a public platform. Anyway, knowing Belinda's Punk roots, she probably would have head butted you. 🤣


    pure talent

  64. Roman Gramblička

    One of her best songs. Excellent!

    Paul Jordan

    Vy jste Čech?

  65. 1171karl

    This is Mono? Doesn't sound very good at least, I'm off to find a better upload!

  66. Paulie Gualtieri

    I've lusted after Belinda Carlisle for years, such a beautiful woman with a great voice and real talent. unlike these jokers today.

    The Jaded Wolf who?

  67. Jeremy Fenris

    do you know the name of the remix with students ?

  68. Toto Mesch

    Holy Shit!

    I think I've just arrived.

    max code

    from where?

  69. breffnipark

    Amazing voice. Amazing woman :)

    Lee Locke